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t14399.72020-07-26Kami no rhapsody full translation releaseIf only the gameplay was decent and not a clusterfuck snoozefest that it was.
t14316.142020-07-10Lilith stole a fans' TL for commercial releaseThey can DMCA'ed a fan translation and be on the legal side, or they can take the fan translation, minor edited it, insert and sell the game, make a
t14058.22020-05-26Best Girl? (Original Game Only)Not much love for Momoyo comparing to other girls. Me so sad.
t13963.122020-05-25should i keep plaing umineko?Well, I am reading Rose Gun Days and I have to agree that Ryukishi has pacing issues.
t12334.142020-05-13greatest vn story?How can one even say that ddlc has very good story?It doesn't.
t13663.352020-05-11Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)#33 I don't think anybody cares what you like to read though.
t13663.302020-05-10Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)#29 The title is Pure Affection.
t13663.282020-05-10Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)#26 Its facpalmingly obvious you are not interested in the medium I don' think this is the case. He did afterall, produced his own doujin VN.
t13663.252020-05-09Survey for my thesis! (About visual novel games)- "Are vns video games or not? Unless it's a RPG hybrid I can't take VN as a game even if it has choices that will lead to different endings or
t13937.432020-05-08The MangaGamer controversyWhat was baffling to me is how serious people get over "fragile male ego". The fact they changed it is indicative of ulterior motives. Its clearly
t13937.332020-05-08The MangaGamer controversy#29 The majority of fans sure don't agree with you, oh the great outsider who has just recently got some free time to clear out his VN backlog after
t13937.272020-05-07The MangaGamer controversyMaybe they just want to help people who don't know the language but actually want a good translation instead of a bad one? How noble of them, I'm
t13937.212020-05-06The MangaGamer controversy#18 That's funny because people have been posting concrete examples with the original lines and translation comparisons. Oh, they do? Wow. That is
t13937.162020-05-06The MangaGamer controversyIt's a controversy because people wanted a controversy. On another note, people with the LOUDEST voice in criticizing the translation accuracy of MG
t13492.92020-05-05What do you think about the ending?1st game is the best game anyway. Also one of the best VN hybrid so far.
t13907.72020-05-01New type of censorshipI don't even...
t13831.402020-04-30Thoughs of the game and questionsYou can make something good from a bunch of stolen narrative devices, and people may still enjoyed it. However, a rip off is still a rip off no
t12865.62020-04-29What is this about?I wonder whether OP has started reading Saya no Uta or not. His vote list still has only G-Senjou no Maou. Anyway, Saya no Uta is just "lkj
t13802.82020-04-29favorite heroineMifuyu doesn't grow much as a character. Tounosawa Arisa has more development and characteristic than the four of them combined together lol.
t13831.372020-04-29Thoughs of the game and questions#34 and #35 Even if an entirely original plots are almost impossible because there are tons of work existed already out there, it doesn't meant
t13520.332020-04-28Game really could have been an 18+ titleGosh, people actually want to see h-scenes on Key's VN? Apocalypse is near.
t3202.152020-04-27how to cheat/not grind@14 Eh, I'm surprised someone actually liked the gameplay of TW1 better than its sequel. :O Though IIRC in TW2 you would die easily if you just
t13802.42020-04-27favorite heroineMadoka best girl. In fact, the VN would be even better if its ended on Chapter 10 without entering other heroines routes. Most of them are just
t13831.312020-04-26Thoughs of the game and questionsProbably because most people is a sheep and not human. :P
t13831.292020-04-26Thoughs of the game and questions#28 link) You can check out the movie, it isn't that hard. Plus, the movie came out 2 years before this VN, and the original books even earlier. What
t13875.42020-04-26Denpa?Upvoting the tag.
t13831.272020-04-26Thoughs of the game and questionsIt is the same thing as to why Batman never killed Joker despite hunting him and capturing him several times. Now that I think about it, Joker and
t13880.82020-04-26Are you a sheep or are you human?Anybody who buy every single game of Call of Duty or Assassins Creed is a sheep. Also, anybody who wears necktie at work is a sheep. Heck, kids that
t13879.22020-04-26How in the world do they justify the $64 price tagThey can put any price they wanted to because it is their product, and only they know the cost behind its production. Even if anybody were to come up
t13831.252020-04-24Thoughs of the game and questionsThere is also a scene referencing what happens in "127 hours" movie when he severed his arm. lol
t13831.232020-04-24Thoughs of the game and questionsDid the creator of this vn watched that movie called Odd Thomas and decided to make an eroge out of it? The premise is almost similar, with the
t13809.72020-04-13Anyone else is hyped?VNDB never cease to amazed me.
t13809.32020-04-12Anyone else is hyped?What is hyped? The more you wish, the faster it will come out?
t5904.442014-11-26Cartagra -GD-I liked the Takoyaki guy too. He had the talent to make the situation tensed every time he appeared. Anyway, it says something though if an
t5952.142014-11-24VN or anime first?Watch the anime first and then play the gameNo.
t5904.342014-11-13Cartagra -GD-"this is really important" IIRC he was referring to Shugo's confession. Shugo is in the middle of confessing as the murderer before the interrogation
t5882.22014-10-25english patch Jast?"Released: TBA"
t5815.242014-10-05regarding sekai project and their new kickstarterOh boy. . Well, I guess you will be banned soon, so why bother. Meh.
t5815.202014-10-05regarding sekai project and their new kickstarterI don't know why everyone here like to suck Dovac dick so much considering the facts that he's only selling fan-translated vn on steam and
t5778.342014-10-020/10BTW, would you stop calling people stupid just because they have different way of reading than you? It makes him feel better about himself.
t5801.82014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy birthday VNDB~ \o/
t5747.292014-09-16VNs with several choices/routes (not romantic)@27 Someone actually listed Heartwork Symphony? Wow!! But yea, it fit the bill... that game has like a dozen of bizarre endings and lots of choices.
t4599.62014-09-16Eroge! Review looking for a nukige with deep characters. How deep are we talking about here? Like "Aaahh~ ahh~ don't go in too deep!" or "Fwaa~ it's sooo deep
t5747.112014-09-12VNs with several choices/routes (not romantic)Try Hanachirasu.
t4839.192014-09-08Chaos;Head's sequel?R;N still has no PC port. R;N isn't Nitro+ game, right? At least I don't see it being listed under Nitro+ in VNDB, only 5pb.
t1062.382014-08-29Who is 'Maou'?>well make with that what you will not that it matters >like I said it doesn't really matter Very convincing argument. 10/10
t5526.152014-08-25Imouto Paradise! GDThere are 7 animated scenes in ImoPara according to Doddler. Anyway, I don't think they removed any though, or there would have been a post or two
t5680.42014-08-22How many endings are there??Lol this is so wrong.
t2989.1162014-08-11Coμ -GD-LOL spoilers and LOL special layer LOL hell, just LOL.