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t6729.222015-07-25Fate/Extra Hard ModeI just wanted to see if it was possible to play through the game with the official stats of saber
t6729.202015-07-24Fate/Extra Hard ModeNono, this is still in the saber playthrough
t6729.182015-07-24Fate/Extra Hard ModeI used the AR code to get 999 sp and raised my stats to Strength:D Defense:D Agility: A Mana: B Luck: A I now do 1000 average damage... wtf? I
t6729.142015-07-19Fate/Extra Hard ModeAR code? Edit: I just got killed by a regular mob from full health Dat rank D defense ORZ I'm thinking of just abandoning this play-through and
t6729.122015-07-19Fate/Extra Hard ModeHmm then after this I'll go caster on Rani's route then Archer on Rin's route
t6729.92015-07-18Fate/Extra Hard ModeRin route all the way. Guess I'll just max strength and equip the strength buff jacket and hope for the best
t6729.52015-07-17Fate/Extra Hard ModeApparently, the stats were based on the official source material below. Official Servant stats Spirit: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
t6729.32015-07-16Fate/Extra Hard ModeBut in the type moon wiki...
t6729.12015-07-16Fate/Extra Hard ModeI'm new to this game so I choose Saber and looking for a guide on how to distribute the stats I took a peek at the official red saber's stats on the
t6576.32015-06-06RGD Ending *spoilers*Well we know that the wandering dogs were underage when they were introduced and they said that Rose was a bit older, but around their age... so in
t6576.12015-06-05RGD Ending *spoilers*What did you guys think about the ending? -Still wanted to know who Wayne married, might be Meryl for all we know... -Alan went the bromance
t3716.52015-06-04Rose Gun Days GDAfter playing the whole thing, I've got to say that even though the setting is different it definitely has the Higurashi vibe. If you only played
t6009.752014-12-26Romanesque-GDYou don't really need a cheat for this game, the game keeps track of what quests you've done, the items you got, and the diplomas you earned.
t6009.652014-12-25Romanesque-GDSo in the end what do you keep in the next playthrough, cause it's impossible to do all the quests. 1. Do you keep spells or have to learn them all
t5307.232014-10-16Any PC ports or English translations?Is it possible for what happened to Danganronpa to happen to this? Like an a playable translated version for ppsspp?
t5538.162014-08-23-GD-I don't know how to feel about this... one side wants to plays this while the other side argues that if I play this I will regret fapping to the H
t1466.162014-08-18Umineko Ep8 (spoilers) -GD-Sorry for the necro, but I just want to put this out there for future readers. Don't read beyond this if you have not finished the novel. I see a
t2989.512014-08-03Coμ -GD-Altogether a good read, but it feels like they ran out time in Kagome's route. For example, the last 7 CGs on page 6 only appear after finishing the
t5085.752014-03-16I/O General Discussion Thread@ffggdmc Please post/link the image for the 100% cg
t5085.462014-03-02I/O General Discussion ThreadThis helped me clear up the story. link
t5085.422014-02-28I/O General Discussion ThreadAfter finishing E', I was hoping for an E''
t4824.392013-11-29Ikikoi -GD-The only glaring error in this patch is that there are some parts where the character's voice plays 1 line before it is actually written in Ryou's
t4824.342013-11-27Ikikoi -GD-The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there’s four heroines who are already at max affection
t1978.152013-01-21SHIZURU IS THE BEST!Lucia's route = moe overload Shizuru's route = saury overload
t3148.32012-09-02Missing one CGSo all that's left is the untranslated extra story...
t3148.12012-09-01Missing one CGAnyone know how to unlock the cg on the "other" page, row 1, column 5?
t3066.12012-08-17Hide and Seek [spoilers]I finished the whole novel but this was never answered. During hide and seek, Who was the person that was still counting in Takeshi's route? Who