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t9861.242017-11-27Rape by Non-Protagonist tag - useful or not?Thanks for sharing your opinions, everyone. After reading your thoughts, I now think it the tag deserves reconsideration- but definitely with some
t2108.21802017-11-21Candidates for deletion^Done... and yes, like wakaranai said, next time please provide the staff page links.
t9861.12017-11-08Rape by Non-Protagonist tag - useful or not?Hello everyone, Some may remember a few weeks ago as part of paring down the Tags moderation queue, I started a topic, Tags moderation queue
t9652.492017-11-08Tags moderation queue discussion^ I'm going to start a thread about it and give users a certain period of time to decide what they think. In the initial discussion, everyone that
t9647.342017-11-07Traits moderation queue discussion...This got pear-shaped. * Chief Advisor: I think a change to "Chief Political Advisor" and a description tweak would be fine. I don't mind editing
t9652.462017-11-07Tags moderation queue discussion@#44 warfoki: Pretty much agree with everything you said. Regarding Yuri/Yaoi Route specifically, I also think it's not a bad idea. Does this refer
t9652.432017-11-04Tags moderation queue discussion@#42 warfoki: Hi warfoki! Great to see you back. =) "So, I guess my question is: should I, like, get back into this after all that time or would I
t3617.10892017-10-21Tags suggestions/fixesThank you for your thoughts everyone. After going over them, I think a "Backlog Jump" tag should be fair. On a personal level, it's a function I've
t9652.382017-10-21Tags moderation queue discussion^ Ah, now I understand the idea better. Though honestly, how many users around here that dislike/avoid rape in VNs really care who the hero(ine) is
t3314.12352017-10-21Traits@#1226 sakurakoi: Ah, that is true. The vast majority of visual novels I have come across do say stuff like "2nd Year High School Student" and such
t3314.12252017-10-10Traits@#1220 myopius: I agree with the reasons savagetoger and infernoplex outlined. Better to just specify actual grades/year levels in a character's
t9754.72017-10-10"Replayable Backlog"-Tag was deniedThanks for the glowing endorsement, surferdude xP and thank you inferno, I try to be as reasonable as possible. Also, I have responded to this
t3617.10752017-10-10Tags suggestions/fixes@#1072 infernoplex: Ahhhh, sorry inferno, my bad! Glad to know I didn't vote on something wrong... About the tag though, great- then I'll make those
t3314.12192017-10-10TraitsPutting the hair colour discussion aside... @#1218 savagetiger: Very true about Collar (BDSM) and I agree that adding "Detachable Shirt Collar" as
t3314.12162017-10-10Traits@#1211 tapestree: Thank you for your feedback about the modified Choker and Collar traits. * I think I mentioned earlier that Collar (BDSM) ought
t3617.10712017-10-10Tags suggestions/fixes^ Hmm, I wonder why I voted euphoria for that back then when I've always been one to read the desc. first? Airing out my dirty laundry, are you? xD
t3314.12102017-10-09Traits@#1206 xg70d: Thank you, and I don't mind. It's nothing compared to the "sort the Blondes, Redheads and Orange hair" thing from years back (which
t3314.12052017-10-08Traits^ That would be a solution, yes. As for the rules themselves, even with an Unlockable trait, I'm not sure if creating multiple instances of the same
t3617.10692017-10-08Tags suggestions/fixes^ Fixed!
t2108.21222017-10-08Candidates for deletion^ No worries, done!
t3314.12032017-10-08Traits@#1197 xg70d: I've re-added School Sports Club Assistant. Also just realised that I don't know how to merge traits! x/ I know tags can be merged but
t3617.10672017-10-06Tags suggestions/fixes@#1065 savagetiger: You're welcome, and I've just went through the Traits thread =) @#1066 harleyquin: Done!
t3314.11962017-10-06Traits@#1186 thewayfarer: If you're still interested, we can start separating the formal vests (vests/waistcoats worn with suits; professional attire) from
t9652.362017-10-05Tags moderation queue discussion^ Done.
