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t4007.592013-05-14Best VN<->Anime adaptations?When I first watched FSN it was before I found out about visual novels. As such, I evaluated the show on its own merits and enjoyed it very much
t2081.1192012-11-26Evaluation of the game based on the ending".....I'm not gonna say anything." You just did.
t3152.692012-11-20What kind of stories you like to play?"It seems like my thread re-railment failed. How come every time Shep gets involved in a thread, it somehow always ends up as a discussion about -him
t3332.22012-10-25Need a good non-linear VNWelcome to vndb. Be advised that recommendation threads are frowned upon here. Please consult the FAQ for more information: link "6. Can you
t2274.302012-10-22First time novel stands the best?Well since this thread has been necroed.... The first visual novel I ever read was Fate/Stay Night. For the longest time I rated it as my #1 VN
t1391.552012-10-19Tears to Tiara discussion.Despite its flaws, I actually enjoyed Tears to Tiara. Yes the story was very disjointed, but there were some nice dramatic moments here and there
t110.1022012-10-11Princess Waltz -GD-Ever since I started coming here there always seems to be "that guy" who writes the most annoying and stupid shit-posts and gets A LOT of attention
t3155.602012-09-051 votes inquiry5 out of 10 on the troll-o-meter. I would have given a higher score but soliciting angry responses from gabezhul really isn't that difficult.
t2999.92012-07-28where to find sengoku rance 1.04Guys, theprankster doesn't know how to use Google properly. Could someone please just post a link for him. I would do it myself, but I don't like
t2932.642012-07-14Romanized title[deleted]
t2873.162012-06-30Site down."I heard it was because Bigfoot teamed up with Nessy and made a raid on the place where the server is kept." Please call him Sasquatch. He doesn't
t2855.562012-06-28Dengeki Stryker -GD-Just finished it. This is only the third visual novel I've finished this year (the others being the final chapter of Umineko and Kikokugai - The
t2864.92012-06-27Protag's weakness annoyed me a bit[SPOILERs!!]"This thread... I guess I lost about 5 IQ points just by reading it." So how does this make it different from any other thread around here lately?
t2855.442012-06-26Dengeki Stryker -GD-I think the protag is hilarious. I agree with the Full Metal Panic! comparison.
t2860.92012-06-26VNDB & DMCAI do find it interesting that one of those three links is to a Lilith visual novel. One of the first groups to be sent a DCMA was Dark Translations
t2824.1622012-06-25Lost in translation.Are you serious? This is still about honorifics for you? I asked you to give me a specific example where applying "American Culture" to a VN has
t2824.1592012-06-25Lost in translation."I don't think I got the message though how much applying American culture to a VN can ruin it for non-Americans." Yes you have, you have been
t2824.1542012-06-25Lost in translation.This is getting fucking absurd. It's vndb so what else is new. Anyway, this is from Moogy's blog where he talks about "localization." Read it
t2824.1352012-06-23Lost in translation."The US consists of only uneducated hill billies and they need the bottom of the bottles to say "do not open this end" to figure out which end to
t2768.272012-06-04DMCAMost of the time I don't even know what the hell pendelhaven is talking about...
t2752.272012-05-28Why has this page been cancelled?Also keep this in mind. When Saberxj's project was questioned this much she threw a massive hissy fit with incomprehensible walls of text full of
t2752.222012-05-28Why has this page been cancelled?This can really go either way... The original saberxj claimed to be female and from South Carolina (this was from the original Project Dawn website
t2752.152012-05-28Why has this page been cancelled?I'll also add that pyrexmaster has already admitted to being saberxj as well as pilot000x.
t2731.1032012-05-26Thnx for nothing bye byeJust throwing this out here as a possible solution to reduce the amount of useless threads by new comers. In a few other forums I've seen, new users
t2731.882012-05-24Thnx for nothing bye bye"There's no need to be harsh against people who make (to us very stupid-looking) mistakes, being friendly works better for most people." Indeed, this
t2731.292012-05-22Thnx for nothing bye bye"Note that it wasn't Gabe, but Atlas that was flaming for the recommendation thread this time. Just saying." Yes it was me that flamed the n00b for
t2730.42012-05-21Download for Boku no Mesu Hisho wa Doukyuusei?READ THE FUCKING FAQ BEFORE POSTING STUPID QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! link Sorry I'm in a gabezhul type mood with regard to n00b questions today...
