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t12589.12019-07-11100% CG WalkthroughAdapted from link 広場をうろうろ (Wander the campground) {No choice} テントの外に出る (Leave the tent) {No choice} [SAVE 1] Inside the Forest -> Akane-chan Inside
t6307.232019-01-08Oh my... god!Time goes by.
t7442.5062018-10-07Game inclusion in the DBMy reasoning on 1bitHeart is that it's very light on narration that isn't dialogue...but I'd be happy enough seeing it stay that I'm not going to
t7442.5012018-10-06Game inclusion in the DBI'd be incredibly pained to see it go, based on the amount of time I've put into the page, but now that I think about it I don't think 1bitHeart or
t11310.342018-10-01We're alive!Yey! It's still chugging along as good as the day I found it, maybe even better.
t3617.11292018-01-17Tags suggestions/fixesIn the description for Basketball, "import" should probably be "important".
t10037.12017-12-15Doesn't seem to workJust a notice. As the title says, I can't get it to work. I'm running Windows 10, so I'm checking to see if it's just something with my computer or
t9781.122017-10-19On of the best yuri novels.Hmm, nah, I got to Step 3 and have pretty stably stayed there. It's been a couple of years and there's been no signs of slipping any farther than
t9742.12017-10-06*Spoiler* Dimensional Incest InsanityThere's a brother/sister romance in 11eyes, which is all well and good, except, technically, they're from different realities in which each other's
t9738.32017-10-06questionOh, what's this from, anyhoo?
t9736.22017-10-05QuestionsAight, here's a Google Translate of her route from link I haven't played it, so keep in mind this could be totally wrong. June 27 Selection: I ask
t9724.122017-10-05Realistic Yuri Story@11 Not true? Actual children tend to take rape rather poorly regardless of gender. There may be less stigmatization which let's boys cope with it
t9732.32017-10-04Best sex scene ever!...........I'm really going to have to read this, aren't I?
t9719.42017-10-01Help adding relasesShould probably have a demo out first, yeah.
t9720.22017-10-01Any VNs with realistically chubby or bigger women?Can't think of any that aren't 1-N Only (which is a non-18+ semi-humorous OELVN so statistically not what you're looking for). Have you tried
t3943.4472017-09-30troll voter@446 That's not necessarily apparent :( There are three on the front page that are clearly are messing around, but while some of the others make some
t9711.72017-09-30Fuck, we're old!I mean, VNDB isn't just better than any competitor, it's also, in my opinion, one of the most straightforward and comprehensive databases of any kind
t8596.262017-09-28discussion: is 11eyes outdated?I know a little late to the party, but god, half the characters are unbearable. I'd like to think that, even in my younger days, I wouldn't have been
t9701.22017-09-28English version?Haven't been following too closely, but it seems like it's still in the works? A year isn't very long, in the scheme of VN translation. JAST
t9693.12017-09-26English Release Validity?I've got a question concerning VNDB policy. I notice there's two English releases listed, a patch and a complete game. The thing is, they technically
t9626.22017-09-11could anybody help me find a guidelink I think this is what you're looking for? It's in Japanese, though. Having not played the game, I can't tell how helpful it is. Edit: The
t9617.22017-09-08Missing Voice for Featherine in UmiTweak version*Shrug* It worked for me? Try uninstalling and reinstalling?
t9406.82017-08-27Actual Game LengthThe VN length on VNDB is pretty subjective. More often than not, it's just a rough estimation by whoever created the entry. I've spent 50+ hours on
t9141.332017-08-25VNDB reinvented the VN definition; bad move.@32 That's a slippery slope, right there. Gauging public opinion is an inherently difficult process, and the people who would engage in a discussion
t9563.92017-08-25Any other VNs that have similar type of comedy?Hmm....I don't think there's anything I've read with quite the same vibe. You've already done Deardrops and Kira Kira, then? Key works do tend to
t7442.4142017-08-25Game inclusion in the DBTook a quick look at Fran to Zainin no Shima and it didn't seem to belong here. Doesn't seem to have much in the way of narration or gameplay/story
t9564.22017-08-25This protagonist looks... familiar.The Golden Land?
t9560.232017-08-25Does not belong here@20 Generally, those borderline cases are only very, very grudgingly included after literal months or even years of very heated discussion. Trying to
t9560.172017-08-25Does not belong here^lack of story and narration aren't the issue here, though; the argument is over gameplay/story ratio. I guess the question is what separates gacha
t7442.4122017-08-24Game inclusion in the DBSo...Is MGQ: Paradox too big a can of worms? Don't get me wrong, I love them and I'd hate to see them go, but they're really, really far beyond the
t3943.4442017-08-24troll voter^Ultimately, though, it's just one vote. I don't think that has enough weight to be worth addressing as problem. At worst, it's a minor case of
t9554.62017-08-24English Release info?For the release website, I linked to the forum where the translation was posted. Looks like the last DL link from the publisher was sometime in 2016
t9554.42017-08-23English Release info?Okay, looks like it was fully translated by some ULMF users. Created a release.
t9554.32017-08-23English Release info?I "found" a copy; at the very least the intro is fully in English. I'll see if I can find any more info so we can create a release entry.
t9555.12017-08-23Narcissu SumireIs it directly a sequel? Because that's incredibly dark, and honestly kind of hilarious. Like, I'm reading the game and going, "Ha! your actions are
t9554.12017-08-23English Release info?Pretty sure this has an English patch, does anyone have any information on it?
t3617.10232017-07-13Tags suggestions/fixesQuick description edit for Soapy Massage. As popular as it may be in Thailand, it originated in Japan as a way to get around anti-prostitution laws
t7442.3702017-06-08Game inclusion in the DB@368 While it seems I have a better impression of the game than you, I agree that Karmasutra doesn't have the necessary gameplay/story ratio to be
t3943.4202017-06-08troll voterI'm seeing a suspicious voting pattern here and I'm not sure if anyone else has brought it up. u120244 Probably not ban-worthy, but I thought I
t8989.12017-03-26WalkthroughI can't find an English walkthrough for this, so here's one translated from a Japanese site. I'm not entirely sure it's 100% accurate because I didn
t2522.522017-03-16About Homeless Joshi GakuseiWelp, I'm caught between having a boner and never having a boner again. Definitely ranks pretty far down grimdark scale as far as VNs go, in any
t4089.82016-07-31This game is fucking garbageI may be necroing, but for future reference, the translator's name is literally "Doesn't understand difficult Japanese", so 7 is probably right.
t7524.152016-04-14Length of the VN?@12 I'm a hopeless optimist, too, so here's to hoping they manage to make a next one and make it well. @14 Limited missions and income, but they
t7589.12016-03-27Lost?Does anyone have a copy? There appears to be nothing but dead links left to the original files.
t185.1342016-03-06Umineko general discussionHoly shit, I completely missed the Divine comedy reference until it was pretty much explicitly spelled out in EP 3.
t7475.62016-03-01Do choices matter?There's a guide on the Steam page to which days' choices matter. Once you've gotten everything, the "Let's try a little harder" will be replaced. It
t6980.152015-11-12The Menagerie GDIt has an interesting concept and I appreciate the world-building, but ultimately the scenes come across as disjointed and the interface was pretty
t6832.12015-08-13Does this still exist anywhere?I'm trying to archive some of the harder-to-find OELVNs; is there anywhere I can get this one?
t4731.12013-10-29GDShe was being drugged...with a secret drug! *SHOCKU*
t330.182013-03-31yesA good eroge, or the best eroge?