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v3144.612019-08-20 at 07:09sailorseanSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~English translation screenshoots
v3144.602019-08-20 at 07:07sailorseanSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~Made a mistake
v3144.592019-08-20 at 07:05sailorseanSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~English translation
r14260.222016-07-28 at 14:50sailorseanHunks Workshop!Newest update.
r14260.212016-07-27 at 14:55sailorseanHunks Workshop!update
r14260.202016-07-27 at 14:52sailorseanHunks Workshop!Update
r14260.192016-07-27 at 14:50sailorseanHunks Workshop!Update
r14260.182016-07-27 at 14:48sailorseanHunks Workshop!New update on TLWiki's translation of Hunks Workshop!
r14260.172014-07-25 at 11:39sailorseanHunks Workshop!Updated
v751.392014-07-18 at 04:59sailorseanRewriteI've removed tow spoiler-esque screenshots because it doesn't bode well with the game's beginning mysterious setting. I hope you understand.