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v1510.242019-05-17 at 06:13zakamuttSanararaseeing the Sekai Quality description in their press release leak bothered me immensely so I decided to try to do a passable job at it myself I
v6416.82019-05-07 at 23:31zakamuttSteelautistic fixes
v6416.72019-05-07 at 22:29zakamuttSteelhow did I not see that this word was missing
v6416.62019-05-07 at 22:28zakamuttSteeladded a translated description since I was bored if 本庄 is not honjou I blame the bloody japanese for not giving the reading anywhere source: link
v21768.92019-03-18 at 19:22zakamuttWatashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu.Shinimasu is used by the tl team as an abbreviation, わた死 is used by the creator to abbreviate the title in the omake afterword commentary
r56637.62019-03-18 at 19:16zakamuttThis is where I die today.I'm pretty sure we're localizing the title to this unless weird things happen. Not sure about the period but /shrug it's on our site, man
c28253.42019-03-01 at 02:27zakamuttShou Stern OkaieMentioned ingame; too bad the nipponization of the middle name is all wrong kms
c4762.102019-02-15 at 12:32zakamuttKawana Misakirationale in link, was a slight mistranslation
r56637.42019-02-14 at 16:13zakamuttWatashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasunot that I necessarily think the % should even be in the description but w/e
v12728.102018-07-11 at 19:13zakamuttHorobi Kuchiru Sekai ni Tsuioku no Hanataba o ~ present for you ~In retrospect, I really should have actually looked those four kanji up
v12728.92018-07-11 at 19:11zakamuttHorobi Kuchiru Sekai ni Tsuioku no Hanataba o ~ present for you ~A new description that's not a machine translation. It's quite possible I messed up a few parts and I went pretty liberal, but it should be mostly
c33624.42018-05-31 at 22:12zakamuttHoshina Mizuhocorrected typo
v22756.42018-03-26 at 00:20zakamuttJisatsusha × Yuusha First ConnectFixing simuledit induced removal
v22756.32018-03-26 at 00:19zakamuttJisatsusha × Yuusha First Connectlook it needed to be lengthened a bit ok it just wasn't parsing right ok I don't know what I'm doing hi everyone
r56206.12018-03-26 at 00:10zakamuttJisatsusha × Yuusha First ConnectThe wan and only release
v22756.12018-03-26 at 00:05zakamuttJisatsusha × Yuusha First ConnectThe description might seem like a meme but so is the vn ok
p6843.22018-03-19 at 02:42zakamuttBueeh?! Translations, Thoughchanged link to new site after vntls' untimely demise
v22268.32017-12-12 at 01:39zakamuttOnegai Shimasu. Pantsu o Misete KudasaiAdded sceenshots
r54837.32017-12-12 at 01:30zakamuttOnegai Shimasu. Pantsu o Misete KudasaiAdded producer
v22268.22017-12-12 at 01:02zakamuttOnegai Shimasu. Pantsu o Misete KudasaiFixed name
r54837.12017-12-12 at 00:56zakamuttOnegai Shimasu. Pantsu o Misete KudasaiAdded release
v22268.12017-12-12 at 00:47zakamuttOnegai Shimasu. Pantsu o Misete Kudasaihi yes my first addition is a meme
v5461.42017-10-22 at 01:25zakamuttSuki Tokimeki to KissA new more informative summary based on my playthrough and some of the jp description.
v21768.72017-10-12 at 10:42zakamuttWatashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu.Added 5 more screens b/c why not
v16958.52017-10-10 at 06:41zakamuttShimaisouoops
v21768.62017-10-10 at 06:23zakamuttWatashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu.Somewhat freely translated since I actually read the thing.
v16958.42017-10-02 at 21:09zakamuttShimaisouSince I actually read the thing I figured I'd do some touching up on the description since it had a mistl (and change the romanization to vndb
v20525.102017-05-06 at 19:20zakamuttShinjin Kantoku to Shojo JoyuuFixed title, 処女 is read shojo
v14686.42017-01-29 at 02:09zakamuttNakushita Jikan eit shows nip, so it's prolly nsfw
c34590.52017-01-13 at 22:25zakamuttMakiNot sure about modern v classic tsundere, would probably lean more modern but meh.
v18914.92016-02-01 at 01:39zakamuttDet Våras För Lilljornaoops, it shoudl be haru www
v18914.82016-02-01 at 01:38zakamuttDet Våras För Lilljornaadded alias
c12295.72015-02-25 at 23:55zakamuttYanagise Choujiremoved onigase alias as it's somewhat of a spoiler
c6157.72014-12-20 at 18:20zakamuttHisakaki Mayakafixed family name. If it's different by some very weird circumstance you can change it back, but seems very unlikely