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t5850.242015-03-13VNDB 2.23: A Security Updateplus we need to improve user ratings system e.g. include user reviews section where user can review a VN which will help other people. User review
t5850.232015-03-13VNDB 2.23: A Security Updatealso i think addition of new section named 'related vns' will be a good plus. This section can be added under details page and will contain random
t5850.222015-03-13VNDB 2.23: A Security Updatei think that would just need one join statement
t5850.202015-03-13VNDB 2.23: A Security UpdateCan you please add date based searching in Visual novel filters? Like we can set a range of dates and only VNs have atleast one release on that range
t5205.12014-04-09Release Date based Search FilterCan i please request a new search filter in Visual Novels section. I want to be able to view vns release after a specific date. Also i should be able
t5136.12014-03-13Releases Search Filters BugWhenever i specify Platform Windows+Unknown filter other filters stop working. Like for example i want to see releases which are already released in