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t13825.12020-04-15What happened?Im really interested what happened in Momoyo route. Would any one kind enough to give me tid bits what happened, especially about Yamato and Momoyo
t10246.152018-06-30Rape and Group Sex?Can anyone spoil me who got raped and who doesnt?
t7383.1042016-04-26Seinarukana -GD-@loctar87 where did you found the cheat engine? do you mind sharing it with me? i want to use it for the Superhard mode later.
t6023.12014-12-19Connections? (Spoiler)Been playing ToT2 for 2 chapters now, and i saw they mentioned Arawn n Pwyll from the first TOT. so is there any connections for TOT? i dont mind a
t5391.52014-09-07TL project dead?any news for the TL?? whenever i`m seein the website...i always think its dead.
t5526.332014-09-07Imouto Paradise! GDRio route FTW!!! btw how to get Harem route?
t5734.42014-09-07Help identifying quotes>I want to go on a date! We'll play MMORPGS all night long! I want you to confess your love to me by saying 'let's grind together, baby! I think its
t5269.72014-04-27Identify this VNyeah i think of canvas too, but i dont remember abour car crash ending, however it was one of the backstory.
t5214.212014-04-17What's up with this?For moege its okay and i do enjoy the comedy, However my favorite thing bout this vn is their opening song. My god it`s so catchy.
t4442.682013-09-03Yumina the Ethereal -GD-Any1 know how to get true end?
t4442.612013-09-03Yumina the Ethereal -GD-@52 if im right kirara's cv is the same as michiru from grisaia,kokoro from majikoi n laharl
t4529.82013-09-01Kisaya Fuyurugi's RouteHarukoi otome hve its own charm points u know. I know grisaia is far better but i enjoyed playing both of em.
t4442.242013-08-31Yumina the Ethereal -GD-@19 yeah i agree,however in the textbox it shows the characters emotion n things. So its not that bad. And any1 know who is cv for yumina and Kirara
t4529.42013-08-31Kisaya Fuyurugi's RouteSeriously?? U compare grisaia and harukoi???
t4381.1972013-08-08Grisaia no Kajitsu -GD-Seems many people think yumiko's route weak huh...well im one of them though...but her dere mode is damn cute!!! Gotta love amane's joke about
t4356.72013-07-20So I see the one true end tag for this..Question.i think there arent any true route,However if im wrong maybe kotori or amane were the closest.
t2782.852013-07-19Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..I think so too...anyway thank you.
t2782.832013-07-19Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..What is the name for new mayuchi's vc?
t2782.722013-04-21Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..@71 well if that really happens i think there will be battle royale, ofc it will be bigger scale than past routes...well it just my wish u know
t2782.702013-04-19Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..Azumi route is the best in my opinion....cant get nuff for Naoe!!! well Benkei n Sayaka is not bad too...but the drama in Sayaka route somewhat a
t3838.42013-03-12How much [spoiler] does the game have?i think it`s more blackmail to netorare(i`m thinking both of them have different meaning)
t3725.52013-02-10Project dead, A started.There r no confirmation in blog whenever it been dropped.
t2782.502013-01-16Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..when there are sex scenes with cokie...i think i`ll remember his 2nd form and ofc with Fukuyama`s voice...
t2782.422012-11-18Majikoi! A. This really isn't a sequel..I wanna Ageha kuki route.......hehe Kokoro after+ is okay for me too...