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8Finished11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-2017-05-14
-DroppedAdriftToo annoying gameplay, no true walkthrough available + UI made shit even more bothersome2016-11-17
-StalledAirread in jp2016-11-17
-StalledAmairo * Islenautsread in jp2016-11-17
-StalledAmarantoRead all but the last route of this iirc2016-11-17
7.7FinishedAnalogue: A Hate Story2013-01-13
-StalledAngel Beats! -1st beat-read in jp; stalled when I got destroyed by the anti piracy memes2016-11-17
7.9FinishedAn Octave Higher2018-05-14
-StalledAoi Sora no Camus2019-06-13
6FinishedAsu Owaru Sekai, Sono Zen'yaread in jp2016-02-03
6FinishedAutumn's Journey2014-10-15
-StalledBlazing Soul -prequel- Hakusen2018-12-11
-StalledBrass RestorationFinished all but 1 route iirc2016-11-17
-StalledCharaBration! ~Otome wa Koi shite Charabureru~zodi/cornge (probably more corn...) style rec that apparently dealt with gender issues in interesting ways2019-03-31
-StalledChrono ClockFinished violin girl's route, started blind girl's route, stalled2018-12-03
-StalledChuu Koi -Shojochuu wa Chuuko ni Koishiteru-2020-05-18
7.6FinishedCountdown to SilenceRecommendation/review:
4DroppedDark NightsI got one good ending of uhh transforms-into-an-animal-kun. The pacing is bizarrely fast at the weirdest moments, the prose is bad (whose fucking idea was it for the main heroine to never ever use contractions? it doesn't WORK holy shit), the plotting is not particularly great either, the music use is weird, overall it just has a lot of craft problems. The setting is fun but the execution is very, very amateur and I guess cute supernatural boys aren't enough to distract me from the weakness of every element but the art.2020-03-06
3DroppedDeath Rule: lost codeOriginal release, only read half of the stories2016-11-17
6FinishedDet Våras För Lilljorna2016-01-31
7.5FinishedDigital: A Love Story2012-10-18
7.7FinishedDoki Doki Literature Club!2017-09-24
7FinishedDon't Take it Personally, Babe, it Just ain't Your Story2012-10-18
6.5FinishedDouble ExposureA kind of cool concept with some nice moments both cute and tense. But god, the prose for the viewpoint character Serena and her narration is really bad. When you try to write something flowery - with big words and all that jazz - you really need to be on the ball, and the frequent awkward phrasings and plain misuses of words on show here fall very short of the mark. This also spills over into Lizzie's dialogue, which at times feels unnatural. There are also multiple technical problems (no music volume slider, auto slider actually controls normal text speed, right click doesn't cancel out of settings, backlog always rolls back to start of scene and there's no text wrapping...). Polish is also lacking. Typos and weird points where the textbox just goes blank for no reason and you have to click again to get more text are frequent. The good ending just pops you unceremoniously back to the title screen, after 2(!) clicks on an empty textbox. It's also a bit rushed.2020-03-06
7.6FinishedDysfunctional Systems Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos2017-10-13
-Stalledef - a fairy tale of the two.2016-11-17
-StalledeuphoriaFinished rinne's route2016-11-17
9.5FinishedEver17 -The Out of Infinity-2012-10-18
8.8FinishedFate/Stay Night2012-10-18
8FinishedFault Milestone One2015-01-10
-StalledForestStalled in chapter uhhh 5?????, anyway I should read this in jp anyway since it's an ixwreck2016-11-17
-StalledFour-leafread most of the short ge but didnt finish the after scenario, also there's some addition thing???2019-06-13
6.5FinishedGet Dumped ☆2015-08-10
7.8FinishedGogatsu no Sora.2013-04-28
8.5FinishedGrisaia no Kajitsu -Le Fruit de la Grisaia-2013-11-06
9FinishedG-senjou no Maou2012-10-18
-StalledHana wa Oritashi Kozue wa Takashi2019-06-13
-StalledHaruka KanataGot through common route, started haruka route, stalled2018-12-03