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t10404.42018-03-28Who's the main heroine?Main - Satsuki. True - Narukana.
t9946.72017-12-263rd generation inbreeding?ctrl-c + ctrl-v= profit
t9997.22017-12-07Relation with the previous titles?All games of series - "Alternative version".
t9420.22017-07-18Sengoku HimeNo problem. You can play in any Sengoku Hime you like.
t8833.22017-02-14WalkthroughAll Souma campaings story orientering and you don't change history. If you want capturing heroines and clearing events then play for Tsukasa.
t7637.182016-07-14After 8 hours of playGood games where common route the best part VN.
t8005.32016-07-07Are the heroines virgins?What a strange questions. It's typical moe.
t8002.22016-07-06Route order ?Anyone fine. But if you want clear all game then Katima/Ruputna/Naya---Nozomi---Satsuki---Narukana.
t7819.22016-05-12Why doesn't it have an otome tag?Because female protagonist?
t7561.22016-03-17About the patchNew campaigns, character and H-scenes.
t7529.22016-03-06Sakuranomori † Dreamers OP previewVery interesting. Wait this game.
t7438.62016-02-08Doesnt work with ITH?Ha-ha! Good joke.
t7383.172016-01-28Seinarukana -GD-In Seinarukana 100+ gameplay hours and 1 (Nozomi, Narukana)-2(Satsuki,Ruputna,Naya,Katima) H-scenes in the end. It's very very light on H-content.
t7317.22015-12-28TrailerAzuki and Coconut? Very nice!
t7233.22015-12-07H Code ?Try this /HA8@31240:rvmm.dll
t951.562015-10-24General Discussion#55 What? Yoshia in the final scene cut Akane's sister. His fiance die four years ago.
t5983.152015-10-15Like...Seriously?Again?! Damn...
t3950.412015-10-12Translation dropped12 chapters
t6959.22015-09-27Official Translation by SekaiProjectTypical moe. Only one questions: WHY?!
t6540.32015-08-24StorylineAll games in this seres remakes. In any new game add new characters/routes and changes art style.
t6783.132015-07-31Which theme do you use?Only Gekkou no Carnevale (black).
t5983.112015-07-24Like...Seriously?"no h-scenes ingame" - It does not matter for me in this game. But release date now 2015-10-30... Аnnoying.
t6720.72015-07-15Aselia the Eternal 3 teased - in English!Oh, yes! Spirit of the Eternity Sword one of my favorite series.
t6321.422015-06-03JAST marketing failures could doom HRPG licensingNo. Only sweet love.
t6442.22015-04-25Anime AdaptationNO!!!
t6369.22015-04-01Euphoria all ages edition announced!"Enjoy this sweet, school-based romance with five cute girls and a sexy teacher to fall in love with!" euphoria? Something strange...
t4061.602015-03-15How fucked up is this game really?MLA=Muv-Luv Alternative
t6293.72015-03-09Which is your favorite VN developer ?light, Propeller, Akatsuki Works.
t6291.32015-03-09What is this picture from?Games from e-go probably.
t5996.142014-12-27Any news?It's JUST and nothing more say.
t6041.32014-12-26Protagonist and heroine with similiar personality?Reiji and Momiji from fortissimo. Setsuna and Lilith from Tokyo Babel.
t5983.22014-12-05Like...Seriously?I am in despair. The long awaited sequel fortissimo and PSVita only.
t5973.62014-12-01Eustia is that you?True story. Face always same, hairstyle and color different. Your imagination does the rest.
t5973.22014-12-01Eustia is that you?Isn't good thing? I like this style.
t5921.22014-11-10Amante H-CodeUse ITH and in game option speed of text output set maximum. Or try this /HW-10*-8:-10*10@6BE76:malie.exe
t5862.22014-10-19Hopefully someone will translate this novelI applaud your naivety and faith in the best.
t813.732014-07-22Top ProtagonistsMost impressive main heroes: 1. Ren (Dies Irae) 2. Reiji (fortissimo) 3. Kyousuke (G senjou no maou) 4. Kenichi (Sharin No Kuni) 5. Yuji (Grisaia no