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2020-05-276Nanairo ReincarnationThe story was pretty simplistic and written with Kotori as the ultimate central climax, so everything towards the end involved around her regardless which routes people are taking. There are only minimal variations between them, so it gets really boring going through the story four times and read/skip the same bloody shit over and over again without any new development or elements to add to the story. The VN's charm was lost by making it into multiple unnecessary endings. It would have been rated higher if it were linear or kinetic. To break it down, Kotori's the only decent route to read. Aoi's route was kinda okay, but it went nowhere. Azusa's was weird and cringe worthy with the whole reincarnation thing like wtf. By the time I reached Yumi it is just too much. People should just read Kotori's and stop right after that.
2020-05-236.5Gyakuten Kenji
2020-05-015ShiinIt's kinda okay, though I don't remember much of it to write something valuable. I played it months ago. Gameplay is okay too IIRC.
2020-05-016G-senjou no MaouPenguin. I rated it high before because it's one of my entry VN.
2020-05-018.5AyakashibitoGood action/fighting scenes, but the story sometimes suffers from minor inconsistencies between routes. Nevertheless, it's a solid visual novel. Far better than Tokyo Babel bullshit. Big thanks to Yeah321 for translating it.
2020-04-283Otome wa Boku ni KoishiteruBoring.
2020-04-281Pururun CafeNo, just no.
2020-04-282Harukoi * Otome ~Otome no Sono de Gokigen'you.~Dropped. In 15 minutes. 2boring4me
2020-04-285.5Choukou Sennin HarukaDecent gameplay and simplistic story. Fappable. Also, Aoba Ringo.
2020-04-272Doki Doki Literature Club!Cheap gimmick and shock value. Thrash.
2020-04-265Sakura no Mori † DreamersBad pacing. The beginning was a drag and take forever to build up. The story only picks up around the middle of chapter 3. Ripped off narrative devices from other works such as Odd Thomas and Inception shamelessly. Female characters lacked depth and overly relied on quirks to be endearing. Story should have ended at common route Chapter 10. Most routes are short and a waste of time and add nothing but slice of life and h-scenes, though it already take too long to get to those h-scene might as well don't have any at all and go all-ages. Madoka's character is excellent, and Shinji is awesome as a proactive protagonist when he wasn't clingy towards the heroine in their routes. Fuck the routes, they all sucks.
2020-04-247.5New Dangan Ronpa V3 Minna no Koroshiai ShingakkiI'm sorry that I liked your game of students murdering other students oh Mr. Developer. I am such a bad person for supporting this franchise. Fuck you.
2020-04-244.5Kami no RhapsodyStory is bare boned, with cookie cutter protagonist. Skipped most of its pointless dialogues. H-Scenes CGs are all too close up. Gameplay is lacking, with idiotic missions like cutting grass and breaking boulders that took 10-15 minutes just to make game longer to clock in. Bad runes system designed to prevent new characters from being too op.
2020-04-208Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -Common route and its transitioned to Benio route is good and flowed smoothly. Kagome route is good too but lacks conclusion and battle scenes are a drag. Hisoka route shift from common route was jarring because its tone and everything else feel too different and some stuff was unnecessarily added. Mayuki route panders to otaku comedic relief, but Ayaya's just pointless (does she even need a route?). Story is heavy with characters realism, social critism, moral ambiguity, politics, jokes on tropes and plot devices, etc.
2020-04-155.5Killer Queen1st chapter story and ending has positive vibe. 2nd chapter story was more depressing and darker. Ending is plausible, though less impact than I'd hope, probably because 2nd ending also ended in a similar happyrtone. The omake and bloopers are entertaining.
2020-04-144Princess NightmareThat horribly bad Cinderella play was hilarious af. The rest of the story is just so-so.
2020-04-127Sorcery JokersWorth reading for Senri+Fiona Annabel arc. Character interactions overall was great. Every side characters fully utilised. First half battle scenes was awesome. Some 2nd half battle was snooze fest. Ending and last boss was awful cringey cliche crap. Leave some plots unexplained. Need empathy and understanding while reading Haruto's side or you will hate it. Music and art is good. Also, Aoba Ringo.
2020-04-056.5Trample on "Schatten!!" ~Kagefumi no Uta~Ignore the what if/sub routes ending first. The true route is where the good part is. Also pretty ruthless with plot armour.
2020-04-057.5Baldr ForceTsukina/Ayane best girl cuz romance development is plausible. The rest feel forceful although they offered better story routes. Story and gameplay is good, but battling Genha repetitively is boring af. Extra point for Kotoko - Face of Fact song.
2020-04-056.5Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou GakuenIt was okay
2020-04-058Dra†KoIIt's love, and it's diabetic.
2018-08-23511eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-Mediocre
2014-11-075Cartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai~
2014-06-056Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no AjiSweet
2014-01-158Zanmataisei DemonbaneCtulhu+loli
2013-10-143Bakudan★HandanI can't comprehend how is this piece of turd get plenty of 7 to 10 votes. There are far better Otome game out there and this isn't one of it. It was terrible.
2013-09-085.5Phenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa KowagaranaiJigoku Shoujo
2013-09-015.5The Second ReproductionChristina <3
2013-08-268Kikokugai - The Cyber SlayerIt's a trip to darkness.
2013-08-266.5A ProfileIt's complicated
2013-08-256Grisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-Nanoyosa~
2013-08-246.5Jouka no MonshouChristian Bale
2013-07-297Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no KoukouseiKuudere Ice Queen
2013-07-099.5UtawarerumonoImmersive gameplay. Touka FTW
2013-07-084.5Heart Work Symphony of DestructionExtreme butterfly effect
2013-05-277Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!!Insanely hilarious
2013-03-274Minna Daisuki Kozukuri BanchouGun Meido
2013-02-093.5Kawakaburi no Cherry...
2013-01-307Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no ShoujoGyafuun~~ Same reason with G-Senjou.
2013-01-078Kyokugen Dasshutsu 9-Jikan 9-Nin 9 no TobiraSudoku
2013-01-078.5Saya no Utalkj##%&#@#&#bkjv#%#
2012-12-141Kouketsu Aigan Shojokyuu -Queen's Blade Rebellion-Garbage
2012-11-282.5Dustmania Grotesque ~Kaitai Sounyuu Shinsho~Manbo manbo
2012-11-282Oppai Sensou - Kyonyuu VS Hinnyuu -Retarded
2012-10-261.5Rougoku no Misleat ~Fukushuu no In'yaku Choukyou~Out of proportions