t3617.10642017-10-05Tags suggestions/fixes^ @#1062 and #1063: both have been added and implemented.
t9738.22017-10-05questionYes, it's Mouth Gag. In case anybody else is wondering, it's an open mouth gag.
t3314.11852017-09-28Traits@#1182 thewayfarer: Of course, should this go ahead I wouldn't make you do it all alone. We can split the workload in half; I start from A and you
t9652.332017-09-28Tags moderation queue discussion@#30 usagi; #31 savagetiger: I see the reasoning, taking t3314.1179's advice I've renamed the tag and put it through: Pre-rendered 3D Graphics. @#32
t3617.10612017-09-28Tags suggestions/fixes^ No problem, I clarified the desc. more. Apologies about the three Transsexual tags (definitely didn't mean to ignore; probably just missed it
t3617.10572017-09-27Tags suggestions/fixes^ Hm... That is true. I don't recall seeing the VNs listed before I deleted the tag (maybe because the +/-24 hours-odd hasn't passed yet since
t3314.11812017-09-27Traits@#1179 beliar: I do agree; it's very reasonable that "tanned" and "tan" are getting confused. I'll fix it up and hopefully nobody will kill me in my
t3617.10552017-09-27Tags suggestions/fixesHello everyone, I've had the chance to go through the Tags today! However, there are a few that I could do with some more insight with so if you're
t9652.292017-09-27Tags moderation queue discussionHello all, pardon the double post... Anyhow, as some of you have already noticed, I've worked through the Tags! As with the Traits, I've finished a
t3314.11782017-09-27Traits^ Done. =)
t3314.11762017-09-27Traits^ Oh, that is very true. Silly me, not thinking of that. I will delete it for now. =S
t9652.282017-09-27Tags moderation queue discussion"Why was Heroine with sisters denied?" Probably because: A) Most VNs with sibling love interests are related to the protagonist (blood-related or
t3314.11742017-09-27Traits^ If you're referring to the Sexual Cosplay sorting, I've just reworked that now.
t9647.262017-09-27Traits moderation queue discussion^Ahhh, I get it. No worries, done. Here's the new Sexual Cosplay trait.
t3314.11722017-09-27Traits@#1168 beliar: I let "chooseable" slide because I have seen it used in professional publications though "choosable" is more common and to my
t9647.242017-09-27Traits moderation queue discussion@#21 beliar: LOL, I have no idea why I put in the "(or audience)" thing. I'll make the lame "I was tired excuse" and just quietly add the trait now
t3314.11672017-09-27Traits^ Thank you @wakaranai, I've fixed it!
t3314.11652017-09-26Traits^ @xg70d: Static photography and filming are classed as different things, right? Might not be accurate to lump them together? If anything, perhaps a
t9647.202017-09-26Traits moderation queue discussionHello all and thank you for your patience! I worked through the Traits moderation queue and got close to everything done. First, a couple of
t9652.262017-09-23Tags moderation queue discussionNo need to apologise, it's unreasonable to expect submitters to search through every possible wording for their request. Heroine from a Different
t9647.192017-09-23Traits moderation queue discussion^ Thank you for that extra info and I agree with your advice, @armony. I'll definitely incorporate it into the upcoming "Undercut" trait.
t9652.242017-09-23Tags moderation queue discussion^ There is only one new tag which is Adjustable Text Box Window Transparency/Opacity. I can see that you've submitted it, though given it was
t9652.222017-09-23Tags moderation queue discussionHello everyone, thank you again for your input and advice! It's been a few days since I first created this topic, so I'm hoping to start the actual
t9647.172017-09-23Traits moderation queue discussionHello again, everyone! Thank you again for your input. Now that it has been almost a week since I made this topic, I think it's time to take action
t2108.21042017-09-23Candidates for deletion^ No problem, deleted!
t2108.21022017-09-22Candidates for deletion^ Done.