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t7304.342020-12-27MERRY END-OF-THE-YEAR-STUFF!!!We're now in the limbo between Christmas and New Year, I think it's okay to greet everyone now. Happy holidays and hapy new year everyone. I was
t7823.312020-11-29Thoughts about vn in general (MAJOR SPOILERS)I have recently finished Umineko... after dancing around the series for almost 8 years. I started reading Umineko sometime during 2013, where I was
t14518.32020-08-15Kinotic novel and single ending?Kinetic novels have a single ending (unless there's a new game plus or something where the ending changes after the second playthrough) and they don
t11747.12018-12-31Your VN reading habit changed through time?How has your VN reading habit changed through time? The first time I really got into the medium, I voraciously read the popular stuff in a short
t7304.262017-12-31MERRY END-OF-THE-YEAR-STUFF!!!No holiday greetings this year? Happy New Year anyway, 2017 was not a good year for VNs for me, but I hope I can get back to reading again.
t8597.32016-12-24Do you also read VNs in winter?My fondest memories on VNs were during the cold 'season'. I live near the equator though, so we don't really have winter here.
t7894.692016-06-17Sad newsI'm just curious though, what counts as porn in Korea? Anything that explicitly shows genitalia? Because there seems a fuck ton of really raunchy
t1895.1342016-06-09General Discussion [spoiler heavy]@Mistrus: yeah, it was fun and all in the prologue, but it keeps that way up until the end (at least in Chris' route).
t1895.1312016-06-09General Discussion [spoiler heavy]I'm again late into the game. Anyway, I just started this and I finished Chris' route first... so, after that one I was kinda disappointed, does this
t4381.5432016-06-05Grisaia no Kajitsu -GD-Phew, I finally finished the game which I started about three years ago. Time to dump my thoughts. To start with, the game is generally good
t4470.222016-06-05Kazami Kazuki^I thought the same, if that's all really Kazuki then I can only conclude that she's more of a soothsayer than a 'professor'. Can't really wait to
t7357.302016-06-05Just a warningDue to the recent attention this game has been getting, I ended up succumbing to curiosity and gave it a try. I've put in a good 2 hours here
t7894.502016-06-04Sad news"There's nothing reasonable about assuming that completely imaginary anime characters could have anything resembling "consent"."If it wasn't clear
t7894.472016-06-04Sad newsIf you guys could stop being knee jerk contrarians for a bit, I think you would at least realize that 'social justice' isn't an inherently bad thing
t7894.442016-06-04Sad newsHoly shit, all this delusional talk about "old hags are envious of lolis" is making my head hurt. Do you guys really believe that lawmakers can be
t211.312016-05-21Kanon - General DiscussionI'm way, way late into the game, so I hope you guys don't mind the necro. I have only finished three routes: Ayu, Nayuki, and Makoto. That said, so
t7712.42016-04-23How Long Have You Been Reading Visual Novels?I started reading around almost 4 years ago, but I''ve been aware of the existence of VNs even before that. During my first year, I ate VNs
t1010.2072015-12-31About eroge influence on RL (poll included!)I sort of decided to fish through my posts on a whim, and lo and behold, I rediscovered this treasure. It's 2016 now, and the poll function's been
t6214.22015-12-30April 13 investigation helpThis game is a pain in the ass even with a walkthrough. I have a similar problem. I'm following this guide: link, and I'm in that part of the
t7322.72015-12-29are visual novels coming to steam a good thing?I heard that the recent influx of 'official translations' were actually edited fan translations anyway.
t7304.132015-12-25MERRY END-OF-THE-YEAR-STUFF!!!25th is almost over here. Happy holidays.
