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t13016.12019-10-13Installation of append patchesRegarding the 3 patches, is there any way to verify that they have been installed correctly to your game? After installing the patches(I copied the
t4241.42019-10-12Wall virginity: checkI'm here for seconds !! Hope you are doing well onemanarmy from erogedownloads
t13010.152019-10-12Support VNDB on PatreonI second the opinion of implementing a one time donation box.
t12977.72019-10-12amazing#6 : This is a quote from someone else on the internet, in response to the same thing you said : "the appeal lies in the adolescent dream of
t12919.62019-10-06Best girl?I already have diabetes from playing the mahiru route.
t12977.12019-10-06amazingUtilising the amazing power of imouto's this eroge has turned my brain into mush. I can no longer live in traditional society. Farewell. I hope in my
t12774.102019-10-06Super CuteI am playing this and its one of the cutest vn's i've played till date : link
t12794.212019-10-06How often do you listen to the full voiced lines?I always listen. Unless its a really annoying character. Listen to the voices makes me feel like I am listening to a human. And after years of
t12853.132019-10-06Which eroge franchise is the most successful?If you are talking about making money, its rance. If you are talking about making quality products, its grisaia. But still, that is a narrow
t12879.102019-10-01(recomend me) hard porn with plotI would recommend this if it qualifies your criteria of hard porn : link
t12879.92019-10-01(recomend me) hard porn with plot#6 He asked for good plot
t12889.12019-09-20Has anyone played this?How is the game? how is the translation? Would you recommend this game? How is the story? How are the RPG elements? Etc.
t12830.12019-09-06only one mammary gland?Does the cat girl have only one boob? Judging from screenshot Its an important question!
t12799.12019-08-31MAGICAL reviewHello. Have you ever wanted to read a classic magical girl story, but felt ashamed by the plot contrivances? Perhaps you are too old now and afraid
t12793.12019-08-30Missing cg's?I wish I had screenshots of the "To be continued" screens because they don't appear in the CG gallery. For example - link*
t6779.82019-08-30LengthHm..must be just me then. I don't read slow, and I still have yet to finish part 1. Seems difficult to finish in under 10 hours unless you ctrl skip.
t6779.62019-08-30LengthI changed it back to medium. I am reading the first part and I've already crossed 10 hours.
t12790.32019-08-30does anyone have a copy of this game?Thank you!
t12790.12019-08-29does anyone have a copy of this game?Since its a freeware, its okay for me to ask. The official website links don't work anymore, they redirect you to a suspicious "BEST RADIO" website.
t12603.72019-08-29VNs for Japanese beginners chartRead nekopara. It even has a option where you can display the japanese and english translation (or romaji) side by side. edit: Karakara also has a
t12789.12019-08-29protagonists that poop their pantsWhat is your favorite coward protagonist? I can only think of one person from that game chaos head, but he has other attributes so I am looking for
t12785.32019-08-28Regarding the ending of this gameNo. The ending was hinted at the end of the first VN
t12785.12019-08-28Regarding the ending of this gameI am a little bit distraught by the ending. My only question is, why? Why put that ending in this kind of slapstick comedy game? It makes no sense
t12707.232019-08-27Wouldn't be cool if a chat would be implemented?A long time ago I advertised a raidcall channel. There was barely any interest. While I am sure that there are more people now than before, I doubt
t11233.142019-08-27Your impressions of the game@2: Yea, that is why I would recommend playing the second game after some time off from the first (enough time to forget about mitsuki and the protag)
t12780.12019-08-27Jesus this protag is denseSpoilers for first 10-20 minutes of the VN: What was that whole thing about mitsuki and her "boyfriend"? After all that stuff in vol 1, this feels
t12773.12019-08-25tipsI finished the game on normal. Its really easy if you know what to do: Early game if you get the suspicious man, don't waste the opportunity. Buy all
t11899.102019-08-23Playing every Visual Novel (without ctrl)You will likely go brain dead from reading all the bad vns which outnumber the good ones by a certain factor (Idk, I have read my share of bad vn's
t11944.72019-08-23Yume Miru Kusuri QuoteWhich was your first eroge and what have you taken from it? Fate. What I took away from it? A love for visual novels and saber. How did it manage to
t7744.172019-08-20Any plan for a translation ?any news?
t12282.52019-05-09scene menuyea dude, I know that. I am asking about this specific game. Does anyone know? EDIT: never mind, someone else answered it. The answer is that scenes
t12282.32019-05-07scene menuI will try, but I just wanted to confirm that thats how you unlock the scenes in the game. Because why even put a scene menu if scenes are not
t12282.12019-05-06scene menuMy scene menu is empty. Not sure why. I haven't finished the game, but I have progressed enough to see a few scenes.
t6266.22018-12-08ongoing commentsIt's a nice short game that isn't all about masturbating but there is actually some story involved (even if it has overpowering hentai)
t10917.12018-07-10Review (with spoilers)In this visual novel, you play as a stupid 22-30 year old guy called pramit. He almost gets tricked into a scam(you can't blame him - his world is
t10230.12018-02-04discussions of this vnI enjoyed it for a while, but compared to the first grisaia it was lackluster. I actually enjoyed the afterstory more than the main story, i felt
t7976.42018-01-25why did you give that vn a 10?you are dead
t10010.12017-12-11great vnwould recommend. Good music, story, characters. Few cg's for sex if you care about such things (i didn't). Its short, so you should play it even if
t9305.12017-06-14Review and GDI enjoyed this VN. 8/10. I love cinnamon's voice. She is my favorite neko. Even though i am not a fan of large oppai. I love her personality, her
t9287.12017-06-10Regarding makise kurisu's lineMakise kurisu at some point says jokingly(or perhaps emotionally) "its a pinky promise, lie and i will stab a electrode into your hippocampus" Now
t7430.162017-05-31Bunny Black 2 -Review-Ok i finished the game. I am not going to start NG+ because there is not much incentive. Previously i had completed BB 1, so i got the two free
t9247.12017-05-31the music is surprisingly goodSuch a shame they decided not to capitalize on this aspect. By quickly changing the music every time the player does something like buy a item or
t9126.12017-04-26Hi thereJust wanted to say Hi I see that you've played quite a number of quality vn's (judging from the votes).
t9125.12017-04-26Sweetest monster GDFirst of all, if you haven't played it already, i highly suggest you do so. Its short, has a nice story, nice music, nice artwork. I really enjoyed
t9087.62017-04-18absurdism vs meaning, in FHA#2: May be in this case it is better not to answer the question, but to think of the question itself and the person who asked that question. My
t9087.12017-04-16absurdism vs meaning, in FHAThe debate between absurdism and meaning in human life. Should humans accept that life holds no meaning? Should they create their own meaning, and in
t105.362017-04-13Narcissu, why are you so amazing?Boys don't cry
t9070.12017-04-13structure similar to narcissuI notice that the way the user navigates through the events is somewhat similar to narcissu link edit : Never mind, same developer
t9031.12017-04-04greatest voice acted h scene everDuring one of my late night research into the efficacy of voice acting on the quality of h scenes, i came upon lily's h scene in the 3rd part of the