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t4334.12013-07-13Mare's RouteI've been here a while and I just want to say that this game is pretty good in itself. Really good. I just don't understand one thing. Why am I shown
t3322.42013-06-23Missing CGHuh? i didnt open the lottery loto 6 twice while replaying , and still did not get the final picture. Did i do something wrong?
t4217.42013-06-16100% CG'sHe is right. you will complete all the CG's when you play the finall game route ( terra or nova i forgot already). Also the CG sonic was talking
t4150.12013-05-31Has anyone 100% 'ed the game?Im just curious if there is something more by finishing the game scenes with all the heroines and Common route to 100% . i have completed all the
t4129.52013-05-25Resonance - New Vnyes its may 22nd I guess that updates are still flowing :)
t4129.32013-05-25Resonance - New VnWell , We can't really do anything else besides waiting anyway , So we do just that
t4129.12013-05-25Resonance - New VnJust wanted to say there's a new VN called Resonance coming up. Its still in develpoment - here is the blog (rus) link (eng) link I dont really
t3653.102013-04-02Question 'bout archersMy sense of time is messed up. Other then that i think it's pretty normal :)
t3653.82013-04-01Question 'bout archersSince when are things "Logical" in Visual novels with a fantasy tag... Why are you even argueing - i think i said sorry and moved on >_>
t3914.92013-04-01True StoryAlso today i had another one -- this time it was a hybrid combination of Assassin's Creed III , Fate/Stay Night and the Tv siries "Lost". Its kinda
t3914.82013-04-01True StoryTakata - that was just my confusion I find out later that what the game talked about was the time when shriou left the house and had a choice this
t3922.52013-04-01Different Meny CG?xD thanks for advice what a nice community we have ><
t3924.102013-04-01Wowthanks for deleting my other comments too. I guess i went on something like a rampage while i wasnt thinking straight
t3924.92013-04-01Wowoh. Sorry i kinda misjudged people's reactions when i posted it Im sorry :( Didnt mean to offend anyone . I just personnally thoguht that the design
t3767.182013-04-01Lets keep working hard...~im just stating what others said. I personally didnt play any of the other eushully games and i even think kamidori is pretty fun.
t3924.12013-03-31WowDamn i love finding this kind of novels just to make fun of them hahahah~~ If anyone shares my thoughts you are welcome to join ^^
t3922.12013-03-31Different Meny CG?I once played Kamidori by getting it from a certain place , but it vanished somewhere. So i decided to get my hands on another one but this time the
t3914.32013-03-29True StoryWell we are the lucky one's ;)
t3914.12013-03-29True StorySo i finished the game once , and i had a message to return to end of day 3 to get another choice that wasnt there. I remember that this was the
t3767.162013-03-28Lets keep working hard...i guess you can say then that its the best game we ever got to translate from Eushully , and the worst one at the same time .
t3710.42013-03-22Earlier RancesI agree. Ofcourse it's not a big deal playing it without any backround , how ever you will understand more of the jokes they say , and be more
t3821.32013-03-08Another idiotTHANK YOU . This is all that was need to be told
t3821.12013-03-08Another idiotI read the 2 discussions but i still have a question to fully clarify things Are all 3: Re-ACT, Act Cadenza Ver. B and Actress Again Updates or
t3767.62013-02-22Lets keep working hard...Inspirational ? More like Disincentive. They could make this game so much cooler.
t3767.32013-02-22Lets keep working hard...No i mean it's repeated so many times its just starting to feel less and less cool and more annoying. its also really nerdy.
t3767.12013-02-22Lets keep working hard...This line is said Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much in this game. I think its kinda annoying. Any thoughts?
t1978.162013-02-09SHIZURU IS THE BEST!You are all Waaaaaaaay too spoiled. Each route had its own uniqueness, so obviously some people will like specific routes more and others less, but
t3669.12013-01-24Spoiler ~ (Her name?)First of all - INCLUDES SPOILERS WHICH AREN'T HIDDEN!!!! Im sorry but i dont know how to un-spoil by blacking out text , so i put a warnning on the
t3649.62013-01-20No Remake?Cool . Even though H-scenes are not the only things i bet need to be translated , such as map design and character portraits , first things first - i
t3653.62013-01-19Question 'bout archersapperantly Servalwi has a skill that raises her STR when shooting an arrow. I guess it means that physical attack power doesn't mean it must be head
t3653.52013-01-19Question 'bout archersmy only porpuse of the discussion is just to find out if archers need high STR or not.
t3653.42013-01-19Question 'bout archersno offense
t3653.32013-01-19Question 'bout archersSo basicly bow users do need high STR too right? and straight forward my a$$ , thought it does makes sense.
t3653.12013-01-19Question 'bout archersI already know that all the ranged weapon users are highly relied on their INT , so high INT is Goooood. BUT, i noticed lately that in some bows
t3649.12013-01-18No Remake?They made a Remake for Rance 1 and Rance 2 . Didnt they make one for Rance 3 too?