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t12365.22019-05-23Download/Purchaselink link
t12356.72019-05-19Wrong title translation“Dame” means basically “wrong”, the rest are nuances. link
t12210.42019-04-19What is Zakuro saying in english?Look at the titles of the chapters ;) The entire novel has quotations from him and other writers and philosophers. You'll know more about Zakuro in
t12210.22019-04-18What is Zakuro saying in english?It's a quote from Through the Looking Glass. Just google part of it and you'll find the rest. "And if you're not good directly,' she added, 'I'll put
t12044.112019-03-13the longest visual novelWell, there's a list above. Just check what's been translated and what has not. Anyhow, it's Monobeno if you consider non English translations, Fate
t12044.72019-03-13the longest visual novel"and Baldr Sky, ridiculously long combined with 2, the last time I played it you had the option to move straight onto 2 once you finish 1, and they
t12044.52019-03-13the longest visual novelThere was this nice page on TLWiki about script sizes, but unfortunately the site is down. You can reach it via webarchive: link. About France Shoujo
t8242.2012019-03-04The how to edit threadThe Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy's Summer "Title The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy's Summer Original title 人魚と海と少年の夏"Is this correct? I see the
t11973.22019-02-26RIP this gameAt a quick glance on the EGS reviews, it seems that the story is nothing great and the random encounters, though easy, are way too frequent, and
t11645.1232019-02-18Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...#121 Well, I read the previous posts and several users had said "she's not an imouto type and she calls him onii-chan because she doesn't know his
t11645.1192019-02-18Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...In retrospect, maybe he should've translated onii-chan as BOI. Jokes (?) aside, it was a natural choice to translate onii-chan, if I got the context
t10852.662019-02-18Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.Ok. But I doubt they actually spent on these ports more than they gained from them.
t10852.622019-02-17Sprite is in deep, and will probably go bankrupt.@60 "if sprite didn't port aokana to another version, maybe they will not have too much burden"Just for your information, but console ports exist
t11907.272019-02-14TitleSonovawitch is pretty arbitrary, for me. Son of a witch would make more sense, actually. I think that we should call it both Son of a witch and
t11892.22019-02-05Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-ScenesDo you really think that someone would prefer censored images, without being a troll? Who doesn't want to read ero, reads completely censored stuff
t11867.62019-01-31Voiced for 2004 version of the gameMaybe he wants the original Japanese version, but voiced. In that case, there's no simple way to have it. Because you need both an archive with all
t11767.42019-01-04Etsuraku no Tane error on startupThe game doesn't have access to the Registry or wasn't installed correctly. It says so.
t11767.22019-01-04Etsuraku no Tane error on startupChange your language for non-Unicode programs or use a locale emulator.
t11735.52018-12-29anywhere to download?link
t11731.22018-12-28Download not available.Try Wayback Machine.
t10302.872018-12-18Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadDunno, I see those as troll or hate votes. Anyways, I'll let the staff decide. I simply thought it was strange.
t10302.852018-12-18Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadWell, half of his votes are 1. And many of those games are generally considered must play or something like that. I can't see those votes as legit
t10302.832018-12-18Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadu35572 Wut?
t896.132018-11-22Japan only IP banI use Tor Browser to fake a Japanese IP. Here's a guide that shows how to set it. Just follow it and paste `ExitNodes {jp} StrictNodes 1`in the
t9620.82017-09-09Is this VN Kusoge now?In my opinion (I read it two years ago in Japanese), this game is far from perfect and probably has more cons than pros. I hated a large part of it
t9561.72017-08-28This game is ridiculous" I reeeealy want translation asap!!! )) What I mean is - despite this game being serious chuunige/storige with sci-fi infodumping - protag there
t9083.22017-04-15remastered or old ver?I don't know the game, but probably they just made it compatible with modern OSes Gyutto says "『逢魔の森 異能者の学園』が最新のOSに対応し、リマスター版として登場!"Which means "Here
t8949.62017-03-17VNDB in japan ?The problem with EGS is that everything seems to be voted or added randomly. And you find many entries with both "short game" and "long game" tags
t8718.72017-01-21Do you read all the routes?I usually read all routes. When I read only, say, two routes out of five I consider that vn "momentarily" paused and I don't give it a vote, but I
t8589.232016-12-23Google Translate's leap in quality/implications@20 "They say a successful AI is when you're communicating with a machine without realizing it's a machine. So reading a MT without realizing it's a
t8589.82016-12-23Google Translate's leap in quality/implicationslol, try harder next time. MT are useful for web, as you can use Google Translate to automatically translate pages from a language you don't know
t8552.22016-12-12Tags say this VN is kinetic with lots of choicesIt's a kinetic novel, with no choices in the main story. But when you clear the game, you unlock a long extra chapter (which is a mini game set
t8538.102016-12-10When did voicing become the norm in visual novels?"Last but not least. NVL IN 2012 LUL"Since when NVL format means doujin? NVL and ADV are just standards people use to make novels. (And if it were
t8465.32016-11-17Not a VNYou're right, what was the "pixel art" part of the graphics became too blurry (and that was the worst part of the PS1 port), but... it's not like the
t8465.12016-11-17Not a VNThis is a good, old school, 20~30 hours long and partially voiced* RPG and I would recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of stuff (you have to
t7173.92015-11-25Kneepit...elbowpit?The examples given in the description give me an "Access denied" error; I don't think it's a good idea to have samples that can't be seen by everyone.
t7127.142015-11-15Favorite routeUBW. Definitely. It just glued me to the screen from the start to the end. I really liked the pacing, what happened in that specific route and the
t2108.11802015-10-15Candidates for deletionr20251 seems dead
t2481.342015-10-15General DiscussionWell, if you didn't like the fifth chapter, I guess this game is totally not for you, as it's my favorite (even though the best one would be the
t2481.302015-10-15General Discussion"Good for people who like Harry Potter."I don't see any relation with Harry Potter (and I don't remember that in Hogwarts killing someone (especially
t7011.42015-10-12DMM GiveawayThanks for the heads up! I don't have the time to play it now, but I "purchased" it anyway. But... how did you know? I generally receive emails from
t1052.1492015-09-03Quotes question...Found a typo ""Oh shut up. You're the one who thoight R.E.M. stood for "Really Enjoy Masturbating"...""thoight > thought Links to Sharin no Kuni
t6734.22015-07-17Luck just isnt on me these days...Probably I won't be of any help, but these are the first two that came to my mind: A la Carte and Americano, Please!
t2108.10182015-06-04Candidates for deletionlink Those screens should be deleted, as the release they were related to doesn't exist anymore.
t6499.22015-05-15Aguni to be released by MangaGamer?I don't know what they'll do (I doubt they'll release the standalone version), but after the first episode of MYTH you unlock Aguni beside the second
t5916.82014-11-07Arc's Route Last?"#5 Would I mess up my experience if I did? I like to read "best girl" last for VNs which is why I asked this question."Dunno. I didn't try other
t5916.52014-11-07Arc's Route Last?"Wasn't Arc > Ciel > Akiha > Hisui > Kohaku the Enforced Playing Order? "That's the order I followed back in the days, but if I do remember well you
t5916.22014-11-07Arc's Route Last?"So my question......answer it, Satsuki or Arcueid last?"lol. This game is most famous for NOT having a "Satsuki route"XD
t5801.132014-09-30We're at our Prime!Unbelievable: this time you were on time! That's the real reason to partyXD
t5780.32014-09-25Furigana SupportThere was a thread like this in the past: t3572