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t12258.12019-05-01VN's for AndroidI see many VN's have the Android icon for platform support from: link But I'm not able to download/see any of them from Google Playstore like
t10961.12018-07-22Steins Gate & ClannadHi there , These 2 VN's has been adapted to anime's. So if I prefer to watch the anime instead of the VN because am running short of cash, how much
t9350.12017-06-28Serious & Tightly woven VN'sMany VN's that I've played has some kind of useless comedy in it or certain parts where it includes routes just so that it increase the length of the
t9117.12017-04-24Has there been any good VN's post 2010?I haven't played VN''s in a very long time. And the one's I've played are classics that were released before 2010 like Ever 17, G-Senjou No Maou
t8644.112017-01-05Sort by Rating after using Search FiltersCan you implement this feature? Like filtering all VN's by release date and then sorting by Ratings [by clicking Arrow icon]. If different release
t8644.82017-01-05Sort by Rating after using Search FiltersCan you show me a list that is sorted by Rating for all visual novels released after 2011. This is not possible for me, as it resets everytime I sort
t8644.72017-01-05Sort by Rating after using Search Filtersyorhel your list in the link hasn't been sorted by Rating yet after the filters have been applied. The ratings are shown in random order and not in
t8644.52017-01-05Sort by Rating after using Search FiltersThat's because most VNs have multiple releases, so it is possible for a VN to have, say, a Japanese release in 2006 and and an English release in
t8644.32017-01-05Sort by Rating after using Search Filters(pointless poll was pointless) But this functionality already works, doesn't it? No it doesn't. First I go to Release filters then chose, Released
t8644.12017-01-05Sort by Rating after using Search FiltersI think this would really be the most helpful feature. Especially to sort Visual Novels after using search filters, like Year, Length of Novel, Type
t6437.12015-04-24Best of Free VN 2014What is the favorite free VN you played in 2014?
t4966.102014-09-02Free VN's of 20132014., has a lot of free vn. Translated. Be prepared :D It's september already. Which ones are they? :D
t5257.162014-04-24VN for my 7 yr old nieceTo add, my niece is not like most girls her age. She reads a lot, I mean a lot. She has read more than a 100 books, most of them by herself and she's
t5257.42014-04-24VN for my 7 yr old niece[/quote]Well, there is v8284, which certainly feels like it was written for young girls.[/quote] That one looks good. Open to more suggestions..
t5257.12014-04-24VN for my 7 yr old nieceI've played around 6-7 VN's and don't really know what younger kids love. I've a 7 yr old niece, and she really loves reading books. She has never
t5185.82014-03-30Why is it considered to be so good ?Same thing when they ask why Ever 17 is considered as a masterpiece.. You might not like what most others like, same the other way around. You may
t5046.12014-02-09Visual Novel Awards 2013Was wondering if there was something like the Oscars for Visual Novels, which VN's would claim these prizes for these categories according to you
t4966.62014-01-20Free VN's of 2013Yorhel could you set up to set the filters by popularity/rating etc after selecting the filters? Also the number of freeware releases is too much
t4153.92014-01-16Ever17 Speculations *Massive Spoilers*@#7: The universe is made up of nearly 10 dimensions or more, and it's possible that 4D entities do exist. We won't be able to see it in it's natural
t4153.62014-01-15Ever17 Speculations *Massive Spoilers*What #3 mentioned is exactly right. It's not just a metaphor.
t4966.52014-01-11Free VN's of 2013Not even one over Bayesian Rating 7 :( Well then it's a barren year for Free releases.
t4966.12014-01-11Free VN's of 2013Is it possible to filter by Free Games that were released in 2013? What's the highest rated Free VN's released in 2013?
t4954.12014-01-06How many VN's you've played?Just wanted to know the legacy of the members here with Visual Novels :D Let's see who's played the most number of VN's among us. :D So try to
t4918.12013-12-24Best of 2013It's that time of the year where you go back to what happened during the whole year. Which VN's do you think was the best that came out in 2013?
