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c36144.52016-10-02 at 06:11xcytShinohara MizueAdded 'Armpit Hair' trait.
c36146.52016-10-02 at 06:10xcytHamasaki MitsunoriAdded 'Engages in Armpit Licking' trait.
c36144.42016-10-02 at 06:08xcytShinohara MizueAdded 'Subject of Armpit Licking' trait.
c1387.102015-12-03 at 21:37xcytHouzuki MasaomiChange hyphen-minuses to em dashes, change apostrophe to right single quotation mark, and switch to HTTPS Wikipedia.
v8468.82015-11-28 at 10:17xcytBoku to Keiyaku Shite Osananajimi Seito Kaichou ni Saimin o Kakeyou!Grammar fixes × 2 and fixed spelling.
v8468.72015-11-28 at 10:14xcytBoku to Keiyaku Shite Osananajimi Seito Kaichou ni Saimin o Kakeyou!Fix grammar in description.
c14230.152015-11-28 at 07:30xcytEmaAdd back 'Emma' as an alias.
c35350.42015-11-28 at 07:14xcytBasutiiDon’t know where 'Bastil' came from. The katakana obviously says 'Basutii', and if you had to localize it, 'Busty' seems to be the obvious choice.
c35560.32015-11-28 at 07:07xcytSyriaAdd official name (including title) from official website as an alias.
c35560.22015-11-28 at 06:57xcytSyriaAdd 'Seduction' and 'Mind Control' traits.