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t2782.22012-06-07Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..It has after stories for each heroine -> both sequel and fd are correct.
t1889.702011-07-12Key sucksMy taste > your taste, also bump.
t1889.602011-06-29Key sucksthou art clearly maad
t1889.562011-06-29Key sucks@55 それでは気がすまない!
t1889.542011-06-29Key sucksActually, I always welcome changes and innovations, especially when they bring something fresh to vn industry. BUT WE GOT THAT PIECE OF SHIT WITH
t1889.492011-06-28Key sucksWell, if you guys like repeating battles with magical dinosaurs and random power-ups, go ahead and vote it 10/10 like other people did. Note that
t1889.222011-06-27Key sucksYeah, where is my itaru porn?!
t1889.182011-06-27Key sucksI'm not just mad, I'm FURIOUS. What the fuck is this piece of shit?
t1889.82011-06-27Key sucksKey is a cancer that kills vn genre. They completely went commercial at the point when they decided to make AB, which is horrible piece of animation
t1889.12011-06-27Key sucksdiscuss
t1150.142011-05-25Looking for a Visual Noveltsui no sora?
t1408.112011-05-21I cant install it...Awesome. Look, you use hammer. Understand? HAMMMAAAAAA
t1394.42011-05-12Vera Blanc and the Island PhantomHahaha, good one.
t1383.102011-05-07Which is your favorite Nitro+ title?Muramasa, hands down
t1196.22011-02-08G-Senjou no BakaHA-HA-HA(米笑)
t1090.782011-01-24Fail. :/You nerds, stop bullying poor gal. Can you see the great efforts she puts in writing this posts? Top-notch material.
t871.42010-10-02Recommendation [supernatural harem]How about v3032?
t779.152010-08-07Wait, I spent £10 on this?eww
t779.122010-08-07Wait, I spent £10 on this?rule #7: oelvn can't be good.
t779.22010-08-04Wait, I spent £10 on this?What else did you expect from oelvn?
t678.122010-07-15Visual Novels with great musicSekai no Subete and Ar Tonelico.
t719.62010-07-05Trouble Shooting with the TrialYou must send your nude photo to mangagamer. They'll check your age and mail you the password to run your game.
t590.122010-04-27Seriously...The brain is wider than the sky, For, put them side by side, The one the other will include With ease, and you beside. The brain is deeper than
t593.212010-04-27About cancelling of translation“もしあなたが世界の平和を願うなら、どうか自国のゲームで遊んでください”
t503.62010-03-12About DemonbaneYou guys are too soft. My answer would be something like "get out". So get out please.
t502.12010-03-09Official Pairing?!Lately, i don't know why, i've been stumbling on lots of people saying that Sayonora has an official pairing being Hirosuke & Nozomi's hand. Well, i
t465.162010-02-18Nice Visual Novel SoundtracksAnything by tama-soft and muv-luv alternative.
t467.42010-02-17New VN Engine, need some suggestions.word-wrapping
t84.62010-02-11Secret Game <=> Killer Queen relationNot really. I liked secret game more than killer queen.
t407.72010-02-01The Best Route n The best Character!Masato.
t405.42010-01-07Classic Ruined >.<translation: get out
t334.222009-12-21RecommendingHaving anime adaptation doesn't means that the source is good. Look: Wind, Soul Link, various light novel adaptations etc.
t355.32009-11-25Is there a database of VN staff/writers?EGS
t281.152009-11-172 Years!Huuh, sure time fly fast.
t308.62009-10-19Chaos;Head -GD-Yes, noah system is a bit different.
t307.32009-10-16Fan Visual Novel "Beyond the Air" (We recruting)Holy heavens, please stop! こ、ここにももうキチャッターーーーーー!!!!!
t297.232009-10-11New VN translation group- experience is not neededyu ar rong
t297.202009-10-11New VN translation group- experience is not neededMay I? 01. Are you American? NO 02. How much time can you spen over a computer? 20 HRS when I'm free 03. Do you have good comunication skills? Hurrr
t213.52009-08-25Myanimelist PartnerWhat's wrong with using vndb as your list?
t223.202009-08-25Seiai Gakuen Fechi Ka - Asking for advice...I don't really get what's wrong with partial translations.
t240.222009-08-24Visual Novel vs. Animeare you working for mangagamer?
t242.62009-08-19Did planetarian meet your expectations?amazon
t225.82009-08-09G-senjou no Maou - End Game Discussion#7 by then00bavenger I advice you to reread the epilogue, since you got all Kyousuke's actions wrong.
t227.112009-08-09The way of rating...Vivin just 7th everything for teh lulz. It is also good example how should ppl vote.
t227.62009-08-07The way of rating...I look at screenshots and vote
t207.72009-07-25Concerns about v211 descriptionthose are damn spoilers, don't even think of uploading them.
t216.32009-07-22Suggestions for other sites to link towhat about egs link to staff page?
t201.102009-07-09Nitroplus translationsPlease remove this link from vndb. It is my request as a member of translation team -thanks.
t149.122009-06-18Two Gamesthey are different games. v1846 is just a harem route including heroines previous 3 games.
t50.92009-06-05Top or Fav Visual NovelsBoring tier includes ever17 and sharin no kuni. I don't actually say they are bad - they are just boring for me.