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t12405.662019-06-11The worst translation I've ever seenI wonder if Japanese people feel the same anal retentiveness when they play Western games translated to their language. Anyways, we absolutely need
t12233.152019-05-23Exactly how old is Mitoko?@14 No, I can feel the condescension waves from OP's posts through my screen. People of his type often hide their utmost contempt of content such as
t12233.112019-05-19Exactly how old is Mitoko?@10 The only sensible reaction out of all this. You'd think a VN site of all places to be at least tolerant of age gaps and age of consent here
t12141.422019-04-08SJW Sexual VN's?I learned a lot from this thread.
t12141.12019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?The general perception of VN's is that they favor catering to the "degenerates." Are there VN's that have sexual content that tries to include some
t11989.52019-04-02MC is such a fucking wimp"Chad" MC's are rare when it comes to Oneechan VN's. You're just going to have to learn to deal with it.
t11207.452019-04-02Remake or orignal?Too much wanking over "retro" I am obligated to say that the remake art is not that bad.
t11973.12019-02-26RIP this gamelink The scores on EGS are even harsher than here. What the hell happened?
t11899.32019-02-08Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)@2 that actually sounds doable.
t11899.12019-02-08Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)Is it possible? Will someone with a normal lifespan be able to achieve this feat?
t11175.1172018-12-17The state of VNs on Steamlink Fuck the West and everything they stand for.
t11606.12018-12-06Banned on Steamlink It's official. Steam HATES Visual Novels (and anime too by an extent).
t11514.42018-11-29Multiple routes?No harem? That sucks.
t11553.372018-11-29How is naoki this unlikable?#34 I bet you hate Japan by you praising China as the "West."
t11553.322018-11-28How is naoki this unlikable?If Naoki was in this thread, he would call you all loser autists and call it a day.
t11553.252018-11-27How is naoki this unlikable?Naoki is what Westerners want in an MC. Aren't assholes glorified in Western society anyways?
t11549.92018-11-27Media coverage over censorshipDoes Steam even screen their employees? I swear, I feel like it's a job description to hate anything anime to work for them.
t11553.22018-11-24How is naoki this unlikable?But I thought this is what dense MC haters want.
t10021.172018-11-07Removed English Steam releaseQuick and Dirty Answer: Steam has anime haters in its staff.
t11451.12018-10-31How "liberal" is the translation?I'm saying this because I don't want to deal with another Fureraba.
t11450.52018-10-31This title is getting pounded.So there is still hope that they will fix their mistakes then? I sure hope so.
t11450.12018-10-31This title is getting pounded.On EGS and 2chan, it's had really bad scores and complaints about it being a chuuni mish-mash of FSN, Guilty Crown and Dies Irae. This doesn't make
t10308.212018-10-27adult heroines?You realize the moment they "change things up" that they will run the risk of losing their core fanbase right? Most VN producers never recover from
t11323.182018-10-07Someone on 4chan released 3 TLs in one go#16 Leave it to Sekai to destroy anything it tries to grab with its disgusting clutches As someone who knows moon to the degree that can read these
t10134.102018-09-19ReviewThe OP is the best thing out of the soundtrack.
t10443.272018-09-12Opinion about the swear words.Not surprised that there are so many defenders of this "meme" translation given that we are living in the maymay age.
t8986.192018-09-08I love this Visual NovelYou must not have read many VN's if this alone was enough to wow you. There are plenty of VN's which have just as good or even better MC's for
t10883.122018-08-25Sequel?#5 You say that as if the Rance series didn't start off as a Slayers knock off starring a rapist.
t11067.152018-08-19Rip off of Totono?I'm really of the belief that Salvato just wanted to "deconstruct" VN's and anime in general for the e-peen. I mean, isn't it cool nowadays to shit
t7991.1172018-08-19Sekai Project translation confirmedSekai Project's MO is to get quick bucks and hype while hoping everything else falls into place. Look how far that has gotten them with that line of
t11074.12018-08-16Would having H scenes make this even better?A premise like this just BEGS to have smut. It's really disappointing that Frontwing has decided to come "clean" given that their past works have a
t7578.62018-08-16TV Anime Announced@4 Steins;Gate and Clannad are like top 10 on anime sites.
t9827.162018-08-16Absolute trashAs an individual eroge though, it's still pretty mediocre so for this to be the "finale" for the series is nothing short of bat to the face for fans.
t10978.142018-07-30Hilarious reviewIt's clickbait. That's all there is to it.
t10986.12018-07-27Stupid Meme GameOf all what VN's have to offer, this gets all the attention? What a load of horseshit.
t10474.62018-05-24Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei (translation?)Maybe if this gets translated it won't turn into Westernized bullshit.
t10427.212018-04-12ProtagonistYou do realize that calling people losers makes you a loser yourself right?
t10353.282018-03-27Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of ErogeYeah, I feel like I got the haters swarming in by making this thread or are Rance fans just not LoH fans. Hm, that's what I've observed. If that's
t10353.72018-03-15Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of ErogeMy point with this thread is to show that no other eroge series (maybe Ikusa Megami but I have yet to play any of its games to be sure.) goes to such
t10353.12018-03-14Is this series like the Legend of Heroes of ErogeLike seriously, there's a lot of elements that the Rance series share with Falcom's Legend of Heroes series like an interconnected narrative
t9747.42017-10-07Visual Novels for White People@3 White people, besides weebs, don't really appreciate otaku culture much less a medium that is neck deep in it. Hell, they can't even tolerate
t9747.12017-10-07Visual Novels for White PeopleI think it's been established that the medium isn't really made for white people or anyone who acts like a white person. With that said, there should
t5540.212017-10-07Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki, opinions?This VN is definitely not for white people.
t6442.292017-10-07Anime AdaptationI guess Nazis killing Allied scum was too much for them.
t9620.202017-09-10Is this VN Kusoge now?All this just gives the conclusion that VN's should never be localized since they will be picked apart and thus lose their status as a 10/10 I dread
t9620.12017-09-09Is this VN Kusoge now?Same deal with Dies Irae. It got English Translation now you see people trying to shit on it and now say it's not the "kamige" the JP privileged
t9593.182017-09-02SubaHibi Steam English release"Video format or MIME type not supported" What does this mean?
t9585.12017-08-28Comparison to previous games in the series?So how is it compared to Escalayer and Haruka? Judging from the scores out right now, it's inferior to those but am curious to know why's that.
t9459.12017-07-30English Version Altered/Cut Content?Seeing as how this is being released by Sekai Project, I would like to know what content has been changed and/or removed because Sekai Project being
t8005.162017-07-26Are the heroines virgins?This is what happens when you're stuck online long enough. Empathy escapes you. Holy shit, some of you guys are literal aspies.