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t3314.7792016-02-04TraitsAlso it seems that this was overlooked: @750 Telepath should be a child trait of psychic, and parrot should be under bird.
t3314.7782016-02-04TraitsJust noticed a minor spelling error on this trait: link "Note: Please do not use this 'treat'(?) just because..."
t6128.22015-01-25Confusion on "engages in" and "subjected to"Oh my, long post is long. I apologize in advance. ...Say, for instance, a character is killed by another character, and this prompts you to add both
t175.1292015-01-05Katawa Shoujo: Favourite Route@128 Katawa Shoujo's "beta" version was supposedly leaked and Shizune's ending/route goes something like this: (Taken directly from link) "...near
t3617.5082014-12-29Tags suggestions/fixesFound a misspelled tag: Impotent Portagonist
t2108.7132014-11-02Candidates for deletionv16138 is not a visual novel. It's a side scrolling adventure game. It only uses ADV-style boxes (just like most RPG Maker games) to deliver dialogue
t2108.2842013-06-03Candidates for deletionlink a duplicate of link
t2108.2762013-05-13Candidates for deletionAccidental duplicates link, link of link.