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v5681.22010-11-27 at 10:47tjmSoredemo, Watashi wa AishiteiruAdded alias and screenshot
r11055.12010-11-27 at 10:45tjmSoredemo, Watashi wa AishiteiruAdded full version.
r11054.12010-11-27 at 10:44tjmSoredemo, Watashi wa AishiteiruAdded trial release.
v5681.12010-11-27 at 10:38tjmSoredemo, Watashi wa AishiteiruAdded VN
p1752.12010-11-27 at 10:35tjmKobito StudioAdded producer.
v3831.42010-11-04 at 08:06tjmKokoro Toshokan Communication Library Visual DramaWe don't want to link to the wikipedia page for the anime unless it's also a page about the game.
r10123.22010-10-16 at 13:17tjmHigurashi When They CryAdded JAN and corrected doujin flag.
r9946.12010-09-11 at 09:15tjmKoihime Musou Trial VersionAdded trial version
r9929.12010-09-10 at 18:51tjmLast WindowAdded release
r7950.62010-09-09 at 21:12tjmAgainAge rating, UPC, fix original title.