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v26063.112021-10-12 at 23:00joshua1207GnosiaTwo of the screenshots were blurry/cut off. Removed them
v26063.102021-10-12 at 22:56joshua1207GnosiaEnglish screenshots
v24208.372021-10-05 at 16:26joshua1207Christmas Tina -Utakata Toukei-English screenshots
v27565.72021-08-06 at 03:16joshua1207Qian MianEnglish screenshots
v25521.82021-08-01 at 15:42joshua1207Ji ShenEnglish screenshots
v29807.42021-07-27 at 14:11joshua1207My Dear PrinceAdded screenshots
v18152.472021-07-18 at 05:43joshua1207Flowers -Le Volume sur Automne-Added English screenshots.
v14267.472021-07-18 at 05:40joshua1207Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-English screenshots
v21321.292021-07-17 at 15:28joshua1207Kotonoha AmrilatoAdded English screenshots
v31212.102021-07-05 at 22:59joshua1207Tsuyuchiru Letter ~Umi to Shiori ni Amaoto o~English screenshots