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t6322.32018-01-04Length of AmagamiIn case anyone is wondering 3 years later, the 50 hr estimate is for the whole game, not just one route. There's no in-game clock but it took me
t870.332010-10-13The 3rd AnniversaryOh, real life, dangerous as always. Well, congrats, and I hope you guys stick around for a long time to come. Maybe if you get bored you can try to
t781.22010-08-12Digital: A Love Story -GD-Don't think so. I tried replying to all of Emilia's messages and she eventually says that she won't respond anymore.
t403.12010-01-06Tagging questionI might be wrong since I haven't played the game, but isn't Rape Victim Heroine a spoiler, or at least a minor one? IIRC it wasn't revealed until ep
t355.42009-11-25Is there a database of VN staff/writers?Ah, thanks. I'll see if I can figure out how to navigate EGS.
t355.12009-11-25Is there a database of VN staff/writers?I'm not sure if this should count as an official suggestion for the site, but I'm curious as to whether or not there's any easy way to research the
t99.72009-02-01Feature requestHere's a suggestion, for lack of anywhere else to post it: how about including a comment function where we can write short notes beside each game on
t24.92008-07-22VNDB 1.19!That would be nice; even though people try to mess with the averages I've noticed that they don't have much of an impact. The old top 10 had Ever 17