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t14443.52020-08-03Gameplay QuestionsThanks for clarifying. I thought I was missing something, because other similar rpg allow movement after these skills. Additionally, the skill "Air
t14443.32020-08-02Gameplay QuestionsThen is there a difference between "Unusable after moving" and "Can't move when in use". It just feels weird if both mean the same thing.
t14443.12020-08-02Gameplay QuestionsI checked the in-game info, but is still confused between the difference of "Unusable after moving" and "Can't move when in use". For "Unusable after
t13492.32020-02-09What do you think about the ending?Iceman finally gets to enjoy his kemonomimi harem. Kuon's about to get more siblings.
t13062.262019-10-29I just cant........I saw that some of the CG are censored? I guess there is an option to censor the gore?
t11187.112018-09-12Buttlefly Effect Ending [light spoilers]If she was pregnant then it would make sense what Noramasa saw and why he went into a rage when he saw them together in the hut.
t11187.92018-09-10Buttlefly Effect Ending [light spoilers]lol, that's my question. My assumption is that the 4 year old child is the daughter of Setsuna and Rinne. She got a bruise that looks like the
t11187.72018-09-10Buttlefly Effect Ending [light spoilers]I mean that the 4 year old kid is not Rinne because Rinne doesn't have the genetic disposition to develop the disease, while the 4 year old Rinne is
t11187.52018-09-10Buttlefly Effect Ending [light spoilers]I thought it happened after you made the branching choice?
t11187.32018-09-08Buttlefly Effect Ending [light spoilers]At first I thought that the “4 year old Rinne” is the daughter of setsuna and Rinne, but that wouldn’t make sense because neither setsuna or Rinne
t11187.12018-09-07Buttlefly Effect Ending [light spoilers]What's the deal with this ending? I know that she is the sailor's daughter, but after finishing the whole novel, I'm confused on who she is. Is it
t7654.62017-12-25GDI just wish they made everything into a 50 hour + game instead of breaking into 3 separate parts.
t9599.12017-09-03SCA-JiI just started ch. 1 and noticed how Zakuro joked how a boss of a VN company did all the jobs of producing a VN and slowing down the release date
t8904.12017-03-03After finishing the true route (spoilers)Just wanted to tell you guys that after the true route (Mina), if you start a new game there are short stories about Touko & Minawa and Reika & Akane
t8631.172017-01-09Himawari GD@Thajunk The reason Souichiro needed to get the list of infectees from him is because he was looking for the list of scientists that left the
t8631.72017-01-06Himawari GD " However this twist relies on Hinata Souichiro being silly enough to believe that taking out the silver ball from momiji somehow would remove her
t8591.62017-01-01*Serious Spoilers* True Route Ending + Plot Q/AI just wanted to reiterate that there's a Drama CD (which is translated) that is about what happens in Operation Arc Light for those of you that want
t8591.12016-12-23*Serious Spoilers* True Route Ending + Plot Q/AI don't about you guys, but the ending to Milky-way Crossing left me wanting more. Specifically I wanted to know what happened to the 2nd mission by
t8556.32016-12-23Spoiler for KagariWhat I don't get is who is Yuki in other routes when Kagari appears in other routes?
t8585.12016-12-21Location of the save fileAnyone know where the save files are located?
t8450.122016-12-11Some QuestionsIs the doujin music a lot better? Do I just put the file into the installation folder? No changes necessary?
t8433.82016-11-24Envirio's endings?Holy fuck, the endings to LAURO ED 06-07
t8310.22016-09-30[Spoilers] Harmonia General DiscussionGreat novel, ninjas cutting onions near the end.
t8169.72016-08-26I almost thought... (Light spoilers)The more I read, the worst it gets... in the end, they even left 2 lines untranslated... and they aren't voice so you can't tell what is happening
t8169.32016-08-23I almost thought... (Light spoilers)Take my opinion with a grain of salt, because I don't really notice translation mistakes unless it's really obvious. 1. There are 1-2 obvious typos
t8169.12016-08-23I almost thought... (Light spoilers)Feeling pretty complex right now. Half-way through my first playthrough, I was almost sure that Suou was a boy. 1. She is taller than most girls 2
t7637.422016-07-20After 8 hours of playI guess some people read the description and came in expecting a badass mc vs aliens(kotona) like as if this was Muv Luv Alt or something similar
t7637.312016-07-15After 8 hours of playHonestly, there's not much plot. It's more of a moege. The conflicts all feel shallow and artificial, there's no sense of urgency. It's more obvious
t6584.22016-07-03H-scenes importanceI haven't seen Meikyuu or Rakuen, but from Kajitsu anime special episode 6... I can infer that certain H-scenes will matter. Which is why I'm waiting
t7637.32016-05-25After 8 hours of playAfter playing the prologue, I found myself actually sympathizing with Minato and Oota's group more than MC's group. What pissed me off was when Oota
t7805.112016-05-11English TranslationWhat are the rules on updating releases? Do we wait for a partial patch before entering the information or is it the role of the actual translation
t7805.52016-05-09English TranslationHe could make tl notes and explain it to the reader in patch notes
t7805.32016-05-09English TranslationIt also seems like he's going to release a partial patch
t7805.12016-05-09English TranslationSo far, it appears he has finished the common route (28%) and is looking for help from other translators. Official Website: link Fuwa: link I am
t7797.102016-05-09Question about plot [spoilers]4. I see, that makes sense. We saw how she could hack bombs in Root D. Does that means the random explosions (Before they entered the oxygen
t7797.52016-05-08Question about plot [spoilers]Ok so I've finished both Xtend and Ena branch in Root C. The answers I came up with are 1. Louise 2. Louise's message to Mashiro and Natsuhiko 3
t7797.32016-05-07Question about plot [spoilers]I didn't know that existed, I'll go back and check
t7797.12016-05-07Question about plot [spoilers]So I've finished the True route, but I also have some questions left and hope someone could answer them for me. 1. In the end, who ripped up Ena's
t7794.12016-05-06Save FileAnyone know where the save files are located for this game? Edit: Found it. For future reference, it was hidden in %appdata% under the file name
t7767.52016-05-02Seinarukana HelpThanks for answering Gab, what are these cheat tables? I wish there was an Euphoria route though. :( Edit: On my third playthrough, I've noticed
t7767.12016-05-02Seinarukana Help1. Just want to confirm that playing the game on hard mode doesn't give you anything 2. Will I miss anything if I just load the game from a save
t7563.12016-03-19Anime Ver.Anyone know how the anime compares to the game?
t7413.412016-02-05Bunny Black 2 -GD-Any reason to play NG+? Anyone have 100% save data?
t7413.382016-02-04Bunny Black 2 -GD-Thanks for the info. BTW do you stick with the 2x3 square for the rest of the game or does it go up to 3x3?
t7413.362016-02-04Bunny Black 2 -GD-Anyone know what junk heaps bones do?
t7413.92016-01-29Bunny Black 2 -GD-Is there a guide for this game?
t7215.462016-01-09Yet another Sekai Project prefundiaAnyone know how much it costed to buy it in Japanese? I don't think ours is much different. Ours might even be a bit cheaper
t3645.202016-01-08Ourai no Gahktun reviewNvm just reread sharnoth Jane died in Sharnoth. What threw me off was that they talked about how Jane was a witch who stayed with M (Nyarlathotep
t3645.182016-01-07Ourai no Gahktun reviewIs Jane Doe from Sharnoth the same character as Keziah Mason?
t386.472016-01-04Sekien no Inganock -GD-For people who didn't get Kerkan and Ruaha Kerkan kills people to release them from suffering. 10 years ago, when his younger sister, Kia, was