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t11887.272019-03-08Irotoridori no Sekai KSI wonder if Sol Press are going to try another KS for the second game at their asking price of $90,000. $5k more then the original game they asked
t11887.202019-03-06Irotoridori no Sekai KSWith 7 hours to go it got a big hit of over $18.3k since my last post (#16) now @ $73,906. I wonder if it'll make it. Cutting it close.
t11887.162019-03-04Irotoridori no Sekai KS60 hours to go @ $55,546 of $85,000... SolPress & co needs to contact game media as well as anime media to help them spread the word since no high
t11887.22019-02-11Irotoridori no Sekai KSCan't be sure they'll make it to the 2nd game let alone the short 3rd one either. From a commentator over there Sol Press has yet to fulfill their
t9364.162018-10-11Official Mangagamer Localization^ You weren't the only one
t9364.142018-10-11Official Mangagamer LocalizationAvailable on Steam now, uncensored: link May need an account/login to view it. It's behind Steam's new filter policy.
t11152.202018-09-06Rejoice!I'm so glad and rejoicing for this bit of news. Anything if it'll be uncensored like Fureraba? I suppose EXTRA 1 content won't be included in this it
t11002.52018-08-03guide/save?Well that's no good. We lose out on the Kathryn scene. Hoping MangaGamer to include her in some way with the original game. I can't get enough of her
t10076.62018-05-01h-scene animation problemI can't edit the post anymore. The image hosting have changed their address extension. Change .org to .cc and it should display.
t10350.192018-04-05MoeNovel teases Cross†Channel localizationBeen released a few days now. Anybody tried this yet? Thoughts? Also relevant link VNDB entry link Perhaps MoeNovel's next target to butcher
t10076.42018-02-07h-scene animation problemJust an update on the animation issue. The culprit is MPEG-PS and not LAV as previously stated at least on k-lite mega pack 13.8.0 this is the case
t10076.32018-01-22h-scene animation problemOn the Advanced Graphic Settings seems to be a preference on how it "looks" might be the aim such as the line art being smooth to sharp pixelated
t9902.32017-11-20Another butchered game?Images from Steam. link 01 link 02 link 03 link 04 link 05 link 06 link 07 link 08 link 09 link 10 link 11 link 12 link 13 Marked 18+ originally