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-PlayingAr Tonelico ~Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsuzukeru Shoujo~2016-07-05
8.5FinishedAyakashibitoCome for the "Kitsune Heroine" tag, stay for the entertaining fight scenes and fun characters.2014-04-28
8FinishedBernd und das Rätsel um UnteralterbachFound it odd that I was used as a basis for the protagonist. This VN was memes and lolis. Most of the time both.2016-05-08
6.8FinishedBible Black -La noche de walpurgis-2016-07-08
-PlayingCoμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -2014-08-12
5-Crusoe Had It Easy2016-04-04
-PlayingDaibanchou -Big Bang Age-2014-11-27
9.2FinishedDangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no KoukouseiWhy does everbody I love die?2014-06-26
8.3FinishedDengeki StrykerHiruko a best, and her route was comfy. A nice story about a hero.2014-05-17
7-Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling-2015-12-17
8.2FinishedDUEL SAVIORLily a best, but Kaedae is great too! Nanashi isn't bad either. Gameplay is very easy and simple.2014-04-01
6.1FinishedEdelweissAn entertaining visual novel. Expect lots of laughs, but also expect a crippled waifu, too.2013-04-21
7FinishedEroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~2014-05-16
9FinishedEver17 -the out of infinity-Tsugumi is bae. A great VN, despite the "No Sexual Content" tag. Tugs at the heartstrings, especially during the washingmachine part.2012-09-26
9.7FinishedFate/stay nightRin, why are you so best? Good soundtrack, interesting characters (I personally liked Shirou excluding Fate route) and great battles. UBW > HF > Fate.2012-07-17
9.3FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Not your typical harem. All girls are good, but Sou Amane is a best. Yuuji is also a very great protagonist. Worst thing about this is the OST, but it has a few good tracks.2013-08-16
8FinishedGrisaia no Meikyuu -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA-2017-10-08
9.1-Grisaia no Rakuen -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA-2019-12-24
9.8FinishedG-senjou no MaouFor those who enjoyed Death Note or Code Geass, this one's for you. The most deserving of the "Battle of Wits" tag, and also boasts one of the better OSTs. Only one real route though, the rest were more or less tacked on. That being said, best girl is true route so that doesn't matter.2013-06-05
6.3FinishedImouto Paradise! ~Onii-chan to Go nin no Imouto no Ecchi Shimakuri ...2016-07-06
-PlayingKamidori Alchemy MeisterThis is both a game and a VN. Sexual Content doesn't come immediately, but when it does, it does so quite spontaneously. I haven't finished it yet, but it's a good game nontheless.2014-04-01
6FinishedKatawa Shoujo2012-07-17
-StalledKikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina2014-05-23
6.7FinishedKiller Queen2015-02-26
-PlayingKoihime † Musou ~Doki ★ Otome Darake no Sangokushi Engi~2014-04-28
7.1FinishedKoiken Otome2019-12-24
-StalledKono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete2015-08-03
8.9FinishedMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!There are so many damn waifus in this VN, how can none of them be bad? Yamato is decent protagonist, and Chris is a best.2014-05-12
-StalledMinna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou2014-05-17
9.4FinishedMonmusu Quest! Chuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Game of the year, every year part 2. Beezlebubs, why?2014-12-15
9.4FinishedMonmusu Quest! Shuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Game of the year, every year part 3. There's literally only 2 fappable monsters in this entire part.2014-05-12
9.4FinishedMonmusu Quest! Zenshou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Game of the year, every year part 1. Don't: Expect mindless sex Do: Touch Fluffy Tail2014-05-12
7.2FinishedMuv-LuvGeneric, but by no means horrible. There's quite a bit of foreshadowing even in the harem parts of this VN. Sumika a best.2012-09-26
10FinishedMuv-Luv AlternativeI adore this VN and implore that everybody gives it a chance. It has a wonderful combination of great characters, a beautiful OST, and an emotional story. If you put effort into reading Muv Luv Extra/Unlimited, the impact will be that much sweeter. Remember: You can only experience it for the first time once.2012-09-26
5FinishedNeko Para Vol.1 Soleil Kaiten Shimashita!Objectively, I have to give this a lower score because it's exactly what you think it is. That being said, 5 is as long as I lasted :^)2015-04-17
7.7FinishedNewton to Ringo no Ki2018-09-04
6.5StalledNoble ☆ Works2016-07-06
7.5FinishedOsananajimi wa Daitouryou: My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT.2014-05-17
6.8StalledPrincess EvangileHas some good girls, but becomes a slog after a while.2015-08-02
7.1FinishedRance - Hikari o Motomete -2015-05-22
6FinishedSchool Days2012-07-17
-StalledSekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-2014-08-11
9FinishedSengoku RanceRances is a arrogant, selfish man who will rape any woman who catches his eye. Still not that bad compared to some of his foes. A simple but fun game with lighthearted rape and many a good girl. Kenshin, of course, is a best tho.2014-05-06
9.2FinishedSharin no Kuni, Himawari no ShoujoGreat protagonist and an interesting setting. Story isn't particularly good, but Sachi is great and that is all the matters, yes? Just CTRL through Natsumi's existence and you'll be fine.2013-04-21
6FinishedShinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji2015-06-11
9.3FinishedSTEINS;GATE 02017-03-10