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t4061.862015-06-20How fucked up is this game really?That is true, as one could infer what happened in any of those scenes and still grasp the theme and then its root (which is what I mean when I say
t4061.842015-06-19How fucked up is this game really?Subarashiki Hibi's plot is simple enough to be understood and appreciated even if one is skipping through the H dialogues/narratives. Of course, it
t6390.42015-04-12Need Help with understanding the storyUnfortunately, I can't be of much help to you on this one, since it's pretty much extremely difficult to translate these lyrics into acceptable
t6390.22015-04-09Need Help with understanding the storyWell, all anyone could give to you as an answer is rather an interpretation, since Sca-ji (the writer) intended to leave Subarashiki Hibi to the
t6313.22015-03-20End skyThat particular part happens to be one of the vaguer things amongst the story not understood by many.. except Sca-ji, of course. I have an
t3015.472015-02-17Subarashiki Hibi Thread@45 & 46, I actually agree with the both of you on this whole matter, due to the written content being the thing that really matters. But, I'm just
t3015.442015-02-16Subarashiki Hibi Thread@43 May as well put (mostly) everything I'm wanting to say in a spoiler for safety reasons. Zakuro: Well, contrary to what things seem at first
t3015.422014-12-28Subarashiki Hibi Thread@41, seems like you had the work hyped up way too much before reading through it. x_x I had once thought it was "the greatest story ever written
t1122.312014-09-10Minakami Yuki: cool or COOL?!I second Veronin's opinion. While Yuki and Kimika have a lot of the main 'appeal' as characters throughout Subahibi, I'd think the 'best' characters
t5595.42014-08-10A question regarding Remember 11Thanks, and this really only took me a few more reads of R11 and about a week of thinking to figure out... but that's because I studied things like
t5595.22014-08-01A question regarding Remember 11WARNING: Full Ever17 spoilers below as well! I don't really remember all of R11 (heh), and I'd have to read the entire VN script again to confirm my
t5234.262014-07-21English Patch?I'll gladly accept waiting however long for the TL to be finished simply because it'll be a better TL than it would've if the project was rushed at
t4061.572014-06-29How fucked up is this game really?@56 Well if that's how you view MLA then yes it's the same as Subahibi in regard to those 2 points. However, I will say that content-wise, MLA and
t4061.552014-06-29How fucked up is this game really?Pretty much what #53 and #54 said. Subahibi is extremely niche material, where one would most likely either worship it (I am this) or try to erase
t4153.12013-06-01Ever17 Speculations *Massive Spoilers*Warning: Do not read further ahead if you don't want literally everything in Ever17 to be spoiled for you. This is only for those who have finished
t606.482013-01-02Remember11 WalkthroughOkay, I think the author had everything down just didn't arrange it properly and didn't realize this until it was too late (that cliffhanger ending
t3320.52012-10-21Theories on Whole Plot *SPOILERS for R11 & E17*Well, to "kill" Self would be to have it released from the ego-death state it was in as the third eye (Yukidoh). After an ego-death, comes severe
t3320.32012-10-21Theories on Whole Plot *SPOILERS for R11 & E17*Thank you, it took a long time. XD They should re-make this all into a "Yukidoh True" route. I read pretty much every theory (English theories) on
t3320.12012-10-21Theories on Whole Plot *SPOILERS for R11 & E17*I just recently read Remember11 for the third time and got 100% on every route. I also read over the Infinity Series Timeline a few times as well. I