t7299.152015-12-24Why are alot of visual novels eroge?I think it has a lot to do with the traditional VN platform as well. The content ratings for PC releases seem to be more lax (or nonexistent
t6356.232015-12-17Woah, whoa, "True sequel"? :OHey, this is exactly the story line of the three part Stein's;Gate manga spin off. Here's the first one: link Edit: I need to be refreshed, this
t105.332015-11-20Narcissu, why are you so amazing?Well, this was sitting on my HDD for a long time (like 2 years). I'm on vacation for almost a week so I decided to finish this game for good. The
t6261.222015-10-31Love/Sad VN BGM recommendationsNobody's mentioned Key soundtracks yet? Air, Kanon, Clannad, LB, and Rewrite's OSTs are very memorable and nostalgic. Though I agree that VN music
t242.642015-05-02Did planetarian meet your expectations?I'm sorry for bumping old threads, but I was clearing backlogs, and Planetarian has been seating in my HDD for a long time already. And, well it's a
t5219.222015-04-30Arietta's Last Letter *spoilers*@arvis: I'm glad that you found the whole experience nice. I just finished the game now, and I've started almost a year ago. Yep, Phorni's route
t693.822015-01-31Swan Song -GD-"And yeah, Aroe is great. All characters are. Even Tsukasa in the last act."Haha, Tsukasa's last scene with Yuka was pretty cool. Yuka was like
t6115.22015-01-20looking for a VN tutorialI remember seeing tutorials of some sort when I first tried running Ren'Py. Ren'Py is a game engine where you can make VNs. Interestingly enough
t5988.52014-12-26Timeloops and parallel worlds"was renamed for non-Japanese audiences for some goddamn reason."The adaptation was made by Hollywood, so it's expected that the target audience
t6037.162014-12-25Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas and since I'm a day late, an advanced happy new year too.
t5914.422014-12-24How did you get into VNs?I've been aware of VNs for a long time (tsukihime and FSN, which I skimmed but never really finished way back), but I haven't really played them
t5109.232014-06-14Uh oh.... :(I just finished the first three routes. I just wish Phorni is the canon heroine. Edit: O shizz, I just started Al Fine, that's one hell of a twist. I
t4294.662014-04-19Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)Apparently, they kept some mysteries from the first game for the sequel and other spin-off titles. I think there's even a novel for the whole amnesia
t4294.642014-03-30Danganronpa Review (Completely Spoiler-less!)I'm going to necro this thread, but hey guys, I'm finally back after a long time, so I hope you'll let that slip. I took this game when I had the
t116.192013-12-27My short reviewEr, well it had a unique atmosphere of nostalgia, even during the first time I played it. The music probably has a lot to do with it, and the wishy
t4894.92013-12-18MLA Review"It's like I was playing an epic RPG where I was building Takeru into an invincible tank, only for him to lose all his levels near the end."I agree
t4883.142013-12-16Windows VN's on AndroidWell, I'm not entirely sure, but I think the vcard's busted and needs some soldering or something, I can actually still use it (goes way past windows
t4883.122013-12-16Windows VN's on Android^Nah, this is pretty much a useful trivia. This means that my really old laptop which has vcard issues might again be useful.
t4883.82013-12-14Windows VN's on Android"I usually play using splashtop, I can even play my other pc games if I want."So, there's a way to play lots of VNs with your tablet? Hey, how does
t1052.1012013-12-04Quotes question..."Breaking into my room as she pleases, throwing her tits around as she pleases, and getting pissed at me as she pleases..." "This woman is trying to
t4211.132013-12-03ReleaseI just started playing and now I can understand that the interface is kinda annoying. It's not even fully translated. Anyway, is there a way to view
t4845.82013-12-01Confessions of a yandere - what makes us tick?link This is what comes to mind.
t4840.22013-11-30VN - H-Scene sectionNo, not really. I'd like to restrict my definition of being 'spoiled' when something or someone abruptly reveals a significant plot event to me which
t4801.22013-11-17Review: An impressive OELVNHm, you got me reading here. I like simple and minimalist works, being a huge fan of True Remembrance and all. Your review made me consider this
t4773.922013-11-13Dlsite sale 2/3 off@89: Dude, we already understand that you hate living there. You also seem to keep taking posts out of their context. Laws are there to protect the
t4773.862013-11-13Dlsite sale 2/3 off"I think 98% of people hate studying, and only do it to for the end result of getting money, me included. Yay, I count as one of the remaining 2%. I
t4773.822013-11-13Dlsite sale 2/3 offWhat an interesting thread. I don't know how it ended up with this but I have to study right now, so I'll just make a mental note that there's an
t2341.2382013-11-04Katawa Shoujo - GD@247: Sorry, didn't mean to sound homophobic, nor I was saying that lesbians are no good; I just said it for the lulz. @235: I don't really have a
t2341.2342013-11-04Katawa Shoujo - GD@231: Hm, now that I've got some time to think about it, Rin is actually a pretty interesting heroine, what annoyed me was how they wrote Hisao