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t12326.142019-05-15Please heal my first world problem#13 ¿Por qué no los dos?
t11925.202019-02-19Is this translator a god?#15 hook me up with 3 100-line vns using already-hacked engines and who *knows* what I could do! Actually it kind of seems easy to cheat this
t2961.102019-02-15Misaki's character description is oddokay I realize this was in 2012 but I'm pretty sure mazyrian got something wrong here. We have: [盲目というハンデを背負う*ものの*]、 *despite* having been burdened
t11907.422019-02-15Title>As for VNDB, it seems like we either treated it as Lovecome ( link ) or as Love Come ( link link link ) or as Love Comedy (link link ) Allow me to
t11628.12018-12-11"and innocent grey's final work"I'd rather not edit the description because god knows how many spoilers I'd accidentally look at, but I was asked to check this and I'm not finding
t8866.82018-11-06To those interested in playing this gameUploaded the newest patch (300a) since it seems to be down: link
t8866.72017-12-18To those interested in playing this gameFinding the required files to get text hooking to work was annoying, so here's some reuploads. First the modified game exe: link Second, the modified
t9579.52017-09-28Patch alternative location>Feature? it adds another fetish even the original jp didn't have AND honors our glorious TLC, Matt. Both of these are definitely improvements and in
t9579.32017-08-28Patch alternative locationIt's not a bug, it's a feature. But no, there have been no releases after the first.
t9579.12017-08-27Patch alternative locationIt seems the guy hosting the translation team's blog (and many others, rip euphemic and fuwa☆fuwa) has quit on us for whatever reason, leaving all
t1052.1142014-12-31Quotes question..."Uh, "Meow. What's up?" isn't the answer I'm looking for..." Neko Para
t5778.92014-09-250/10"known fuwanovel troll" pls
t4761.112014-06-30Lamune in EnglishI wonder which of the script overrides you;'d need to remove... (there are ~100 fiiles in the patch archive)
t1052.992013-11-28Quotes question...I note, while obsessively refreshing for more quotes, that I fucked up my reference on the last page to Aoishiro. Basically, the quote -- "The truth
t1052.982013-11-23Quotes question...Hmm, maybe a bit too many here.. but ive been collecting them for a while: v2002 "...let's stop thinking nostalgically about the future." "HEY
t1052.922013-11-06Quotes question...v914 "First of all, if everyone's equal, then why have I never had a girlfriend?" "I tried not to kill as much as I could help it, but I'm sure most
t4166.12013-06-04Any info on patch removal drama?link Anyone know more about this? Am aware of the KS and DMCA etc but not sure if that's what's happening here
t4065.352013-05-24A VN cliche you realized/noticedRegarding tvtropes deleting fuckloads of stuff, it's all due to google ads being pulled (it's happened twice now...). They are being superduper
t1052.722013-05-23Quotes question...^ fixed.
t1052.692013-05-22Quotes question...v926 (sonohana4): "I normally would refuse such a request, but after wearing a shrine maiden outfit and putting on cat ears, it seems that my
t4066.3972013-05-14AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!@ #396: try reading the thread.
t4066.1832013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!having a faptop helps, really
t4066.1752013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!^ I think quite a lot of people do, I certainly do.
t3566.92013-05-06Problem with installationWell, #3 is some kind of memory read / write error (part of it at address 0000000000 something... that can't be good). So... Japanese locale
t3971.42013-04-19Download links.I'll be honest, I never expected all of them to be nuked already so I didn't check. Well, at least we have a potentially working link now on that
t3971.12013-04-14Download links.Since the creators' website is down, here are some d/l links (provided by this guy link link link
t330.142012-12-06yesNote: play F/SN and Tsukihime first for full amusement. And lord was this the most hilarious thing ever, too bad it crashes over 9000 times (actually
t3422.12012-11-22WalkthroughYeah there are only three choices of two, 2^3 = 8, so it's kind of pointless to have a guide. But to not have your game abruptly end and force you to