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t9168.32017-05-08Voting error?I opened up IE and it worked fine for me. It wasn't working for me on Firefox, I played around with my addons and it seems to have been 'Enable Right
t9168.12017-05-08Voting error?It seems I can't vote anything a 10. When i try to I get the little pop-up, click ok and it displays a 10 in the 'your vote' entry. However after i
t4419.62017-03-12Windows 8 not work?I believe you don't need to go to that much trouble. Go to link download the .zip and unpack it into the game's exe directory. It's worked for me on
t6972.792016-12-17VNDB is 8 Years OldVNDB has been a great resource for me since i got into VNs years ago. Without it i probably would have never been drawn to many VNs which became
t5150.92014-03-23Can't play on Windows 8?If you're running on Windows8 64bit then I've encountered similar problems, albeit with different titles. It's something to do with how the game