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t6963.72019-08-06(self-reminder) HOW MY LIST IS ORGANIZED(2019) LIST ORGANIZATION: -> Unknown: Untranslated VNs. - If VN is voted, that means I've completed at least 1 route. - If VN is not voted, that
t11388.102019-07-19And so, another Cabbit title dies to SakuraGameJust to be clear on this but... the game isn't simply bad English nor a bad TL by a man, but actually a MTL'ed script? Any Japanese readers that have
t12097.12019-03-25Came across a 100% translation of thisCame across a complete translation of this, and am wondering who the translator is?
t6963.62018-11-26(self-reminder) HOW MY LIST IS ORGANIZED@#5 by flonne Soon enough, I will do that Majikoi A Series. :'D Personal Favorite Routes #2 - (reason in spoiler, you are warned) ChuSinGura 46+1
t10417.22018-04-03Summer Pockets OPlooks beautiful, looking forward to it
t8421.22016-11-12the ending stories look so incompleteFinished in about 7 hours... I agree, it feels very incomplete. I was expecting 1 route cut out of a 5-route VN, but it seems it was a lot shorter
t8135.12016-08-14Official translation by MangaGamer announcedlink to news: link ENG site teaser: link Announced at Otakon 2016. Here is a summary of all their announcements: link Totally looking forward to
t7980.222016-08-04MangaGamer Announcements at Anime Expo 2016Totally looking forward to D.S. -Dal Segno- the most. :3
t6963.42016-05-11(self-reminder) HOW MY LIST IS ORGANIZED@3 I respect ya opinion, because what you said is right on mark, haha; but I found Aoi's route more heart-aching than the rest of the routes. It's
t6963.22016-05-04(self-reminder) HOW MY LIST IS ORGANIZEDPersonal Favorite Routes #1 - (reason in spoiler, you are warned) Aselia the Eternal: Aselia Bluespirit ミ The last CG which resulted this link
t7740.22016-04-28Clannad After Story VS Tomoyo AfterDoesn't it depend on if the player loves Tomoyo more than Nagisa? or are you talking about the story objectively?
t7727.52016-04-26I found Sakura no Uta OP (male Cover)Here's the original upload on youtube by singer here: link Really adored the cover. :)
t7084.942016-04-26Prefundia for the KickstarterCommon route translation completed. o//
t7084.922016-04-13Prefundia for the KickstarterMikandiJapan has created a new page on their official site: link It has a FAQ, translation of the OP theme, and progress bars for the translation
t7089.302016-04-08Official English releases from Fruitbat FactoryEnglish OP for Tomoya After on VisualArts channel uploaded :D link Steam greenlit: link
t7579.172016-03-26Sakuracon/Anime Boston AnnouncementsTheir TBAs have now increased by three more.
t7544.12016-03-10Kickstarter Live for English Releaselink Their homepage: link A kickstarter has been started for localization of ChuSinGura46+1 by JAPAN CONTENT INC. They are aiming for $210,000 as
t6759.122016-03-04Official Translation by MangaGamerTokyo Babel now up for pre-order: link It will be available on steam at end of March: link
t7084.842016-01-14Prefundia for the KickstarterThe goal is hit! :D
t7215.132015-12-29Yet another Sekai Project prefundiaKickstarter launching January 5th, 2016 link
t5892.62015-12-15KickstarterIt's now live on STEAM. link It would be helpful if someone can figure out the length.
t7084.22015-10-31Prefundia for the KickstarterMiKandiJapan also posted a FAQ: link I don't know that their goal is, but they said they'll be looking for a minimum of 1800 backers for this
t6963.12015-09-28(self-reminder) HOW MY LIST IS ORGANIZEDHOW MY LIST IS ORGANIZED: -> Section for "Unknown": Untranslated VNs I want to play. If VN is voted, that means I've played it to some extent
t6959.12015-09-27Official Translation by SekaiProjectAnnouncement on twitter: link At Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015. OPENING on their YouTube channel: link link
t6803.22015-08-06Interest in western marketFor more info, you could also read through the thread on reddit: link LewdGamer also covered a lot about this too: link ChuableSoft also posted
t3188.22015-07-26Tokyo Babel: Comments"Tokyo Babel is a story born from the mind of Yuuichirou Higashide (Ayakashibito), one of the better known figures on the field of darker, action
t6762.12015-07-25Official Translation by SekaiProjectAnnouncement on twitter: link At Otakon 2015. OPENING uploaded on their youtube channel: link
t6739.32015-07-25This group has not released anything complete.Got it, I'll remember for next time!
t6238.82015-07-25minori fund-raising for Supipara localizationMangaGamer has just announced that Supipara is fully funded. Chapter 1 is on it's way! OPENING uploaded on their youtube channel: link
t6761.12015-07-25Official Translation by MangaGamerAnnouncement link: link At Otakon 2015. OPENING uploaded on their youtube channel: link
t6760.12015-07-25Official Translation by MangaGamerAnnouncement link: link At Otakon 2015. OPENING uploaded on their youtube channel: link
t6759.12015-07-25Official Translation by MangaGamerAnnouncement link: link At Otakon 2015. OPENING uploaded on their youtube channel: link
t6739.12015-07-19This group has not released anything complete.This group has not completed anything, and I think they should be removed from database.
t6717.12015-07-13Kickstarter ends successfullyKickstarter Link: link - Kickstarter has raised $47,993 with the help of 1,406 backers. - There will be love scenes, but they will not be
t4608.32015-07-12TranslationJAST has now set the release date for July 20th, 2015. They also opened pre-orders, so feel free if you still want it: link Official English site for
t6689.72015-07-09Translation on the wayI am so ready to read this when it's completed! QwQ Thank you, SekaiProject!
t3555.92015-07-09Any possibility of this getting translated soon?Update to peeps who look forward to this translated- SekaiProject has picked this up for translation at AX2015. No deadline yet, but it is now
t6578.52015-07-07Is this a kinetic novel?God dammit, that description. Did not expect the description to give out that information. #3(dk382) Basically answered what I really wanted to ask
t919.52015-06-09Nakige?... Really?I'm not sure why it would be a spoiler when the first tag on the front page says "Death of Heroine" in bold. Either way, OP was practically
t919.32015-06-09Nakige?... Really?Yes, this vn follows a nakige formula, the "Death of Heroine" tag should already cover your 'she dies' part anyway... Don't judge things by it's
t6578.12015-06-05Is this a kinetic novel?One true ending?
t6572.42015-06-05difference between the original and EXA?Thank you for explaining! I understand now!
t6572.12015-06-04difference between the original and EXA?Listed Releases: Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier - Regular Edition Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier - Regular Edition It seems like all releases are 15
t5998.302015-04-26Translation StatusWait... SekaiProject is involved in this localization?
t6238.12015-02-17minori fund-raising for Supipara localizationJust a signal boost for those who possibly doesn't know about this around here link to minori fundraiser project held by MangaGamer: link Eden* page:
t5604.42014-08-18Vote the girls!Makina 9/10 - Best action award Sachi 10/10 - Best written route award, one of the only two route that actually moved me to tears. Sakaki 8/10 - Best
t2919.342014-08-16Status?Translation? link
t2314.132014-07-18A little reviewWhere did you find a walkthrough for .Da Capo IF (Innocent Finale)? D:
t2855.1252014-04-29Dengeki Stryker -GD-I haven't played the original but after nearly completing Cho Dengeki Stryker.. it was an amazing experience for me. I scored it almost up to 9/10. I
t4873.132014-03-18Ikikoi ReviewDoes the heroines stop abusing the protagonist when you enter one of their routes, and go all deredere? >>