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t9027.102017-05-21After reading Shirone's routeNot gonna read any of your spoilers here for obvious reasons, but this being a Minori game, is it still a good pick for someone who likes sad
t8347.12016-10-10Wait, is this really a visual novel?From the few gameplay videos I stumbled upon, this game is 100% dialogue and has no narration. And unless I believed in a lie all this time, a game
t6107.122015-01-20Question about visual novels#7 Then again, you should compare the games you want to add with actual/full-fledged VNs like Fate/stay night, G-Senjou no Maou or Grisaia (popular
t5926.42014-11-14Hey, it's Looseboy (writer of G-Senjou and Sharin)Damn that thread title, I read it like "Hey guys it's me, Looseboy!" (* >ω<)
t5900.112014-11-11First multilang moege release everDon't know if they have anything to do with the translation, all I see here is them licensing an all-ages version on Steam. The translation might
t5914.322014-11-09How did you get into VNs?A friend of mine made me play Sengoku Rance almost 4 years ago, which happened to be my very first visual novel (and by the way, eroge).
t5627.662014-08-09Automated recommendationsLooks great man! Can I have one too, please?
t4655.522014-01-12The general JRPG threadBumping this thread cause it might be interesting about all this talk about Trails in the Sky/Sora no Kiseki translation quality. I allowed myself
t4927.42014-01-02My thoughts on this game#3 I'd learn anything with such a step-mom haha It's really too bad she has so little screen time.
t4824.452013-11-29Ikikoi -GD-Just finished Ryou's route and so far it was a really enjoyable read. It's definitely not over the top plot-wise, but the general atmosphere and the
t4792.92013-11-15Narcissu on steam greenlightI'd be curious about the reactions if Narcissu gets greenlighted, but I can't say I'm hoping for their success or not. It may be a interesting way to
t4792.42013-11-15Narcissu on steam greenlightBut while Higurashi is quite a long read, Narcissu is pretty short (to add to the kinetic aspect of the first one). I really don't think it's a good
t4793.22013-11-15Saimin and Garfunkelwhy
t4759.32013-11-07So what type of vn would this be called?You still can seek the "Heroine with Psychological Problems" tag g497 at least. That's obvious yeah but heh...
t4753.162013-11-05To The Moon... is it a VN?t3229 t4346 Also: Cons: -No narration, asside from small action prompts. (I expect this to be the main sticking point for those who don't want it on
t4751.72013-11-03Best VN title ever.Considering the title, I bet the protag fucks up in the end. Like "HOLLY SHIT A TIME PARADOX" and the universe collapses. Or something.
t4748.62013-11-01Demon Master Chris -GD-Well, if 99% dungeon-crawling + no narration, I still wonder why it's still on VNDB ^^ Otherwise I'd be honored to add Dinosaur Resurrection in the
t2108.4342013-10-20Candidates for deletionI read all his tweets (I'm French btw), and aside this one and only tweet you quoted, there's absolutely nothing relevant to the G-Senjou translation
t4655.352013-10-15The general JRPG threadI don't think XSEED is terrible. At least their release of the legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky, seemed decent. I second this. I can't say
t4655.262013-10-12The general JRPG thread@25 I believe he is talking about the Steam version, which is supposed to be based on the NA release, if I read correctly the Steam forums
t4623.22013-09-30cannot start VN?I can't help, but at least: v1984 The funny thing is... the title is clearly written on your screenshot, and I can barely decipher kanas ^^
t4605.202013-09-28WTFH@19 Yep, Venomous Ninjas specifically.
t4598.112013-09-25GDThat's nice. So you can disable things in the settings, enough to make it convenient for your own taste. These ahegao and cross-sections were turning
t4442.1832013-09-21Yumina the Ethereal -GD-You two should make a comedy show, really.
t4442.712013-09-03Yumina the Ethereal -GD-A new patch is available. - Battle scripts can now display four lines of text as intended. This resolves the “Glint in the Dark” crash
t4442.202013-08-31Yumina the Ethereal -GD-@19 Indeed, but you get used to it quite quickly, like in Sengoku Rance.
t4232.52013-06-18VNs' songs/tracks with female artist?link link Both from Sharin no Kuni, and both are sung by Rekka Katakiri if I'm not mistaken, who is also singing G-senjou no Maou intro (vehn's 2nd
t4163.32013-06-03CD release..?Oh, I found something interesting. Check the username here: r27067.1 and the contact on Kawa-soft's website: link The revision seem to be reliable
t4163.12013-06-03CD release..?r27067.1 bugged me (CD+non-free). I tried to find any kind of official announce from 4LS on their blog or their forums but I'm drawing a blank. Any
t4116.102013-05-22English Dub Visual Novel@1 Gold gun, or silver~ gun? Which one do you want to get shot with?
t3942.82013-04-15Stupid Liberal Official TranslationAssuming that XSeed will be able to translate it. I'm waiting for that game for so long..Sen no Kiseki? That's the new Legend of Heroes that has to
t3942.62013-04-14Stupid Liberal Official TranslationI seriously doubt they reviewed and approved every single translated line of text. You can start the reading here (to the point: here). Anyhow, that
t3942.32013-04-13Stupid Liberal Official TranslationHe once defended adding dumb jokes and references to translations "so we don't go insane."That's totally unrelated, it was only about the empty
t3449.12012-11-28Hey! Check for me here (Cqef): https
t3384.12012-11-08"Nrvnqsr"...Really, how do you guys pronounce it??
t330.132012-10-30yesThe main menu's statement "btw buttons are like hard to align and shit so just click in the general area of the buttons ok" tells so much about the