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t2772.192014-04-16Never Judge a book by its coverIf you thought this was good you should go and play through the next one in the series. Admittedly, I played the second one first so I may just have
t5204.82014-04-09did anyone tried the introductory chapter patch?The translation is awful and they haven't even edited their "translations".
t5124.272014-04-03Clover Day's Trial English translationOn erogamescape the play times I see are about 20 hours+ to 30 hours. So converting that into "real time" it's more like 30-50 hours than 50+.
t3287.112014-04-02Review of the TrilogyI thought you guys were joking about the endings. Finished Reika's route and lol...
t5191.12014-04-01Ayakashibito -GD-link Just thought I'd give people a heads up that this has been released.
t560.262014-03-08The Sunflower is Worth Buying ForGuys I've got a few quick questions. Just finished the first route and the game crashed when it tried to play the ending movie. Does anything happen
t2482.172014-02-17Hatsuyuki Sakura: commentsWhilst I can't answer your questions as they would be either spoilers or things I've forgotten since it's been a while; however, they will be
t5034.102014-02-03Standalone(story-wise) ?God damn #4 that hurt my eyes. Anyway if you need to learn? ( memorise) Hiragana then just download anki and make some cards, or if anki is too hard
t4918.232013-12-26Best of 2013Stuff that I've read in Japanese: Natsukumo Yururu. Stuff that was translated into English: Grisaia
t4800.72013-11-17Regarding VotesI ignore the score unless it's rated below 6. For something to be rated "slightly above average" in a world where the scale 8-10 only exists then it
t1223.432013-11-02Ever 17 GDYeah, the music was much better and I was currently listening to this as I read your comment. I made sure to get all the bad ends as I started
t1223.412013-11-02Ever 17 GDWell I finally finished this. Remember11 was better judging from the English translated versions. This could just be one of those things where the
t4694.12013-10-20Coco routeI've nearly finished the last of the normal routes and wanted to ask something: does it matter whether I go from kid's or Takeshi's POV?
t754.672013-10-19How is this #1 in score ranking?The only problem I have with is just boredom for no apparent reason while trying to read this. Luckily I've only got one more route and then the true
t3735.312013-10-17Books like visual novels He has memories but they are just mere fragments. Pieces of the puzzle are meaningless without each other. [spoiler]
t3735.292013-10-17Books like visual novels Whoever said it strayed away from its theme of loss and responsibility is completely wrong. In the end Takeru and his crew all died for mankind
t3735.272013-10-17Books like visual novelsMLA doesn't have a happy ending... I'm still unsure of what the purpose of the end is, but imo that isn't what one would call a "happy ending".
t750.82013-09-04Problem with the english patchNever even noticed it, should have looked for that before asking this question. Well I've fixed it now so thanks.
t750.62013-09-04Problem with the english patchI'm having problems with the patch as well, at first I thought it was mood building with no music or text and then after about 5 minutes I realised
t951.532013-08-25General DiscussionJust finished this and it was good. The fights were really well done, I could actually picture it happening in my head step by step and it was
t4513.12013-08-24Translation quality is badYeah I've been putting off reading this for a while, I just tried to read it and just stopped because of the horrible quality of this translation
t4381.4442013-08-23Grisaia no Kajitsu -GD-Well I just finished it and I can't say I'm not satisfied. I read all the routes and here is my ranking order Makina>Amane>Sacchi>Yumiko>Michiru
t4465.12013-08-15Hinomiya KonokaIs it only me that wishes there was a patch to remove her?
t4366.32013-07-29Incorrect TagAsocial - Avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others. Antisocial- Contrary to the laws and customs of society; devoid of or
t2772.142013-07-14Never Judge a book by its coverA question before I start reading this. How important are the H-scenes? should I read them or do I not need to?
t4297.82013-07-07DiscussionJust started this and got to the first h-scene. I'm just asking but how does this compare with harukuru in terms of amount of h-scenes?
t4309.12013-07-06VN with a focus on either Jazz/HarpLooking for something with either mainly BGM with these instruments or these instruments as a main focus in the story.
t1495.42013-05-16WalkthroughGot scared for a moment and thought I missed something and then realised it was for mosaic.
t4080.42013-05-15Madou Koukaku ReviewThe story was large step up from Kamidori but the game play wasn't as good. The voice acting fit all the characters and was really good. There is at
t4066.1192013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!You merely insulted me originally , you never "corrected" me. Guess you completely ignored my Higurashi example? ( even though it was a horrible
t4066.1152013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!I was just making a simple conjecture. I've seen a few posts about companies avoiding stuff which could get them into trouble in the west, one
t4066.1102013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!Your point is? I was merely making a guess cause I don't know the ages of the characters, I could be completely wrong but that doesn't mean you need
t4066.1082013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!The translation has some awkward word choices which ruin the flow for me, but anyway with the matter of ero scene removal it's probably because of
t4050.42013-05-05need english walkthroughTranslate it yourself. If you can't read Japanese with the help of Mecab or Jparser , why are you playing it anyway?
t4011.382013-04-23Dra+KoI general discussionWell for some reason I decided to read the so called "read me" file for once. The localization was perfectly fine, there wasn't anything that a
t1362.732013-04-09I already looking forward to the whole thing!Just finished this and dam, I have mixed feelings for Tia's part as I would have preferred more development between her and Caim. In any case I
t2511.72013-03-05What's the difficulty level on this thing?Just completed the first route on the hardest difficulty and it was pretty good. The final boss was easier than some battles for me because I never
t3759.12013-02-20Looking for VN's with little narrationI can't find any similar posts or tags to try and find what I'm looking for. I'm basically looking for anything that has very little narration
t3742.12013-02-14Does anyone know where I can download ITH 3.0For whatever reason it refuses to connect to the update server. I can't find anyone else having the same problem or a download link for ith 3.0. Can
t3688.12013-01-30Lunar and Terra route discussionSpoiler free: Just finished playing the Lunar and Terra routes of the game and decided that I would post my thoughts on both these routes. One thing
t3553.22013-01-26Dracu-Riot -GD-I've only played Miu, Erina and Rio routes so far and I enjoyed Rio's much more.