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t15369.32021-01-18Guide for 2 unknown tab on Extra Menu.That's my guess as well, we'll just have to see, I haven't heard anything about FD or DLC yet though. It's probably not available in the actual game
t14653.112020-10-07Name Restoration patch of this?I hope I don't have to wait too long for whoever has been doing the Broski Removal Patch though this visual novel has other issues besides that and
t14686.62020-09-07Few untranslated linesIf they even plan on fixing the untranslated text, knowing them they probably won't, as far as I know they aren't known for fixing their mistakes
t14645.102020-09-05Romanji patchI definitely won't start on this episode until the Name Restoration Patch for it is released though I've barely started on episode 1 anyways. Sekai
t14645.52020-09-03Romanji patch#4 The Name Restoration Patch is what #1 is referring to.
t13916.42020-08-31WalkthroughA walkthrough is not necessary for this visual novel and there should be nothing confusing on how to get into a route when the visual novel has
t13907.212020-05-04New type of censorshipThat's exactly what I'm doing, I'll pirate or buy the visual novels outside of Steam for now on.
t13908.72020-05-04No yuka route?!There was never a chance of Misumi Yuka getting a route, I would never read it to begin with.
t13907.192020-05-04New type of censorshipThat just makes me never buy visual novels on Steam and I'm already doing that.
t11727.72020-02-19Sudden, unexpected (bad) translation releasedThe translation is bad, if that isn't bad then I don't know what is. It should never of been released in this state.
t6588.42019-12-09Walkthrough ?That link is completely useless.
t11152.282019-09-09Rejoice!Anything new about the translation?
t121.122019-08-29Yet another VN review/commenting, by FinitosDon't bother playing this if on Windows 10, no directdraw support means no movies will play on any setting for the visual novel.
t11959.52019-05-04Circus released the OP of Da Capo 4: ThoughtsAbsolutely nothing wrong with DC3, skipping it is stupid.
t12203.12019-04-16Any modification available? DirectDraw issue.I just found out about this visual novel and tried to play it for it to have DirectDraw issues because DirectDraw is no longer supported on Windows 8
t11765.102019-04-12majiro.bin crashNot having any problems with this visual novel so far, runs fine.
t5883.92018-11-07How does the Anime compare to the VN?Since the visual novel doesn't even have a translation yet it's not really possible to read it unless you can read Japanese and well I can't and I
t11449.32018-11-05No 16:9?#2 That patch has nothing to do with the visual novel, it is already version 1.2, don't be providing a patch without telling us what it is for or
t11464.32018-11-05I expected more of this game#1 Did you seriously only read one route? There are 5 routes in total and you should've saved Nene's route (both parts) for last. This visual novel
t11451.52018-10-31How "liberal" is the translation?As far as I know there was nothing wrong with the translation to Fureraba.
t10578.292018-06-26Boring...There was nothing about MML that was boring, there is a story you guys just aren't seeing it. This is a very good visual novel. It is just as good
t6121.32018-01-25Walkthrough.Edited version of above made easier to read: Girl of choice Maternity Yoga To help relax and train muscles for growth Girl of choice Lactating mom's
t8675.32017-11-07Try itI completely disagree about the background art being a disaster, the background art is really good and fits very well.
t8703.172017-05-02English Localization Confirmed#12 Where are you getting $120 from? The games on PS4 are $49.99 each which is about $100+ tax for both. I guarantee I won't be disappointed with my
t4542.32017-04-16Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement: commentsWhy review a visual novel that wasn't even in English at the time of this review? If you don't understand Japanese then it would be pointless to play
t8703.112017-03-29English Localization ConfirmedI'll be getting it new through GameStop for PS4 and will be pre-ordering it, it's worth purchasing it at full price, the so called censorship can be
t8991.12017-03-27Release date for PS4 and PS Vita has changedFrom November 30th, 2017 to September 30th, 2017: Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth
t6131.152015-01-28English Patchignore please.
t3753.372013-05-22Patch is available in both UK and US EnglishThis is a Machine Translation by a fake translator who does not know shit about translating, it is very, very, very poor English nothing in it makes