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r78098.12021-02-25 at 07:50asakiAmayui Castle MeisterYeah I just know about this recently, and if you want more info on the one who translate it you can go to their Discord (The link for the invite).
p211.102021-02-24 at 12:46asakiSofthouseCharaI know that you work hard on that VN with blood and tears, but I think it's not quite right to promote the patch on company entry. Don't worry about
r75343.62021-02-11 at 06:00asakiHow to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle!Remove the notes because it's unnecessary now that we got the exact release date
r77658.12021-02-08 at 06:30asakiWizard's ClimberAdd a new sudden release of Softhouse Chara VN
r53018.312021-01-28 at 05:42asakiRance Quest MagnumLink to Mangagamer store
r53018.302021-01-28 at 05:35asakiRance Quest MagnumThe release date announcement, and the link for the proof
r76144.12020-11-30 at 02:15asakiMeteor World ActorI'm more surprised that they manage to release it quickly after it's being banned several times by Steam rather than the fact that ShiraVN is the one
c83378.32020-11-27 at 05:22asakiNanase MiyukiThis is console VNs which mean there won't be any sex scenes, so 'No Sexual Scene' tags for each characters are redundant.
c83398.42020-11-27 at 05:20asakiKenmochi Isamu...
c83377.62020-11-27 at 05:20asakiKindaichi Hajime...
c86437.32020-11-27 at 05:19asakiAkechi Kengo...
s12983.22020-11-23 at 09:53asakiKawamura ToshieI never thought that I'll see this name on VNDB here, until recently at least. Anyway I'm did recognize her as one of Precure character designer and
r58559.282020-11-19 at 05:30asakiFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical PrincessAdd the link to Mangagamer store page
r58559.272020-11-19 at 05:29asakiFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical PrincessAdd the official website again
r58559.262020-11-19 at 05:27asakiFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical PrincessChange the website
r58559.252020-11-19 at 05:18asakiFxxx Me Royally! - Horny Magical PrincessThe link for the proof
r75343.12020-10-29 at 04:22asakiHow to Live a Healthy Hentai Lifestyle!The link for the proof, and don't ask me on how the mother did her best to prevent World War 3
r75342.12020-10-29 at 04:19asakiFunbag Fantasy 3ifNot my most interesting announcement to me, but it should be good for big boobs fans. The link for the proof
r75341.22020-10-29 at 04:17asakiWanting Wings: Her and Her Romance!Should be 18+ VN for obvious reason
r75341.12020-10-29 at 04:17asakiWanting Wings: Her and Her Romance!The link for the source
r75079.12020-10-16 at 01:46asakiSaDistic BlooDThe link for the proof
r64811.162020-10-01 at 04:05asakiRance 01 -Quest for Hikari- & Rance 02 -The Rebellious Maidens-Usual source from their tweet at this link
c60021.152020-09-09 at 14:45asakiFukazawa YoichiNow that we find out that the VA is male, it should be obvious that 'Opposite Gender Voiced' was not apply anymore unless Kazutomi Yamamoto did sex
r64810.142020-09-03 at 04:12asakiEternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl's Dance of Disgrace~Add website
r64810.132020-09-03 at 04:06asakiEternal Torment ~An Immortal Girl's Dance of Disgrace~Usual link for the proof
r74006.12020-08-28 at 14:14asakiSaltheNew release from ShiraVN, and the link to the tweet for the proof
r69285.72020-08-09 at 00:40asakiIxSHE TellThe link for the source
r63289.152020-08-06 at 04:38asakiWanNyan ☆ a la mode! ~Which Girl Will You Choose? An Erotic Cat & Dog Cafe Ex...Add the shop link
r63289.142020-08-06 at 04:35asakiWanNyan ☆ a la mode! ~Which Girl Will You Choose? An Erotic Cat & Dog Cafe Ex...Usual link for the proof
r73072.42020-07-22 at 23:23asakiEvenicle 2 - Clinical Trial EditionThe link for the proof
r53015.172020-07-02 at 04:37asakiRoom No. 9Not my most awaited release, but okay. The link for the proof.
r63288.82020-06-11 at 04:13asakiNyanCafe Macchiato ~Sexy Times at the Cat Cafe~...
v11620.432020-05-14 at 15:38asakiMadou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~...
v11620.422020-05-14 at 15:38asakiMadou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~....
r69285.22020-01-31 at 03:11asakiIxSHE TellPlatform
r69284.22020-01-31 at 03:11asakiKin'iro LovericheForgot to add platform here
r69285.12020-01-31 at 03:07asakiIxSHE TellApparently they intended this as sort of exchange for the delay in Melty Moment.
r69284.12020-01-31 at 03:06asakiKin'iro LovericheTurned out that the first company who manage to get Saga Planet license is Nekonyan here
r69282.12020-01-31 at 03:05asakiClover Day'sYes it's happening, so let me catch my breath for a bit here
c26093.112020-01-29 at 02:15asakiAdorquefelThis rune elf that have Evangile's headmistress voice is a male, and it even stated in the status. And so the reverse trap tag here wouldn't apply at
r45595.172019-11-17 at 01:21asakiBokuten – Why I Became an Angel - Steam EditionShould be the same here
r33067.192019-11-17 at 01:20asakiBokuten – Why I Became an AngelFinally after several years here, and link for the proof
r59805.72019-11-08 at 11:47asakiLAMUNATION! International Version - 18+ PatchJudging from previous releases, safe to say that the patch would probably out at the same day as the release
r59804.112019-11-08 at 11:44asakiLAMUNATION! International VersionThe date is from the Steam store at this link if you need proof
r56723.92019-10-09 at 05:01asakiVenusBlood FRONTIER - Download EditionThe link for the proof
r56271.232019-09-19 at 04:43asakiAmatarasu Riddle StarAnd yeah it's also will out for Steam as well at the same date. The link if you need proof
r56270.252019-09-19 at 04:40asakiAmatarasu Riddle StarThe link for the proof
r58561.222019-09-04 at 14:27asakiFarther Than the Blue SkyWhile I also have doubt on this, I'm quite interested here. So let's see whether Mangagamer can fulfill it or not, even though I may be too hopeful
r53017.252019-09-04 at 14:22asakiSengoku RanceWell it's quite predictable that they'll gonna delay this. While to be honest I have some doubt on the release date, let's see if it'll be true or
v17823.512019-08-20 at 02:32asakiWagamama High SpecI think Erogamescape vote based play time is not quite enough to determine the play time, seeing that it might be possible some voters skip a lot of