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t11612.52018-12-08How to unlock "appraisal"(expert opinion) option ?Damn, I must have missed something. Guess I will try to pass more days and see anything come up.
t11612.32018-12-08How to unlock "appraisal"(expert opinion) option ?So is it normal that I am on Chapter 3 and yet seen no event of her ?
t11612.12018-12-08How to unlock "appraisal"(expert opinion) option ?I'm now on chapter 3 and the option is still greyed out. Anyone know what is the unlock trigger ? Rank up the title ?
t11102.22018-08-232 more days, questions about itYes. There are both Romance and kiss scenes in Island. Love plays a huge part in this VN.
t10302.282018-06-21Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadA 10/10 vote. link unreleased + no trial.
t10302.212018-05-12Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadlink Anonymous vote on unreleased game with no trial.
t10498.42018-04-18About the 3rd day loopI don't remember it exactly(I played this in 2015) but I think I just installed it normally and applied the crack.
t10498.22018-04-18About the 3rd day loopI downloaded and played fine without any problem. Didn't encounter your so called "endlessly loops in 3rd day".
t10380.132018-03-27Karen's Ending - WTF?Yes, very similar to japan. Or rather, I think we are worst. In Myanmar, having sex before marriage(no matter the age) is considerable a shameful
t10380.112018-03-27Karen's Ending - WTF?@10 << it was rather Karen who abducted Setsuna - because it was HER who steal the boat >> That part was also addressed in VN. The policeman knew
t8308.82018-03-27Island Review and GD@7 << if he choose to be with either Karen or Sara then he couldn't have a reason to travel in the future it means loop is ended. >> It doesn't
t10380.92018-03-27Karen's Ending - WTF?@7 略取誘拐罪 "未成年者略取誘拐罪(224条) 未成年者本人の同意があっても監護権者の意思に反する場合や、一方の監護権者が他の監護権者の監護権を侵害する場合(親同士による幼子の奪い合いなど)にも、違法阻却事由にあたらなければ、本罪が成立しうる。" "未成年者本人の同意があっても監護権者の意
t10380.62018-03-26Karen's Ending - WTF?I see. Maybe my country is weird. lol Maybe kidnapping is a wrong word. "Child abduction" should fit better. Btw, one small thing, Karen is 17.
t8308.62018-03-26Island Review and GDPersonally, I didn't find the story to be full of contradictions or plot holes. In order to understand story, we need to establish these 4 points
t10380.42018-03-26Karen's Ending - WTF?^ In my country(Myanmar), that accusation will pass. Yes, Setsuna didn't harm Karen in anyway. But he went against her father. Her father opposed
t10380.22018-03-22Karen's Ending - WTF? He got jailed because the island mayor, karen's father, sued him with "deceiving and kidnapping a minor" which is perfectly legit as far as my
t10282.32018-02-24harem ?Thanks for the detailed information. Totally agreed with your view of Sengoku Kohime(SK). Really enjoyed that harem. At first, I started SK to ease
t10282.12018-02-24harem ?Sengoku KoihimeX was my first Baseson game and I really enjoy the constant harem aspect of it.(heroines openly displaying their affection for
t10132.112018-01-14Sorcery Jokers -GD-I don't want to start a new thread so I will ask it here. How is the romance ? Gensou no Idea had a nice romantic subplot despite being a chununi.
t9891.22017-11-15Can't find my answer on wiki comment section. The thread can be closed now.
t9891.12017-11-15Can't find Shizuka.According to wiki. Shizuka should be in the マルグリッド迷宮1層, the room where you get the stamp. However, I can't find her. And yes, Rance isn't in my party
t8919.82017-10-31If Routes@7 I see. Thanks a lot.
