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c64557.142019-05-29 at 10:38sullenPhilia Frederiki BessarionFixed romanized name to reflect the spelling found on the game's official page. Slight edit to description.
c21872.172019-05-05 at 02:32sullenNonda NanaoForgot to remove Wife tag after tagging as Widow.
c21872.162019-05-05 at 02:30sullenNonda NanaoCharacter is a widow. Added pertinent tag and removed Infidelity tag (doesn't fit the definition as it's used—she "cheats" with the married
c37406.22018-11-30 at 07:23sullenMisono AkariFixed name
c34304.82018-11-12 at 06:24sullenAlice Walia VorsteinFixed surname.