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t6094.1482019-05-23Steam saleLock, Stock and Bundle 1 on Groupees: $4.99 Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish-
t10693.12018-05-25request: undelete "Engrish" tagThe tag was deleted because of lack of a definition of a "bad translation". I guess the person who submitted the tag didn't specify what s/he meant
t10467.82018-04-10I wrote a novel, how do I visualize it?If not RPG Maker, you can try Wolf RPG. A lot of cool Japanese games have been made in that editor. link
t6094.932016-09-25Steam saleAmnesia: Memories is 90% off at Indiegala ($2.99). link
t7678.32016-04-19An extremely short flash VNThanks, man. I wonder why something like this has been written in the first place.
t7678.12016-04-18An extremely short flash VNlink I don't know what this is but I suppose if you know Japanese, it must be hilarious or something. Could anyone at least provinde a summary of
t6094.592015-11-23Steam salelink Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ Beach Bounce Divine Slice of Life Last Days of Spring Orion Sword of Asumi (+ DLC pack) non VN
t2108.10652015-07-07Candidates for deletionSome character duplicates here: link
t6526.202015-05-31VN, or not a VN, that is the questionI wonder if 'Til Cows Tear Us Apart belongs to the db link
t6094.62015-05-28Steam saleGroupees is selling a VN bundle link
t6174.52015-05-28Need a Stock Market / Trading related VN.I know this thread is several months old but if you're still looking for suggestions you can use the "Trade Simulation" tag. link
t6094.52015-03-31Steam saleThe Rainy Port Keelung was released on Steam and it's currently 10% off. It doesn't seem to be in English, though, only Chinese.
t6144.2882015-03-28Request Stafflink has another person's twitter link. The correct one is link
t6144.2692015-03-24Request StaffArtist: ☆Yoshimiru - ☆よしみる link link link
t6262.102015-03-23Another VN bundlelink sometimes has awesome bundles; I got some VNs from that site as well. There's also link , which has some nice deals form time to time but I don
t5876.62014-10-23VNs with another competing male?If I remember well, in Season of the Sakura, one of the girls ends up with the protag's best buddy if you don't get her but there isn't much of a
t3139.352014-04-23Steam GreenlightFor the next 41 hours you can get the steam version for a minimum of $1 at link
t3133.312014-03-20War of the Human Tanks on Steam GreenlightWar of the Human Tanks is currently on sale at link
t4675.12013-10-15Long Live the Queen now available on GOGThis is something new, but I'd hoped to see a visual novel on GOG and it finally happened. link I hope they will have other VNs as well in the
t4659.142013-10-10This deserves to be hereCorpse Party -Rebuilded- isn neither VN nor JRPG. It's an adventure game. The exploration is just like in 8 and 16 bit JRPGs. There is _one_ battle
t2108.3892013-09-03Candidates for deletionHave you seen the descriptions of updates? They lead to something that looks like a troll facebook account, then, there is a group called "Xenon Meme
t2108.2552013-04-04Candidates for deletionlink is a duplicate of link
t2108.2442013-03-23Candidates for deletionNo need to ask: link
t3808.32013-03-05Is this a VN?Thanks for the info. There are some VNs in the DB that are about 5 minutes long (like link and link ) so maybe this one could be added as well.
t3808.12013-03-05Is this a VN?I found this little game. It looks like a VN but I'm stuck near the beginning when you're supposed to input something. Maybe someone versed in
t2108.1742013-01-02Candidates for deletionNo, it isn't.
t3151.252012-09-03Best OELVN?@15 I tried Songs of Araiah some time ago and it bored me to death. I couldn't stand lengthy, meaningless dialogues. link is quite good.
t2828.52012-06-18Ys: The Oath in Felghana Prologue NovellaWell, I wasn't thinking about adding Ys to the db, just the novel and naming it something like "Ys: The Oath in Felghana Prologue Novella" and put a
t2828.12012-06-18Ys: The Oath in Felghana Prologue NovellaIn the PSP verioson of Ys: The Oath in Felghana, there is a short visual novel accessible from the main menu. I think it could be added to the
t2715.192012-05-19Retro VNs - More info available?@15 I would, but I have more interesting things to do. Why don't you find them yourself?
t2715.142012-05-19Retro VNs - More info available?@10 tonk82 and moogy have already said what i had in mind. I'd give you hundreds of titles with great graphics you would fing ugly just because it's
t2715.92012-05-19Retro VNs - More info available?Since when low resolution graphics equals bad graphics?
t2646.112012-04-23Corpse Party PC-98 version English remake releasedNot really, but there are hints for the endings here: link . The game is really short, if you know what you're doing you can beat it in less than an
t2646.92012-04-23Corpse Party PC-98 version English remake releasedAccording to information on "Heavenly Host Elementary School: A Corpse Party Forum", there are seven endings and six gameovers. I managed to get
t2646.72012-04-23Corpse Party PC-98 version English remake releasedOK, I've just beaten the game and can tell there's almost no narration, the amount of text to read is significantly smaller than in the remakes and
t2646.52012-04-23Corpse Party PC-98 version English remake releasedI'm playing it right now. You move your characters like in a JRPG but there are no battles. It's just like the PSP or PC version but without event
t2646.32012-04-23Corpse Party PC-98 version English remake releasedSo, the entry was deleted. Nevertheless, I think this version is worth checking by Corpse Party fans.
t2646.12012-04-23Corpse Party PC-98 version English remake releasedThe original game was released for PC 98 as reeware doujin. The PC and PSP releases are based on that game. Now, thanks to a group of fans, we can
t2551.172012-03-28is there a vn with NO romance whatsoeverMany non-romance VNs were released for old consoles (NES, SNES, Mega Drive). As for a non-romance VN with multiple endings, you really should check
t2232.12011-11-28Manly GuysI just wanted to note that this interesting looking game appeared in today's strip of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. link
t1324.472011-04-07Clean Visual Novels?..Not trolling. You just sounded as if eroges had only nice sex scenes, while we both know this is not the case and I wanted to point that out.
t1324.452011-04-07Clean Visual Novels?..@44: A guy rapes his ten year old sister or some girl gets raped by a disgusting, fat, middle aged man. "Beautiful erotic scenes" indeed.
t70.872011-01-14The "What VN is this image from" threadIt's a series of danmaku (bullet hell) shooters made by an individual called ZUN.
t70.852011-01-14The "What VN is this image from" threadThat's not a VN. The character is Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project.
t1098.32011-01-06There is no Polish patch for this gameTha game listed in database _is_ a VN link It's the Polish release that should be removed because it's a translation of another game with the same
t1098.12011-01-06There is no Polish patch for this gameThe link leads to a site you can get patches for NES games, not VNs and the Nadia translated to Polish is a strategy game. Hence, the Polish release
t886.22010-10-14NSFW what?The answer is: tits.
t70.832010-10-02The "What VN is this image from" threadlink thank you in advance
t652.62010-06-21should Infinite Space be added to the db?@4: As for the amount of gameplay, it depends on the player. Of course, you can spend hours customizing your fleet or travelling from planet to
t652.32010-06-21should Infinite Space be added to the db?OK, I'm 40 hours into the game and I haven't observed the sharp drop of text. As for the "plotless delivery quests and pirate hunting", these are