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t2158.32011-10-30OELVN-Original English Language Visual NovelThe filter has been there for quite some time, I use it often. Also, I believe that the tag was removed because it wasn't used. I could be wrong
t2150.32011-10-27Hardest Visual novel in englishI second Sengoku Rance. I've spent well above 300 hours on it and I'm still not completed with everything. It's still just about as fun as the first
t2145.82011-10-26WTF IS THIS ?Yeah, you do that at the releases and not the visual novel itself. Here's the link if you can't find it: link
t84.92011-10-25Secret Game <=> Killer Queen relationIt's just the same setting, but they're not "the same". And there is no English patch.
t2105.22011-10-10Where to download :0This site doesn't support piracy. /thread
t1430.132011-09-28progress stalled?@12, it's for when you're speaking to Nyarlathotep of course. On topic though, this sounds extremely interesting actually, especially the guro/gore
t62.42011-09-19About translation progress.. No, they said that Yandere announced that they were going to translate AnE and it'd be a shame if they completed that before their own project was
t1398.72011-09-13Help me find this novelv5636, no doubt about it.
t2049.32011-09-12The way the world sees us...Yes, I've run into situations like these before and have completely given up on opening the eyes of such narrow-minded people. Just let them say what
t1427.122011-09-12This game really needs the remake.If the game is ever remade, it's by the same creators.. Who would ever want to give out their story to make another company earn money? Please don't
t2047.52011-09-12Need app locale or Japanese locale?Or just use Japanese unicode all the time but with an English user interface. I've never had any problems with that setup.
t940.1662011-09-11Where are you all from ?Just as #165, I live in Sweden as well.
t2044.142011-09-09Why I don't want to use this site again"The thread is locked"Gabe, I think you forgot to actually lock the thread.
t2044.42011-09-09Why I don't want to use this site againThe offensive attitude you're talking about is because they deal with stuff like this almost on a daily basis I'd assume. "At least half of the
t2044.22011-09-09Why I don't want to use this site again"It is highly recommended to follow our instructions on creating good screenshots if you don't want your efforts to go to waste." Well, I don't
t1249.172011-09-08A nice suprise: english patch will come!No, the team isn't doing it. The one who was to do the translation (Asqualla) dropped it as it was too much for him. So with that out of the picture
t2032.162011-09-07translationI'd say that it should still be okay, most people played the prequel already, so it's not like in the case Sengoku was translated and there were 6
t2032.122011-09-04translationAs you say about the DLC, they'll most likely not remove anything already existing, since that would only be stupid. But I honestly don't think it'll
t2032.102011-09-04translationThe usernames aren't just similar, they're exactly the same. And yes, I'm the same person.
t2032.82011-09-04translationYes, there's actually a group translating it, I just added it into the database. There's only one translator though who will do something in the
t2033.12011-09-04Rance QuestHello. I read the thread where you say that you're translating Rance Quest and that it'll be done within the month. So, as a followup on that, I'm
t2023.62011-08-29Weird text :("The only thing I use them for are nukiges because you don't actually need to know what they're saying half the time... :P"Do you really need it even
t1951.212011-08-07Translation question@izmos, if there's more than one character, I got a really sexy voice as well. It sounds kinda like Stephen Hawkins on steroids and I'm sure I'd
t1304.52011-04-02Amaterasu Goes SilentWhat surferdude said
t1292.102011-03-30VNDB 2.19: Building Character@blackiris: From what I made out of the text, it's currently in some kind of beta mode and just mods are able to do anything right now. Later though
t1292.22011-03-30VNDB 2.19: Building CharacterThumbs up Yorhel! Once this gets implemented for real I think I will fail more and more at school since I will spend too much time either browsing
t1262.102011-03-21DANG!!!"but you need to "do" 3 of them to get the harem ending >_>"So in my case I'd never get to the harem ending, if that's what you mean. 3+1=4 if that's
t1262.82011-03-21DANG!!!"surprisingly, the first game I hate all 3 main girls >_> and also, the first game that I think the Harem ending is appropriate"Props to you for
t1267.32011-03-14Do we have the same game?But he said all male characters, not just the protagonist. If it was just the protag we know it's still counted as fully voiced.
t1259.102011-03-13What do you consider "Finished" or "Dropped"?"G-Senjou no Maou, was something of a borderline case for me as I only read Haru's route, but I still think that I "finished" the main storyline
t1264.132011-03-13Can't wait!"I don't think Nexton is impressed either, they took a chance with MangaGamer and they lost (don't get me wrong, its not MangaGamer's fault)."I blame
t1259.62011-03-11What do you consider "Finished" or "Dropped"?I put finish on the game when I feel like I've done enough with it and ended it all with a nice feeling of happiness after reading it. I don't want
t1264.22011-03-11Can't wait!"when do you think they'll be finished with the first game?"Wait, aren't they done with it already? Almost 2 weeks ago. But yeah, I'd like this
t1243.72011-03-05Creating a hype"The hacker for Concerto came back with the tools needed so things will go faster on our part." Read that just now no their site. Happy news, eh?
t1230.912011-03-04will you buy it?"Hey guys, MangaGamer just announced that they licensed 5 new games! Unfortunately, none of them will have the character sprites because they couldn
t1230.342011-03-01will you buy it?"Sengoku Rance leans more towards the rpg side while Koihime leans towards the strategy side "I agree with saberger's answer to that, Rance is in no
t1232.52011-02-28I hope you read this soonThanks
t1232.32011-02-28I hope you read this soonAlright, thanks anyway. Then do you know someone who does? Preferably someone who's available right now since I've got about 4 VN's I'd like to add
t1232.12011-02-28I hope you read this soonSorry for forgetting to add "DVDPG" in the romaji title, I'll do that on all the releases I do henceforth (if they are that kind of course). Anyway
t1230.202011-02-28will you buy it?Actually, saberger doesn't bs Koihime, he's merely stating that he doesn't like MG and the he think the game LOOKS like a ripoff, not that it is one
t1230.162011-02-28will you buy it?There's no official advertisement, true. But unofficial? Oh yes. I know one person who created a bot in a game to advertise for this and that was
t1230.132011-02-28will you buy it?That's true, and there's loads of people buying it without announcing it at all. But I'm kinda excited, I've been wondering about sales and stuff
t1230.112011-02-28will you buy it?Agreed with yorhel. And it looks like 0.1% of the quota has been filled in this thread already. I wish there were a place where you could see how
t1230.72011-02-28will you buy it?I may buy it. But do you think that there is a censor patch out there somewhere for it? I honestly can't stand the uncensored stuff, it looks either
t1225.62011-02-27Uploading video function ?I agree with #5 If you want to look at the opening then search for it yourself. And if you don't bother to do that, then I guess it wasn't important
t1183.182011-02-11VNDB 2.17: Web Developers Unite!Just keep it the way it is now. What's important is the text in the box, not who wrote it (unless it's a notorious troll of course). We're not here
t70.912011-01-18The "What VN is this image from" threadThe pic that #79 provided, I'm also interested. Anyone know where it is from? (I asked since it doesn't look like he got an answer)
t955.82011-01-02Idoling Alice ~ release in december@5: It is probably not a troll as I found a place where the creator announced the project. We don't see the progress though but as he said in
t964.72010-12-06english patch already outSounds good :D I saw the edit too, but the only thing I noticed was the new big picture at the top >_> Well, I hope for a release before my
t618.62010-12-05Game error helpI've heard that some games are extreme and you have to change your time zone to GMT+8 as well but that doesn't really seem to be the case for you. So