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t7357.312016-11-04Just a warning@25 Btw, this is not true anymore - in 1.7.2 (AFAIK) you can communicate with her a bit.
t2108.142011-11-06Candidates for deletionYorhel: Sounds like a nice idea :)
t2108.102011-11-06Candidates for deletionv1866 - I can confirm I am still working on this, albeit very slowly...
t2092.382011-10-10Growing out of toddlerhoodHappy stuff day!
t928.152010-11-08Even you can translate@14: Spambot?
t870.52010-10-01The 3rd AnniversaryOmedeto! \o/
t793.82010-08-15English Yuri VNAs one of "western developers", I wish you luck and will try it. If you need some help, even, I might be able to support you a little.
t443.182010-08-15VNDB 2.11: ...move along.And do you know why it's "only" 151? Because they're fairly hard for non-programmers to get out and count. The best advice I can tell you on this is
t633.52010-07-25So, whose route?Pick me, pick me! \o/
t130.342010-07-24Saya no Uta endings (spoilers)Come on, who wouldn't enjoy a delicious meal? Slightly NSFW image
t755.82010-07-23anyone tling Kud Wafter?Seems you haven't seen enough TL projects, it's typical for them to get stuck and unstuck randomly. How long it's on hiatus doesn't tell anything
t756.22010-07-23Happy or Bad ending?Everybody dies
t754.92010-07-22How is this #1 in score ranking?@izmos: I agree
t754.72010-07-22How is this #1 in score ranking?@blackiris: Let's not forget that your opinion is highly subjective. For example I find E17's OST fairly good (have it in flac to listen to it
t754.52010-07-22How is this #1 in score ranking?Don't listen to him, it contains hot Tanuki, very explicit pen scene and SEX OFFSCREEN! \o/
t740.162010-07-20Learning Japanese/Chinese@12 Sugoi, Oniichan!
t752.32010-07-19patch?Took me a minute to find it (and download to verify), even from behind a school proxy. Try harder.
t695.622010-07-15Playing pure love VNs"at any rate, I'm sure a lot of people here already played like 20+ VNs. you should be more than capable of hitting a girl you like. Of course, keep
t717.242010-07-10This isn't serious, is it?What is this I don't even...
t710.632010-07-03Why are they gone???Btw, I am but a poor student, but I already purchased two VNs (Ever17 and Hourglass of summer >= fix'd, thanks, gabe!) and plan to get more when I
t710.532010-07-03Why are they gone???"wild7s 05/09/10 Skimming though the comments, I noticed one little fact that had been completely ignored. When it comes to downloading, some
t710.242010-07-01Why are they gone???"Manga International B.V. Postbus 1355, 2130 EL Hoofddorp The Netherlands Attention: Rights & Permission" |:
t683.122010-06-28Can wait no longer...If you TL like that, you can learn Japanese instead and read them. It's faster and easier.
t695.132010-06-22Playing pure love VNsOf course you can apply that - I met my GF in an oceanic park and we survived impossible - that put a great bond between us, I tell ya!
t670.532010-06-14How to get people into Visual Novels<Sanya-nya>: Btw, just looked at the title... and... <Sanya-nya>: There are no people in VNs? O.o <Sanya-nya>: Last I played one there were a lot of
t670.502010-06-14How to get people into Visual Novels@47: Correct grammar is "Mines WERE commentary." And what do mines have to do with VNs? x_x
t670.422010-06-14How to get people into Visual NovelsI think you can derail from religion to perversion WAY faster :x
t670.372010-06-14How to get people into Visual NovelsEpic derailing indeed :>
t670.262010-06-14How to get people into Visual Novels@23: link @24: Actually otaku are controversial theme in Japan - on one side they are hikkikomori, NEET, smelly... On the other hand, it was mostly
t670.222010-06-14How to get people into Visual Novels@19: [x] Rape the maids! @20/21: Josef Fritzl, Austria? :>
t670.172010-06-14How to get people into Visual Novels1) Give random people candies and invite them home 2) Tie them up and make them watch you play VNs. 3) Make them addicted. If not, let them die. 4
t644.52010-05-28How mu Sexual Content does Se Kirara have? I was peacefully eating my breakfast and just as I was about to eat my eggs (sunny side down) ZOMG ALL OF SUDDEN MASSIVE ORGY WITH NOT-BLOOD
t644.22010-05-28How mu Sexual Content does Se Kirara have?There are actually levels of "no/low/high" and from your description it sounds like low SC, though it depends on implementation too.
t640.22010-05-26Game material repositoryAny site you can write/upload txt to, honestly. Even WordPress might be enough.
t615.342010-05-20Otaku Creators Can't Possibly Write Romance@chikan I prefer to read and if I wrote books my genre would be different. However I self-published one romantic mostly VN and plan to make more
t615.302010-05-20Otaku Creators Can't Possibly Write RomanceI consider myself otaku and I think I can write good romance. Maybe some tries will be a little cliché, but once I get into it, I can outperform
t622.82010-05-20Secret of Trap ProtagonistsJanne de Arc singer is quite masculine in these regards, to be honest. There are WAY more feminine looking Visual-kei singers.
t624.32010-05-18Hello :)I am Czech, sorry to disappoint you :)
t566.52010-05-18A little push in the right directionYou can also try DLing some small fanmade ones, which should be more affordable, speaking in internet means.
t111.122010-04-09A review/comments on Yume Miru Kusuri by FinitosThis thread makes me want replay YMK :x
t540.162010-04-08How did you discover visual novels?@pondrthis: Kana isn't that bad, actually - I think most of people I know would consider it classics in the genre. Ofc it's highly subjective :)
t551.12010-04-03Terms clarifyingPlease, note that: developer = company making the VN publisher = the one selling the VN If someone licenses and doesn't publish a VN, then he doesn
t540.32010-03-31How did you discover visual novels?IIRC, I started with Ever17, just wondered around /jp/ and saw someone recommend it in one of those "recommend me a VN" threads and so I searched for
t530.52010-03-30recommandations needed!Your search for English Clannad is unsuccessfull basically because there's no such version - there's only unofficial patch and that hasn't been even
t330.42010-03-25yesWhat do you not understand about "yes"? *confuzzled*
t504.42010-03-10Where to download now??Because it was out without the permission, some people downloaded it, but then Haeleth asked the creator and didn't get a permission, so he put the
t501.172010-03-10Is yuri MOE!?Tempted... to square... yuri and heroines... nnnnnnn >.>
t501.102010-03-09Is yuri MOE!?I could feel offended by your last post, dear pabloc, but I'll pretend to not see it and we'll be even :) I'd chooce the lottery win, ofc :>
t501.52010-03-09Is yuri MOE!?Yuri? Yeah, definitely moe!
t481.22010-02-24question for low and hi sexual content tagsMmm, what leads you to such a belief in the first place? From the screenshots I suppose it's some typical "survival" VN with battle/detectvive