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t14271.12020-06-30Notification optionsi made edits to dracu riot, eustia, wagahai, etc years ago and now that they have english translations, i get non-stop edit notifications. is there a
t13328.62019-12-27difference between agesis there really a true route for this game? can you explain why? I think it depends how you look at it. Both ends are technically the same (both
t13328.42019-12-27difference between agesWait. Divorce? Did I miss something? Osaka and Sendai were two different families. Osaka wanted a male heir and Sendai (who wanted to keep the Uzuki
t13328.22019-12-25difference between agesMerry Christmas! There's a scene where you're sitting on a bench with Uzuki drinking amakaze where you reminisce on her being a brocon even back
t13329.22019-12-25End1 (before doing End2 (Seiya Saga)) - No cons?!Merry Christmas! First route is a primer more than anything else. It's the fuck your sister route without any remorse route and I think is meant to
t7952.202018-09-05Mink official threadWhere's Tita-J going to draw their samefaces from now on?
t8189.102016-08-30This is why you use proven seiyuus in big titlesyou only wanted to mute her? i wanted to punch her.
t2108.15142016-07-06Candidates for deletionSuzuhara Nagi should be deleted. alias of Nakamura Asami
t2108.15102016-06-26Candidates for deletionUzui Yukino should be deleted. alias of Mizusawa Kei
t7529.42016-05-30Sakuranomori † Dreamers OP previewmoonstone needs to stop doing fucking nakige. this shit is so evidently out of their comfort zone it's disgusting.
t2108.13762016-02-21Candidates for deletionCentury should be removed. shimizu ai alias.
t7096.72015-11-06very interesting Visual Novelman what a game marmalade has come a long way since the game with the wheelchair loli
t6972.212015-09-30VNDB is 8 Years Oldhappy birthday weow
t2108.10932015-08-04Candidates for deletionplease delete Tenzaki Rena duplicate char entry
t6714.12015-07-11CV removalEruga Mio should be removed as it is an alias of shimizu ai
t6549.92015-06-02lovesick puppies v2there's numerous posts in the troll voter thread about other users voting based on trials, whose votes go completely ignored. there's users voting on
t6549.72015-06-02lovesick puppies v2the common is several episodes/chapters long without route selection. are the builds different between the trial and retail versions?
t6549.52015-06-01lovesick puppies v2I'm curious, did you vote based on the early part of the VN, then change your mind once you got farther into it? From what I've seen so far, it is a
t6557.92015-06-01Mink, alternative versionsSo I can categorize you as the kind of reader I hate the most: those who read eroge/nukige without fapping on them who gives a shit if someone plays
t6549.12015-05-30lovesick puppies v2performs admirably
t6507.32015-05-17VN or not?delivery method has nothing to do with whether a game is considered a vn or not.
t6448.52015-04-27completely CPU based?@4: i figured as much. i wonder what the test bench hibiki recorded their youtube videos on have in them. i tried pxc2 on a xeon 8850 an hour ago
t6448.12015-04-26completely CPU based?this has been bothering me since playing the trial. i got really shitty frames during the trial and figured that it was just a early bird problem
t6367.72015-04-20Hanasaki Workspring discussionHatsuyuki and Natsuyume was nowhere near perfect natsuyume and hatsuyuki, especially hatsuyuki, sucked shit
t6144.3312015-04-16Request StaffCV 醍鉢みら - Daihatsu Mira (alias of shimizu ai)
t6379.12015-04-02waiti thought this was an april fools joke? edit: o shit its not
t6144.2672015-03-22Request StaffArtist: Asami Asami - 浅海朝美
t6144.2302015-03-08Request StaffArtists Haruka Minazuki - 水月悠 Yuu Mayusaki - 繭咲悠 Suzui Narumi - 鈴井ナルミ
t6272.12015-03-02art assetsi remember vndb used to do something about titles which borrowed or stole art assets from other games. this obviously has characters pulled from Furif
t6237.22015-03-01[spoilers] Miu's character outside her routei thought miu was a really awkward character too. it's normal to have heroines who weren't chosen to taper off, but to become practically despondent
t6144.1602015-02-16Request Staff^ i'm not convinced that this is the correct reading. i've also been reading it as kiita ria before and kitaba ria, but kita baria felt more natural
t6144.1582015-02-16Request StaffArtists ティータ.J - Tita.J
t6152.112015-02-11moonstone plsya in hindsight, i'm pretty surprised i was able to finish it as quickly as i did it really was boring as fuck. there's no cohesion between the
t6173.62015-02-04if only actual trading was this fast@5: you still have to declare capital gains though
t6173.42015-02-04if only actual trading was this fast@2: im not sure what you mean. trading in any market, assets or derivatives is molasses slow. markets are in consolidation ~80% of the time
t6174.22015-02-04Need a Stock Market / Trading related VN.nvm i'm super retarded and didn't see you already mentioned stockbreaker
t6173.12015-02-04if only actual trading was this fastam i right or am i right
t6144.922015-02-03Request StaffArtists: Hayakawa Harui - 早川ハルイ
t6144.782015-02-03Request StaffCV Kita Baria - 北板利亜
t6152.82015-02-01moonstone plscleared all routes now. for anyone who's interested in a route order to follow, i'd recommend miu > ayane > misaki > shouko tbh miu sucks ass and
t6160.22015-02-01Reviewer Eroge Rankingwow. i didn't know this was still running. i distinctly remember verita not getting first place and being really dissapointed
t6144.532015-02-01Request StaffAyukawa Hinata - 鮎川ひなた
t6155.52015-01-31Someone screwed upstaff edits: the next generation of edit wars
t6152.52015-01-31moonstone plsi think nakige is an accurate description of this game. routes resolve relatively well.
t6152.32015-01-31moonstone plsi didn't play any of their old nakige titles so maybe i'm not accustomed to this style. but i think if you give this a shot you'll feel what i'm
t6152.12015-01-31moonstone plsdoes anyone else get the feeling that moonstone should just stick to nukige? this venture into nakige is the very likely the most polarizing vn i
t6144.82015-01-30Request StaffVoice actress: Hoshizora Yume (星空ユメ)
t6117.242015-01-22Not a VN?i'm the one that submitted huniepop to vndb. after playing it, huniepop does not fit the criteria of a vn and does not have a place on vndb.
t6097.62015-01-12Sexual Trait Overhaulwait no i'm retarded
t6066.22015-01-05Not so popular?you get quadriga upgrades as you progress through the story. you upgrade them the same way you upgrade equipment. i'm have a massive hard-on for