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t2360.62012-01-15Tagging question on Umineko Chiru (spoiler alert)Fair enough. I just feel a touch silly with it sitting there when, on a more contextual reading of the parent tag, it doesn't belong after all. But
t2360.32012-01-14Tagging question on Umineko Chiru (spoiler alert)Thanks. Wasn't sure if it was necessary in a thread clearly marked as spoiler-bearing, but I suppose if there's some way to see its contents without
t2360.12012-01-14Tagging question on Umineko Chiru (spoiler alert)So, there's a few snags in tagging Umineko, both Chiru and the first four come to think of it. The subject of sex does come up in both - and, in fact
t437.22011-10-24I wasn't surprised at all... (spoilers)The word "convincing" isn't in the "reverse trap" tag.