t4827.162013-11-29Windows 8Windows 8 or 8.1 is basically the same as Win 7 but faster. There's nothing bad about it. You don't have to use the Metro screen if you don't want to
t4680.32013-10-17Playing 3DS games on PCCould you post some links to the emulators please? Yes I've a pretty powerful PC. It can run Crysis 3 and GTA V :D I wouldn't be playing 3DS games
t4680.12013-10-17Playing 3DS games on PCDoes anyone know of a way to play 3DS games on a PC using emulators or something? I've tried some, but they all include survey scams.... I don't own
t4620.12013-09-30Comments along with votes?Do you think it's good to have a comments section after voting on a VN to describe how good it was?
t4619.32013-09-30Never 7 has a relation to Memories Off?Just a question. I've played Ever 17 and really like it. Is Never 7 and Remember 11 someway related to the story of Ever 17 and will it help in
t4587.42013-09-20Narcissu Side 2nd DownloadThanks a lot :d
t4587.22013-09-19Narcissu Side 2nd DownloadUmm...any help? Or if somebody already has it downloaded, just do us a favor and upload the setup file :D
t4587.12013-09-18Narcissu Side 2nd DownloadThe link for Narcissu Side 2nd download has expired on it's official english homepage. Any alternate links please? Home: link
t4540.32013-09-03Walkthough?Here you go: link You'll have to use Google Translate
t4464.22013-08-15Simple animationIt's given V 1.5 link
t4443.92013-08-10Ever 17 within your browserI think it would be useful for those people who doesn't even care about VN's in the first place or pay a huge amount of money for them. Atleast the
t4443.12013-08-10Ever 17 within your browserJust found this site: link You can read the whole story with pictures, right within your browser along with the tracks.
t4374.12013-07-25Most Anticipated Visual NovelsSo what VN's are you really excited for, that is in development and that you're longing to play?
t4007.722013-07-19Best VN<->Anime adaptations?How is Stein's Gate anime. It has got pretty great ratings.. link AnimeNewsNetwork Top 10 [Best Rated, Worst Rated, Most Popular, Most Viewed, Most
t1896.712013-06-27Thoughts on the Epilogue?The whole story revolved on the core identity of Maou, along all the routes, and which people cared about the most. The ending you say was
t4270.12013-06-27Your favourite anime's?I wonder if an off-topic thread will be included on the site, to discuss about them. So just tell us what are your favourite anime's among the one
t1896.692013-06-27Thoughts on the Epilogue?I already knew that Kyouhei was Maou as soon as we were introduced that Kyouske had a brother. So wasn't totally impressed with the ending, but good
t4153.22013-06-13Ever17 Speculations *Massive Spoilers*Oh no, i'll have to read this one again. Cant'remember much to discuss..
t4206.132013-06-13I'm conducting a survey for my blog post...@magugs: Not sure what you meant there, Web of Trust works on meritocratic ratings from the people, and also from other 3rd party sources, helping
t4206.112013-06-13I'm conducting a survey for my blog post...The site has a poor WOT (Web of Trust) rating: link One of the comments on the scorecard "This website is classified as a phishing website. It is
t4196.152013-06-12thoughts on what's holding up the remake?Why would it be freeware...? It's a TYPE-MOON VN with huge-ass development costs; why would you even -think- it would be free...?! I thought the
t4201.32013-06-12VN videos playthroughNice work there...
t710.1222013-06-12Why are they gone???I agree. People should pay for the game and spport the company. Not get an illegal copy of it...Who agrees? If only VN's was a lot cheaper. :\
t4196.122013-06-12thoughts on what's holding up the remake?same story might have an extra route though here's hoping So it's better that I wait till the remake is released and buy that one? The remake is
t1030.232013-06-12Thoughts and Favorite Moment?Now that the plot-holes have been filled, the questions have been answered, and the backstory revealed... How and where? In-game or in the forums?
t4196.92013-06-12thoughts on what's holding up the remake?Haven't played Tsuhikime, but plan to do so. Is the remake the same story as the first, with improved character design, music etc etc, or is it a