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t6610.312018-05-28Ryu07 artWell, the DVD cover of Trianthology labels it as a "Visual novel" compared to the majority of his other works which are labeled as "Sound novels"
t9750.82017-11-03Thoughts from someone who suffers from DepressionWhen I got to that part in the game, I was actually disturbed at how lightly suicide and depression was taken. "Oh no he rejected me, time to kill
t8377.222017-08-04This VN isn't even good (spoilers)Takeru is to visual novels what Shinji Ikari is to anime. If you don't like Takeru, there's a good chance it's because you see yourself in him. I
t8310.32016-10-17[Spoilers] Harmonia General DiscussionI'm a big KEY fan, but imo this is one of their worst VNs. It just didn't resonate with me that much. I personally think the "robots and humans
t8327.22016-10-09spoiler questionI'm guessing it was Rei.
t4132.172015-01-28Hagane Tsukishio's [Ever17] similarity in writingsThe similarities between E17 and VLR are just ridiculous. There is an accident which causes a synthetic disease to run amok and kill people. To
t407.632014-11-04The Best Route n The best Character!Key's my favorite VN studio but I think that their male characters in general are waaaay better than the female characters they make. Esp. in Clannad
t5569.542014-07-30Visual novel then Anime or vice versa?Did someone seriously just suggest that the Higurashi anime is anything other than trash? Kai was ok.
t5569.342014-07-29Visual novel then Anime or vice versa?Take it on a case by case basis. For most people, it's not "is the VN or the anime better?", it's "is the VN THAT much better that I need to stick 50
t4153.32014-01-13Ever17 Speculations *Massive Spoilers*Spoilers obv. The stuff with the fourth dimension is kind of like follows: Imagine a 2D plane and a 3D sphere. The "sphere" cannot enter the plane