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t11310.392018-10-03We're alive!"Yes, it's fixed to UTC. I had the idea to implement user timezones at some point, but it didn't seem very important."Roger that yorhel.
t11310.282018-10-01We're alive!Happy Birthday VNDB. EDIT: (2018-10-01 at 00:09) What? That should've said 2018-09-30 at 19:09. Am I able to change my Timezone to the correct one
t11267.162018-09-29ExpectationsI'm excited for it.
t9711.62017-09-30Fuck, we're old!So 9/30 (30th of September, last day of September) is the official birthday of VNDB? Ok. Try to get it memorized. Happy Birthday VNDB.
t7097.142015-11-10Oh, by the way...What's with the "Oh by the way"? Why repeat that so many times?
t6053.112015-01-01Happy New Year anyone?Happy New Year VNDB.
t5336.52014-08-02D.C.III P.P. CharactersMore info. is great. That gets me more curious in what you wrote jetpack.
t5336.32014-06-09D.C.III P.P. CharactersYeah Minatsu has a change as well. I still hope there is someone who can help. My searching isn't going well.
t5336.12014-05-21D.C.III P.P. CharactersI figure maybe I should start something to have a chance at getting some answers. For anyone who has played the game to its fullest, can you help
t2666.342012-12-09Da Capo III -GD-Oh SON! They had a son! I was assuming she would be a daughter of theirs hence the name Asakura but now that I think about it, tradition usually has
t2666.322012-12-07Da Capo III -GD-Thank you very much mazyrian. I searched desperately for anyone who knew the answers and no luck. I'm really glad I looked here. I have characters I
t2666.302012-12-06Da Capo III -GD-Who here has played the whole D.C.III game? I really need to know the whole story and the characters relation to D.C.I & II. Tell me in a PM and
t2316.132012-01-01VNDB 2.22 and a Happy New Year!Happy New Year VNDB and everyone. Looking forward to your information on future products this year.
t1066.52010-12-31Happy New Year!Happy Old Year and Happy New Year.