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t9560.1012018-04-05Does not belong here@100 and to begin with, like I already mentioned, whole scenes being narration and otherwise there being neigh narration in other scenes is obviously
t9560.942018-04-05Does not belong hereThe only thing that is important right now is if there's a good amount of narration in the text. NOTHING else. Yep. I was doubtful about its
t907.52010-10-26About translationThe translation isn't finished; as the site says, one route is still only half-translated. It's being presented in this unusual format by the
t760.52010-07-24Just me or is this a masterpieceI enjoyed it, but it definitely has issues. In particular I've known people get so annoyed with the way the locked routes worked that they gave up on
t685.52010-06-19Easiest way to screenshot VN's?IrfanView's screenshot support is very good too. "Foreground window - Client area" and "Don't include mouse cursor" give correct images, and like
t682.42010-06-18The Fluffiness Scalev3831: 11
t652.22010-05-31should Infinite Space be added to the db?No, I really don't think so. The amount of text drops off sharply, and once the game gets going it actually has far *less* story per hour than most
t595.22010-04-29Gyakuten Kenji TagsLooking at the other examples, "Modern Day Setting in a Fictional World" is usually used for worlds that are clearly not earth at all, and have no
t588.52010-04-25What VN is this? Looks like a CSMTr7745
t585.32010-04-23It might already have been asked, but...It's almost always scored with the default score (2.0) or the highest possible score (3.0), and it's very rare for there to be disagreement over
t574.32010-04-18Name of Visual Novel?v3602. Looks awful to me, but to each their tastes.... Clearly we need sticky threads so we can stick t70.
t567.72010-04-17CSA?As I understand it, there still aren't any legal restrictions on game sales in the US or Japan (some other countries are more complicated). It is
t571.32010-04-16heavy rainIt has been discussed recently (in t498 and elsewhere), and the simple conclusion is that it's just not a novel. It's a movie.
t561.32010-04-09Can´t see any textIf you changed the install directory from the patch's default you'll need to change the path in the SR.reg file and double click on it. Older
t548.152010-04-02Any VN that are highly emotoinal?No, actually One has an english patch as well... I wasn't counting that one since it wasn't released under Key's label, but I guess it's close enough
t548.102010-04-02Any VN that are highly emotoinal?No, I'm afraid it isn't. (Hence the "if not".) In terms of Key, Kanon is the only other one with a full translation patch so your options are pretty
t316.52010-04-02Length...It's for all endings. Of course, the speed people read at varies greatly, which is why it's suggested that you select a length based on comparisons
t548.82010-04-02Any VN that are highly emotoinal?Based on the list of examples, presumably it has to be something available in English? If not, I found Never7 a lot more emotional than Ever17. Very
t542.52010-04-02Same setting of Ever 17As I understand it Romio only worked on story planning, he didn't write any of the text. (And as far as I'm concerned, this way round is definitely
t544.42010-03-31Help! Trying to find a visual novel.v287
t542.22010-03-31Same setting of Ever 17None of the games in the Infinity series really had a single writer; they were all to some extent a collaboration. That said, Nakazawa Takumi (中澤 工
t530.22010-03-30recommandations needed!Amazon and Playasia don't generally sell any Japan-only PC games internationally. The commonest retailers I've known people use are HimeyaShop and Pal
t512.292010-03-23voting without finishing visual novel, it is ok?Yes, it is.
t70.672010-03-16The "What VN is this image from" threadPossibly one of the unannounced characters from v3538? The clothing style is reasonably close to that of some of the "villains", and the "2010" on
t498.42010-03-06Heavy Rain a VN?The question has been raised briefly before on IRC, and the conclusion was that Heavy Rain doesn't tell its story in the form of a novel, it tells
t499.42010-03-06just joined...You can search for all freeware products, including demos, under "Releases". Unfortunately you can't currently combine this with a search of VN tags
t388.102009-12-25MangaGamer's renditionYou hate killers? You'll not get far in Higurashi with that attitude.
t370.32009-12-06Kanon Patch VirusIt seems to have started coming up as one after AVG's latest virus definitions update a couple of days ago. Look here for a report on the file (old
t297.222009-10-11New VN translation group- experience is not neededYeah, that's just the way it is. VN translations, and VN translation groups, have to start from an interested translator. Every other role is
t285.12009-10-04Regarding Higurashi: Kakera AsobiHi, Just a quick question: Are you sure that r2482 and r2483 (Kakera Asobi) should be associated with v69 (Higurashi Rei)? Their websites don't
t258.52009-09-05Cleaning up VNDBAgreed that Melty Blood should stay, for that reason. We could probably drop all the releases after r1268, though, as they don't have the story mode
t185.52009-08-24Umineko general discussionF/SN is still the highest ranked game in the database, so that shouldn't be all that surprising.
t235.62009-08-13About this game appropriatenessI've never had a problem with the FAQ's definition: At least one third of the game consists of reading story text in a NVL or ADV format. It's
t227.102009-08-08The way of rating...I only vote on a game when I've finished it, or when I've played a significant proportion of the game before abandoning it. Anything less than that
t216.42009-07-22Suggestions for other sites to link toIn my experience tvtropes are fairly careless with unmarked spoilers (though not nearly as bad as wikipedia), so it might be best to accompany links
t166.72009-07-20Tags, how to use themIs it reasonable to add multiple tags in the same lineage if the spoiler levels are different? So in the example above, if "Emperor Protagonist" is a
t70.272009-06-26The "What VN is this image from" threadProbably the least helpful response, but: Link6 (punk.jpg) isn't from a VN - it's Kooh from "Pangya: Golf with Style".
t189.22009-06-13Horrific LocalizationI would agree with most of this, except that unusually I quite liked the English voice acting. It helps that the VO was generally translated
t117.52009-02-19Where could I find this?Completely the opposite experience here; I've used play-asia many times and had no trouble with shipping to the UK; often they've actually been much
t107.22009-02-15Can't find two visual novels by GigaA lot of games (even well-known ones) aren't in the database yet, simply because no-one has had the knowledge or the time to add them. Even some of