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t5968.22014-11-29VoicesYes. 2 main heroines have the same VA as anime. Don't know about the side-characters though.
t5914.92014-11-07How did you get into VNs?< 2011, summer, < visited a local Game Sales & Services store to buy some PC games. < found a game called "soul link". < It was labelled as
t4928.282014-10-05adapationIt is too early to judge whether it is a faithful adaption or not because Episode-1 is anime-original. VN common route started when Sou found Yui.
t5775.42014-09-25This game's description...?This is in my to-play list for some time because the previous description was kinda interesting. But now after reading your updated description, it
t5513.12014-07-06Some questions.So "zero" is complete with 2 right ? Don't tell me there is a third one coming. Assuming that it is complete, -How is the whole story compare
t5476.12014-06-26What kind of VN is this ?Yes, we have tags I know. But even with those tags, I still can't guess what kind of VN is this at all. It has some interesting tags like pure love
t5341.92014-05-27Tenbin no LA DEA -GD- Its utterly retarded to play Episode 5 before other 4 episodes. Its not meant to be played that way. This is strange. Isn't Tenbin no LA DEA
t5341.62014-05-26Tenbin no LA DEA -GD-This is my first Ikusa Megami game so I will rate it as a standalone. Story : Weak. Cliche "defeat the final boss and save the world" plot without
t5271.142014-04-28True end ?Even if you avoid bad ends, if you mess up certain choices, you'll get a end that isn't a true end (which you may not realize until the game tells
t5271.132014-04-28True end ?@12 : Thanks for the tips. Till now, I always set maximum notches whenever a blue choice occurs. Seems like I need to reconsider my style.
t5271.92014-04-27True end ?< If you want to see epilogue scenes for the characters after the True End, > What kind of epilogues are them ? A character ending or just normal
t5271.42014-04-27True end ?Original (PC). Can you elaborate a little please ? Does it mean I need precise tuning in final route(including tuning of non-important blue choices
t5271.32014-04-27True end ?Original (PC). Can you elaborate a little please ? Does it mean I need precise tuning in final route(including tuning of non-important blue choices
t5271.12014-04-26True end ?Do I need to make correct "tuning" of sense sympathy system at every choice to get to the true end or is it ok as long as I avoid bad ends ?
t5256.62014-04-25Any romance ?Thanks for the answers. The fact that it has romance motivated me a lot.
t5256.12014-04-24Any romance ?I'm wondering is there any implicit or subtle romance here ?
t5120.62014-03-10What are your Top 10 Story Driven RoutesI find it troublesome to differentiate them as story-driven or character-driven etc. So they are more like "my favorite top-10 routes in VN" 1
t5058.52014-02-15Widescreen ?Oh~ Didn't know screenshots section can be used for this. I rarely enlarge the screenshots. Thanks for the heads-up. xD
t5058.32014-02-14Widescreen ?1280!!! Yes, that is widescreen. Thanks for the answer.
t5058.12014-02-14Widescreen ?Does this VN support widescreen ?
t5034.92014-02-03Standalone(story-wise) ?It's really for the best though. I hope that one day you can read my sentence in #4 and understand it Give me audio. :P
t5034.72014-02-03Standalone(story-wise) ?I appreciate your comments. I know you're not being sarcastic(maybe you do a little ? xD). You did properly answered my question after all.
t5034.52014-02-03Standalone(story-wise) ?lol ~ I'm Chinese too so yes, my kanji knowledge comes from Chinese. About 100% part, I admit It isn't 100% but I deliberately included it. As you
t5016.82014-02-03after stories ?Finished. I'm satisfied with the experience. There is enough Romance to smooth my heart and it is hilarious as always. It is a perfect fd if not
t5034.12014-02-03Standalone(story-wise) ?I know Bsusvier is only stated as "same setting" but I have encountered cases where knowing that "same setting" is necessary to fully appreciate the
t5016.62014-01-28after stories ?Good to know that they are after stories. Thanks.
t5016.42014-01-27after stories ?You guys missed my first question. Are they after stories continuing from end of first title or just random spin-off/alternative/if scenarios ?
t5016.12014-01-26after stories ?The Description only said "short stories". So are they after stories continuing from first title or just random spin-off/alternative/if scenarios
t2482.82013-12-30Hatsuyuki Sakura: commentsJust finished it and pretty much agree with what the OP said. The scenarios is very very solid but suffer from a fatal flaw of being "light". The
t4707.32013-10-26Satisfying endings with all heroines ?Thanks. The fact that there are routes for all heroines ease my mind.
t4707.12013-10-25Satisfying endings with all heroines ?I hate rejection stories (Fk you!! Bungaku Shoujo (LN), you are the main culprit here). I start reading VN mainly because I want to choose my own
t4577.62013-09-17Can I finish a route ? NEED ANSWER ASAP.Phew~ I managed to finish Michiru's route today. Thanks , everyone.
t4577.12013-09-16Can I finish a route ? NEED ANSWER ASAP.I need to undergo sea training starting from 18th and it will last 20 days. If possible, I want to finish one more route before I go. Sachi and
t2479.112013-06-07Shinku (true) routeFinished Iroseka now and I just want to comment :D Totally agree Shinku route is the best. At first, I was disappointed with plot device in kana
t4013.62013-04-23Any Romance in this VN ?^ Yes, That's what I want to know. Thank you very much~ garejei.
t4013.42013-04-22Any Romance in this VN ?@gabezhul : Are u just trolling me or just too incompetent to know my point ? I only said Romance, I didn't say Romance has to play a great factor
t4013.12013-04-22Any Romance in this VN ?Title say it all
t3695.192013-02-02Help me decide this oneYes, I can read Chinese and even Jp VN if the MC is fully voiced (I have reliably good Japanese listening skill and beginner-level reading skill)
t3695.62013-02-01Help me decide this onePhanta, go and ask me at my usual lair, and I will help you decide. :P I will do so when English Translation for those VNs are FINISHED(maybe 10
t3695.52013-02-01Help me decide this one^ LOL. This method is good, I tried it and got "Aiyoku no Eustia" as my next to play VN. Well, this kind of solution is unexpected but who care, I
t3695.12013-01-31Help me decide this oneWhich one should I play next ? Soukou Akki Muramasa or Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ or Aiyoku no Eustia I am not asking for recommendation
t3596.62013-01-05question about rewrite quest ?*SPOILER ALERT*Thank , everyone.
t3596.42013-01-04question about rewrite quest ?*SPOILER ALERT*and I miss one CG(the one after kagari and before movies). Will I get that one too ?
t3596.32013-01-04question about rewrite quest ?*SPOILER ALERT*So how many floors are there in the end ?
t3596.12013-01-04question about rewrite quest ?*SPOILER ALERT*Since I already stated SPOILER ALERT at the start, I will not use spoiler tag anymore. If you haven't play rewrite quest, stop right here and go back
t3529.32012-12-27Chihaya's route (Spoilers)I like Chihaya route too. I think the main complaint is because The ending is just too happy-lovey which is unlikely/unfitting from a KEY's work
t3545.32012-12-25Is this VN very good ?Thank. It really cleared my doubt.
t3545.12012-12-24Is this VN very good ?I finished Hoshimemo some times ago and now searching for another good "pure love story" tagged VN. And thus I found this one. So I want to know is
t3462.82012-12-01Does this VN have every feature of Kamidori ?Thank for the info, guys.
t3462.42012-12-01Does this VN have every feature of Kamidori ?Anyway, I still want my question answered. Sequel, prequel don't matter as long as the gameplay is the same