t8919.62017-10-31If Routes@5 Thanks for the info. I read some spoiler on wiki and it said "Ran accepted Rance as her lover in order to save Souun. I assume your comment
t8919.42017-10-31If RoutesCan someone spoil me one thing ? Did Ran fall in love with Rance in her if route ? I am thinking about playing Ran route next but I have no
t8695.62017-10-28Wrong tag (spoilers, practically a guide inside)Well, maybe I used wrong point to argue. OP said that "brief branches" tag means "choices that do not affect the story progression" which is not
t8695.42017-10-28Wrong tag (spoilers, practically a guide inside)I realize this is an old thread but whatever. xD I am the one who gave "Brief Branches" tag. I want to point out that I was just copying Aiyoku no
t8824.172017-03-16Bankrupt VN CompaniesRIP Lass Such a shame. The Garden of Fifth Zoa was one of my favorites.
t7729.22016-04-26About Soushinjutsu GaidenHi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I was able to play it without any problem. However, I am afraid I won't be of any help. When playing nukige, I
t5983.182015-12-07Like...Seriously?What!!! Another delay ? ..... *sigh
t7195.32015-11-30About side routes/heroines routes.... lol, didn't know butler is a she. Seem like I haven't read far enough yet. Now I am at the scene where ojou-sama is helping Aoi (the girl who
t7195.12015-11-30About side routes/heroines routesAre the side routes about the romance between the 2 characters ? I am now at episode 3 and it feels like the story is developing into a " ojou-sama
t3748.202015-11-29時計仕掛けのレイライン -残影の夜が明ける時-review< made a new thread for my question >
t7030.52015-10-18Do you listen to voices?I play most VN in auto-mode so waiting for voice is normal to me. Even if i click through, I still listen to voice unless that character's voice
t6617.62015-06-15Is this VN good?Better than random charage/moege out there. One route got a coming-of-age story with substantial time skip. Growing up and changing, facing the
t6590.32015-06-12Who is the protagonist ?Nice.
t6603.42015-06-12Kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi -GD-Same here, chose Miyuki. Rather choose a yandere than a H-scene collector.
t6590.12015-06-09Who is the protagonist ?Is it Eiri ? Or Kouji ? Or a multiple-POV without a clear protagonist ? As there is no tags, I can only ask-
t6525.42015-05-23Baldr Sky Dive -GD-Gameplay The hardest fight for me was the one against Makoto. I died countless time against her. Characters Baldr Sky is one of the rare cases
t6176.112015-02-12Touma NEWhat!!! that popular LN is written by him ? Didn't know that. And yes, I was following the LN. But anime adaptation looks decent so I am putting
t6176.72015-02-11Touma NEYes, I agreed her route is a stretch and far too idealistic. But true route =/= best route imo. My definition of true route is "a route where story
t6103.52015-02-10AstralAir -GD- Just reread the final scene. Yes, my mistake. When Shiroha Yuki entered the scene for second time, I thought it was Rikku's premonition coming true
t6103.32015-02-09AstralAir -GD-Ok. Finished all route. I had to really force myself to read the last few minutes of true route's epilogue. Seriously, epilogues ruined this VN imo
t6176.22015-02-08Touma NESetsuna's end is more like the true end. - 3 of them finally get together again, their wish since IC. - All dramas were resolved (Takeya x Io
t6144.332015-01-31Request Staffsinger Yuhki Aira((結城 アイラ) Uehara Rena(上原 れな) Yōsei Teikoku(妖精 帝國) or Itsuki Yui(伊月 ゆい) if we are to narrow down the group to lead singer.
t6144.52015-01-30Request StaffWriter -Niijima Yuu ( 新島 夕) Singer -KOTOKO -Eufonius
t6103.12015-01-15AstralAir -GD-Finished Kotori route. The writer must be really high while writing her epilogue. What's with that whole graduation thingy ? It is totally
t6062.52015-01-04Good nukige studios ?Well, tags are no use as I am not searching for a particular theme(nukige tag alone would give me thousands of results) and there are not many nukige
t6062.12015-01-03Good nukige studios ?Recently, I am hooked on nukige. I finished those that are in my HDD and now I'm on a quest to hunt more. So which still-active nukige-focused
t6040.42014-12-26Voiced protagonist ?I see. Thanks for the clarification.
t6040.12014-12-25Voiced protagonist ?Someone told me that protagonist is fully voiced in trilogy but I see no such tag on these 2. Is my info wrong or just missing tag ?