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t15597.222021-02-27Which VNs most people like but you don't?#15 So that people can complain on how about a well received VNs didn't fulfill their expectation, such as people who want to complain on how Baldr
w1508.12021-02-16Wizard's ClimberI'm not exactly says that the carryover system is pathetic because actually there's some way to circumvent it, although I understand the reason on
w1449.22021-02-02Fata morgana no YakataStill no reason to not have the voices though, because in fact the Drama CD did show that they can do avoid the spoiler through VA. Then again, the
w1357.82021-01-15Higurashi no Naku Koro niWell I'm serious on my reply there in regard of watching the anime. Also I know that there's graphic mod, and the reason I bring graphic because
t15269.622021-01-15"Not a VN"?I see that some people here still have problem with it, so I would suggest you to buy donut ring cushion to help your problem there. Besides, it's
w1357.62021-01-15Higurashi no Naku Koro niGo watch the anime then (Not the Gou one, the one ftom 2006 version), especially at episode 16 to 26. Of course you should watch Kai anime as well in
t15374.92021-01-11I gave upAs long as you didn't beat Iga, you shouldn't face Demon Army at 40th turn. Also while Iga here is easy, you won't get anything if you win the battle
t15282.22020-12-29HAPPY ANNIVERSARY OF TSUKHIMEAt least recent profit from FGO was dropped down significantly, so we may have FGO folded and Type-Moon following sprite's path with the former back
t15269.412020-12-29"Not a VN"?Well perhaps the mods should consider to add this again, add that to the special games, and then everyone will be happily ever after. Yay. That said
t2108.34432020-11-30Candidates for deletionLooks like I manage to make Ryuusei World Meteor English release become duplicate post, so if possible can you delete my post here (The link)? My bad.
t14686.352020-10-14Few untranslated linesJust in case if you're still waiting for the patch that will fix untranslated text, my answer would be not really. Because all of the lines are
t14705.32020-10-13TranslationAfter knowing that Kinugasa here can't finish the story in satisfying manner, I guess I can say that there's much more worthwile VN that was worth to
w418.22020-09-22Shoujo Dominance -Dokusen Yoku no Tsuyo Sugiru Manamusume Reina-At least I didn't need to deal with high school girl drawn like strict office lady in those fetishtic eroge lol.
w283.12020-09-14Kin'iro LovericheI guess in the end this VN here is just a charage with some surprising twist at the true route, so as long as you didn't expect much it should be
t13608.712020-09-14MG Survey 2020At least Mangagamer can make the survey on 'Which game that you wish to see on our storefront', and I'm sure that Evenicle 2 would be the first place
w163.52020-09-13Inochi no SpareAs for the VN itself, I think it might be relevant as of now seeing that it also portray the fear of disease seeing that nowadays we deal with Corona
t13608.512020-09-13MG Survey 2020Honestly the gimmick for ask us to guess what's their top 10 survey is useless because not only that it mean it's still not the real announcements
w65.52020-09-12Baldr Sky Dive2 “Recordare”At least Sora's route have 'passionate Hitomi Nabatame-voiced love-making' if anything else lol, and you can always play censored version if you want
t14693.142020-09-10Is this ever gonna come out?Should it be 'any century now'? Anyway Type-Moon here is obviously too busy waiting for some gambling addict who more than willing to waste 4,000
t14660.92020-09-09Possible final episode of 9-nineApparently it compile all of four episodes with all age version (ie Palette decided to use VAs real name instead of alias) along with new episode
w158.42020-09-08Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.>because I can? no seriously what's wrong with viewing this VN as a relationship problem? that's honestly how I first looked at it. Not that wrong
w158.22020-09-08Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.I know that some people like to say that Kimikoi here is flawed, but why would you view it as relationship problem VN anyway? And go to marriage
t2108.33352020-09-08Candidates for deletionFinally I see another source that Nakamura Eriko here is really Aine's VA. I already believe it since 2017, although back then nobody believe it
t12795.102020-09-05End of Maya's routeWell that make sense I suppose. Although my complain on how ridiculous people complained on Kirari being non-virgin still apply to a degree though
t12795.72020-09-05End of Maya's routeSo people mad with that single line at the end of Maya's route and easily spawned their twisted imagination? And they also easily mad with Kirari
