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t6576.22015-06-06RGD Ending *spoilers* -Yeah, things like this were left unexplained. You may be right. -xD It was a bittersweet conclusion for me. Sweet because how much they loved each
t3269.972013-03-27The what Visual Novel You are playing thread.I'm being very patient with Umineko. Man, it's like I'm watching some kind of TV drama about inheratancies or something. xDD I totally prefer when
t2274.862013-03-27First time novel stands the best?@84 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors, yeah. Besides, I coulnd't have translated a game in japanese. xD
t2274.832013-03-27First time novel stands the best?Like many others, my first VN was 999. I loved it so much when I finished it that I ended up translating it to spanish! xD Though it has a place in
t3856.62013-03-17999 TeamOh, that's right... I think that in Spain, Mature would be rated as "+18", not +17. It doesn't have to include nudity or hentai, only strong language
t3856.42013-03-17999 TeamOooh, I see. I was looking for something like "add release", but I couldn't find it. Thank you, now I know where it is.
t3856.12013-03-17999 TeamWhoopsie. Sorry, I just made a creator entry instead of telling here. Well, we're a spanish fan translation team of the first Zero Escape