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c81817.32019-03-25 at 06:19phantasmKusunoki Tsubasatraits
v24722.52019-03-25 at 06:19phantasmSaiminjutsu 4casts
c81821.12019-03-25 at 06:16phantasmMochizuki Makotofirst edit
c81817.22019-03-25 at 06:08phantasmKusunoki Tsubasapic
c81817.12019-03-25 at 06:08phantasmKusunoki Tsubasafirst edit
r62361.22019-03-20 at 02:36phantasmSummoner Princess Artemina 3 ~Futari no Arisa~official site
r62751.32019-03-17 at 11:31phantasmNetorare Osananajimi 2~Saimin Yuugi~Released in March 14th on DMM.
r62355.22019-02-24 at 04:36phantasmWhite Blueofficial site
v25376.52019-02-21 at 05:30phantasmWhite Bluetitle correction.
v25376.42019-02-20 at 10:26phantasmWhite Blueshort description
v25376.32019-02-20 at 10:22phantasmWhite Bluestaff edit
v25376.22019-02-20 at 10:20phantasmWhite Bluestaff
r62355.12019-02-20 at 10:19phantasmWhite Bluefirst entry
v25376.12019-02-20 at 10:17phantasmWhite Bluefirst entry.
r59806.22018-10-20 at 00:49phantasmSaimin Gekijou - Download Editionsadly, not October release.
r57574.62018-10-20 at 00:49phantasmSaimin Gekijou - Package Editionrelease date
r57574.42018-08-13 at 04:24phantasmSaimin Gekijourelease date.
r56030.22018-05-25 at 03:27phantasmSoukou Senki Aigis - Download Editiondelay.
r55820.52018-05-25 at 03:26phantasmSoukou Senki Aigis - Package Editiondelay.
r56089.22018-05-24 at 06:51phantasmSaimin Gakuen 1-nensei - Download Editionformat.
r55487.62018-05-24 at 06:51phantasmSaimin Gakuen 1-nensei - Package Editionformat.
r57058.12018-05-24 at 06:49phantasmSaimin Gakuen 1-nensei - Trial Editionadded trial.
v16217.172018-05-08 at 14:40phantasmAku Ochi Labyrinth ~Toraware Maou to Naraku no Kyoujin~fixed weird phrase break.
r56654.32018-05-04 at 18:08phantasmSaimin Gakuen Fuuzoku-burelease date
r56654.22018-04-25 at 09:01phantasmSaimin Gakuen Fuuzoku-budeveloper.
r56654.12018-04-25 at 08:55phantasmSaimin Gakuen Fuuzoku-bunew release.
v22913.12018-04-25 at 08:53phantasmSaimin Gakuen Fuuzoku-bunew title.
r52539.42018-04-06 at 05:17phantasmRewrite+old page is dead.
r55005.22018-04-05 at 08:20phantasmKin'iro Loverichepage
r56370.32018-04-05 at 03:03phantasmXingfu Emenginfo
r56370.22018-04-05 at 02:59phantasmXingfu Emengmistake
r56370.12018-04-05 at 02:59phantasmXingfu EmengCH patch. The official page was deleted so you need to google to find.
p7629.12018-04-05 at 02:55phantasmLi Xiang Nai Qishituan Hanhuaxiaozunew 汉化 group
r55419.22018-02-28 at 11:05phantasmSaimin Kazoku ~Yadokari~ Package Editionformat
r55255.22018-02-23 at 06:24phantasmNetorare Joshi ~Kare ni wa Ienai Watashi no Himitsu~official site
r41467.92018-02-16 at 06:34phantasmSengoku † Koihime X ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~minor edit.
r41467.82018-02-16 at 06:34phantasmSengoku † Koihime X ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~detailed changes.
r54963.22018-02-10 at 02:43phantasmO-SHI-KA-KE Saiminjutsushi ~Toraware no In'yoku Marionette~official page.
r54790.32018-02-03 at 09:34phantasmHakoniwa no Gakuenredundant note.
r54251.62018-02-01 at 02:00phantasmBlade x Bullet - Jin Lun de Ri Manglink updated to point to the reupload one.
r55430.42018-01-28 at 02:36phantasmBlade x Bullet - Kinrin no SoleilRedundant note. Also this was released last year. The current one is just a reupload. So should we delete one of the 2 release titles ?
r55281.32018-01-17 at 14:23phantasmOre to 5-nin no Yome-san ga Raburabu nano wa, Mirai kara Kita Aka-chan no Oka...minor edit.
r55281.22018-01-17 at 14:20phantasmOre to 5-nin no Yome-san ga Raburabu nano wa, Mirai kara Kita Aka-chan no Oka...additional info.
r54791.32018-01-01 at 10:53phantasmZi Andanzhike De Jintouwasn't released to public....officially at least. xD
r51341.72017-12-31 at 08:13phantasmQingchengrujing zhi Shuimian Shangtyping v1 link to first title on vndb.
r54294.82017-12-30 at 09:56phantasmYing zhi Du † Jing Meng Zhe 1 Di Yi Bu - Sakura no Mori † Dreamers part.1edited the release date to be in sync with official site. (28th on steam but 29th for China time)
r54294.62017-12-22 at 10:10phantasmYing zhi Du † Jing Meng Zhe 1 Di Yi Bu - Sakura no Mori † Dreamers part.1was delayed to 29th.
r54653.62017-12-05 at 02:21phantasm7days-Yu Ni Gongdu De Qirijianplatform.
r54653.52017-12-05 at 02:19phantasm7days-Yu Ni Gongdu De QirijianThe game is all age.
r53596.22017-10-11 at 17:09phantasmM.C. - Saimin Kenkyuurelease date.