t14610.72020-08-29Characters are similar to alice and the wonderlandOther characters that might be similar to Keiko is Mr. Caterpillar in that it's quite snarky from what I read at Wikipedia. As for Yuuko, once again
t14610.32020-08-28Characters are similar to alice and the wonderlandWhat kind of pervert are you for wanting to see the girls have sex with dream outfit lol. That said, I agree though it's too bad that both Saki and
t13502.42020-08-28extra stories spoilers requestLet's just say that there's a reason on why I recommend all age version over 18+ version, and the reason is solely on the extra stories alone. For
t14533.22020-08-16Fanservice game?Since this is not Galaxy Angel (Actually the VN is the main source of the pragmatic anime adaptation) or Yu-Gi-Oh (Same format with nameable self
t14521.22020-08-14Spoil me, please...The review from VNInfohata should be enough if you want spoiler and can read Germany (You can also use Google Translate as well). In case you didn't
t14487.42020-08-08The mc is a trash human beingAt least the heroine did cosplaying as Cure Marine along with refer her relationship with one of the cadre (Kumojacky), so it's interesting. Although
w164.122020-07-30Musicus!I actually like your review did really digging into each VN, so I hope that you can keep up the good work. I'm quite late five years for saying this
t14349.52020-07-30White Wings by Pureworks releasedThanks for the review, and it make me wish that we have White Album 2 translation patch released at this year. As for the plot, well it remind me on
t14373.172020-07-24JAST released Shoujo Dominance - My Precious ReinaWell I sort of emotional earlier, and before I know I post it without managed to edit it. Sorry about that, and yeah his case remind me of Ren from
t14263.42020-06-28Stop changing the VN length ffsI have two suggestion for you 1. As a proud Japanese and that you always tell us to learn Japanese, next time you should write it using Japanese
t14124.32020-06-05Sol press drops Mirai RadioNOT MY HITOMI NABATAME VOICED YURI SEX SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously seeing that Sol Press didn't do a 1/100,000,000
t13895.22020-04-29Feelings about Mashiro's ending (spoilers)If you feel the need to write the rant at VNDB as well, then perhaps it mean that the time to appreciate age gap romance has come. So if you didn't
t13679.522020-03-22MG's leaked Discord chatI don't know that one of VNDB's mod job here is derail the topic from pseudo private conversation between Mangagamer staffs to debating about lolicon
t13485.62020-01-31Localized by NekoNyanOkay then. If you want to delete it, you can post the request at a certain thread. Here's the link for the thread.
t13485.42020-01-31Localized by NekoNyanSorry for that, and if you want I can ask my edit to be deleted here.
t13471.302020-01-30where are you from?Is this a thread for vote or to confess where we came from? In any case let's stop with the rhetorical here and let me do both. My region is from
t13323.32019-12-24Did anyone else find Shirasaki annoying?I'll just say that if you prefer the opposite of happy ending of Daitoshokan, then you should play Bokuten and see how realistic the suffering it is.
t12729.192019-08-24Voice problems?Wow. I guess I should appreciate Sol Press attempt for going Sekai there, even though compared to Dovac Xeviax still quite nice though.
t12639.42019-08-16English versionWell I think we wouldn't be able to get this fast because Sekai was still not finished with Rewrite yet, and considering what happen with the
t12599.242019-07-15Kirari is not a slutBecause it related to the human nature I guess. But seriously, did anyone else that involved in this heated yet pointless debate ever ask whether
t12472.132019-06-16Christianity is a theme of Dies IraeWell I guess it's good that we got a 60's years old theologist OP here really passionate to talk about a work that was aimed to Japanese young people.
t8789.122019-01-19Happily ever after !?What I can say in regard of Amane's route epilogue would be that it's so conclusive so much it's destroyed the climatic Kazuki and Yuuji along with
t11648.42018-12-15Looks kind of differentConsidering that we have Romeo, perhaps we can expect some interesting writing. Although considering that we have Takahiro as well, safe to say that
t10263.222018-11-29Translation project deadLike @20 said, so far Eustia is going stable so at least there's something to look forward with the current progress was at around 60% translated
t11553.202018-11-26How is naoki this unlikable?@13 I'll just give this link to describe my response here. And yeah VNDB discussion here was always easy to be out of topic, at least from what I