t2729.22012-05-21Hi and I'm looking for some specific...Oh joy of joys another FUCKING recommendation thread. LOCK PLEASE!!!! New guy, read the FAQ!!! link
t806.182012-05-04Your opinionWhat exactly was the point of resurrecting this thread? Djongpoy bumps a thread that hasn't been active for six months because someone was
t2638.122012-04-20How to improve the quality of fan translationsAs previously noted by others, most of this community isn't qualified to judge the "accuracy" of a translation. However, we can judge how well
t2289.162012-04-11Really good visual novelThankfully Dark Translations is long dead now, as is it's successor Sanity Ends! I forced myself (with much regret) to read a couple of DT releases
t2600.102012-04-10Which of these have a good story.The original PC version of FSN isn't voiced and the Realta Nua patch doesn't add voices to it. It merely adds the CGs from the PS2 version, i.e
t2586.312012-04-09VNs and WRPGsIt's interesting the direction this discussion has been taking (for me at least) as I haven't been here a lot lately and I've been spending a lot of
t2275.152011-12-15Recommendation thread :PYou forget that, while gabezhul enforces the rules, he is not required to actually follow the rules. But I love it. The forum mod who usually takes
t2206.42011-11-16The single thing I hate about this gamePlus a lot of the earlier MG games that have that god awful Courier New font have font hacks floating around which make them much more readable. In
t2108.212011-11-09Candidates for deletion@beliar "Sanity Ends" has been quiet since March. Like "Dark Translations" it was never a group, but one guy (the same guy, of course). I don't
t2176.382011-11-07It hurts a lot when a big one enters in my..."I'm sorry but this thread is the dumbest thing I have read in a long time." A dumb thread on VNDB. Now that's unusual.
t2176.112011-11-03It hurts a lot when a big one enters in my..."but even then I had no trouble getting to my VN and anime needs (and I watch anime on a regular basis, and I always download the highest-quality
t2073.122011-09-27Thank You Overdrive"(note that i haven't played any of their games except kira kira and this is just baseless prejudice but overdrive pisses me off for some reason
t2072.92011-09-26Main character douche levelIt's been a while since I read Kana but I have to agree with the sentiment that there are far worse visual novel protagonists than this guy.
t2049.52011-09-12The way the world sees us...Gabe, I don't think they liked you very much.... However, I am not shocked that you ran into that situation. You fought the good fight. Although
t937.1632011-09-10The Offtopic Wars SagaYou might want to consider keeping this thread locked so adhinferno, kiseki-yamihana and their ilk don't post their nonsense and just "unlock" it so
t2043.92011-09-10Wind - a breath of heart - Simple Review" I guess typing "wind a breath of heart english patch" into google can be very hard for some... Edit: ...unless #6 meant a translation for the fan
t2044.112011-09-09Why I don't want to use this site again"I didn't start a "mess". I just added a game. The source of the mess is your undisciplined attitude." Actually, I'm not a staff member here, so it
t2044.72011-09-09Why I don't want to use this site again"I also explained that in my first comment. That's because the game is *not* a visual novel. See this page: link You may argue that "then it should
t2043.32011-09-09Wind - a breath of heart - Simple ReviewWell I'm waiting for someone to review this guy's review... Or "you know who" to change the name of the thread to "personal commentary" or something
t808.302011-09-09Katahane going strongI can see how people think the story might be a bit slow at times However, being "slow" at times is an observation I've had for several vns I hold in
t529.132011-09-06Pabloc's Nukige PreferencesAs far as plotless (or semi-plotless) nukiges go these are pretty good. Although to be fair I've only played the first game and parts of the second
t1128.502011-09-06Amaterasu in talks with âge.Not to nitpick, but if you read what warfoki has quoted, the previously untranslated parts don't have subtitles in game, rather a text file with a
t1128.472011-09-06Amaterasu in talks with âge.First off, apologies to gabe and whoever else gets offended when a thread is necroed, but this seemed like the appropriate thread to talk about this