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t6577.72015-06-06Console Version?Whoa, i expected to wait a couple weeks for a reply, and here i got allt he info i want after checking on the next day :) Thanks a lot :) I'll get
t6577.12015-06-05Console Version?So i noticed the game had ps3 and vita release, anyone knows if there are any differences ? anything changed cut ? I didn't play it yet but it was
t5793.112014-10-15Should I play all the routes?I think both i'm guessing the lack of conclusion regarding yuji's sister, but then theres this cheap they died of old age living what looks like a
t5793.72014-10-15Should I play all the routes?Just finished Amane's route... if makina is harder to digest than that one i might destroy my pc... didn't get so pissed after finishing a game since